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I Am The Luna Chapter 67 By Moonlight Muse

67. A Hidden Reason

SEBASTIAN. I look across at Hugh as we sit silently opposite one another in a private room at a local teahouse. We brought the twins along, as Zaia wasn’t around. I didn’t want to leave them.

They’re currently happily eating cake as I wait for Hugh to state the reason he invited me. I don’t think he was expecting me to bring the children along.

I’m seeing him in a different light from what I know from last night, but I don’t let on I know anything. After all, Zaia told me that in confidence.

“Daddy look, cake! Do you want some?” Sia asks, holding up a spoonful for me. I bend down, accept it and give her a smile. “Thank you, Princess,” I say, ruffling her hair as I swallow the mouthful of sweetness.

It’s too sweet. I don’t know how she can eat something so sweet but as long as she’s enjoying it, that’s the main thing. Hugh clears his throat and I glance back at him.

“So…” he begins “You wanted to talk to me,” I state. He nods. “I did, then you were adamant about bringing the children…”

I cock a brow. “We can have a cordial meeting with them right here,” I say arrogantly, switching to French. He observes me before he sighs. “Well, I will cut to the chase then.” He begins as he picks up his cup. “Please do.”

“With everything that has been happening, I am worried about Zaia.” He begins in fluent French. Clearly not wanting to discuss this in front of the kids. “I’m worried about her too,” I reply in French.

“I’ve never liked you nor your family and they have never been fond of me, but I won’t deny that I know if something is to happen to me, you are the one person I know who I can entrust her to.” He says. Why is he talking like that?

“I don’t think Zaia will appreciate you talking like this… however, you can rest assured that despite the differences between our families that she will be my utmost priority,” I reply. “And since we are on the topic, what exactly is the issue between your family and mine, anyway?”

“That is a story for another day… make sure nothing happens to her, Sebastian, or my grandchildren. I have protected them to the best of my capability for so many years. I expect you to continue doing so.” He sighs heavily.

“And I presume this is because you know she will return with me,” I say, sitting back. “Yes, although I have no idea what she sees in you,” he retorts. “However, I cannot make her decision for her.”

“I will take care of her. I have plans in place, right down to her location, and her guards will be your trusted ones from this pack.” I say quietly.

He frowns, but nods. “I don’t know how many I can truly trust… and with the recent mistakes made and the change, even I am uncertain if the new team can be fully capable of protecting her.” It is a risk.

“I will handle it.” We fall silent again and I drink my tea watching him, he wants to say more. “So, will you spit it out? I never knew Hugh Toussaint was a nervous kind of person.” I mock.

He frowns at me before glaring down at his cup. “I’m not… but as you might know, I have made Zaia my heir and-” “Of course, I know. We don’t really hide anything from one another.” I reply. That only earns me another frown.

“I’m sure you do. That’s why you divorced her.” He counters sarcastically. I almost smirk, “I see that’s where Zaia gets her sass from.” He’s about to cut in when I gesture, “Do continue.” He puts his cup down and stares at it, lost deep in thought.

“As my heir… it means after my death she will be the alpha… if… if the time comes where you both think that perhaps the packs should be combined … then make sure you first ask your father if he will allow that… and if you do, make sure my pack is remembered for who they truly are and if he says no then do not force it. Do not tarnish my pack’s name when you have already taken my most treasured possessions.”

He strokes Zion’s hair, and for a moment, he reminds me of a tired old man. “What does that even mean?” I ask sharply. He looks back at me and tilts his head. ”

It is not important.” I frown but say nothing for a moment. It is important, but he clearly doesn’t want to discuss it.

“So, you called me here to tell me that we should only combine the packs if it’s allowed by my father? Usually, an alpha would be devastated to find out there is a possibility of their pack merging with a rival pack.” I remark What is his angle?

“Don’t you think we’ve been cryptic enough? Secrets and lies are what have gotten us to where we are. Just tell me, what is the issue between you and my family and their issue with you? Neither you nor Melanie have ever taken a liking to me, however, despite their blatant dislike for you, my family have loved Zaia.” I say sharply. “So, what am I missing?”

He frowns. “There are things that I cannot speak of. An oath is an oath. I am not the one who can tell you of the past.” I bite back a retort, trying to control my irritation. “Really? You won’t even say what your issue with me is?”

“I am trying to like you and failing. I am still baffled by what Zaia sees in you. Don’t try my patience.” He replies coldly. I raise my eyebrows.

“I could list a couple of things, but I’ll keep it clean. She just has better eyes than you.” I reply smugly. He massages his temples as if I’ve given him a headache. If only he realises he’s messing with my head too.

“You called me here to give me a cryptic message… rethink it. I will let Zaia know of this conversation, but I do hope that you find a way to somehow tell us exactly what the issue between our two packs is. I just hope that if something does happen to you, we are not left searching for answers that we cannot find!” Our eyes meet, both of us glaring at the other before he balls his fist.

“There is… an ancient… I can’t believe I’m saying this, but magic. If I tell you, that will be the end for me. I cannot say or I would!” He snaps, making the kids who were imitating us speaking French look up in alarm.

He sighs and gives them a small smile and I frown. Didn’t Zaia say her Mom couldn’t tell us more about the mystery surrounding her brother as well? Are they talking about the same thing and if so… does that mean my family might know something?

Guess I’ll find out tomorrow when we return. “So then, do you believe? I mean, in the goddess, in what we are and the power of the moon?”

“Somewhat… I know that there is so much more to what we are than what we have become.” “So, I presume the fact that I like to shift isn’t what worries you.”

“No. I will always see you as an animal whether you shift to wolf form or not,” he retorts. I cock a brow before glancing at the kids, who are mumbling gibberish as they continue with their ‘French’ and I smile. I hope they can at least have a good life.

“Well, despite our differences, I’ll take care of her and the children. You have my word… I know that you don’t like me, but I want you to know that I have, and always will love Zaia. Always.”

He watches me before he nods slowly. “I hope so.”

“I will.” I reaffirm when my phone rings and I take it out.


“Hello?” I answer it. “She’s awake! Fuck Sebastian, she’s awake!”

Valerie. I look across at Hugh, who has heard. “Let’s get back there. Tell them she is not to be left alone.” Hugh says, standing up quickly. “Jai, stay with her. Is Zaia there?”

“Yeah, Val’s not letting go of her.” He says and there’s a glimmer of wistfulness in his voice. As we get up and I scoop Sia into my arms. I’m healing well. Soon I’ll be back to full strength.

“Alright, both of you stay with her, we are on our way back,” I say to Jai just as I hold my hand out to Zion, but at the same time so does Hugh.

Zion looks between us as a grin crosses his lips before I retract mine and Hugh smiles. As much as they’re mine, he has taken care of them, and they are his grandchildren. An hour has passed since we returned, but Valerie has been in an extremely strange state since she woke up.

Even when I talked to her, she refused to answer, and she has done nothing but cling to Zaia. Zaia has made us leave the room so she can talk to her alone, but I can hear her begging Zaia to take her away from here. Her words make me feel uneasy as they ring in my head.

‘Get the children! Get your children, we must go far, far away! Don’t trust them, don’t trust anyone!’ The fear in her voice is not something that can be faked. “She needs rest,” Melanie says as she sits there carrying Sia.

Hugh is frowning but doesn’t reply and Jai is sitting there tapping his foot. He’s worried and restless but he’s trying to hold himself together. I know he’s hurt because whenever he tried to talk to her or go near her, she got worked up. There has to be a reason behind it…

We can’t hear anything from out here, and it’s just a waiting game hoping that she has something to tell Zaia regarding why she’s so worried. It feels like hours, although it’s a mere twenty-minutes waiting for Zaia to come out.

The silence in the hall is loud, and after another five minutes, Zaia steps out of the room. Zion rushes to her and hugs her, and she smiles down at him as she hugs him back, but it’s clear from the look in her eyes that she’s troubled.

Jai stands up, looking at her expectantly. “What did she say?” Hugh asks, talking for the first time since we returned. She looks down and shakes her head. ”

She’s not saying. She doesn’t remember anything. I think it’s what’s causing her panic. Tonight, I have a pack meeting and I want her to be there too… she isn’t safe to be alone, she’s very disturbed.” She sighs.

“Don’t worry, we’ll bring her and make sure she’s happy with whoever is around her. “Thank you.” She says quietly. “So, she didn’t say anything? Did she see her attacker?” Melanie asks, concern on her face.

“Nothing,” Zaia answers. Before anyone can say anything more, a member of staff comes down the hall. “Ma’am, this was delivered for you.” She says to Zaia.

Oh shit. That’s the envelope I had sorted for her regarding Melanie. With everything going on, I had forgotten to even give her a heads-up. She opens it distractedly as everyone watches her. Fuck, how do I tell her?

It’s too late. As she pulls the card out, reading it, her heart races as her gaze snaps to my mine before she stares down at the card once more. “Zaia, are you alright?” Melanie asks.

Well, at least her reaction is real. Zaia stares down at the card, reading it all as Hugh crosses the room, making Zaia step back and hide it behind her back. “This… this is for my eyes only…” she murmurs, staring at her mother. ” Mother… can we have a word alone? Now?”

Melanie looks confused as she stares between us before she nods and stands up. Zaia walks down the hall to the lounge and Melanie follows. I hope Zaia gets the answers she desires…

And something tells me that tonight will be intense…

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I Am The Luna By Moonlight Muse

I Am The Luna By Moonlight Muse

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I Am The Luna By Moonlight Muse

Rejected for another, Zaia Toussaint's life comes shattering down around her, when her husband divorces her for none other than his ex-girlfriend. Cast from her home and position, Zaia leaves the pack, carrying with her a secret that she hopes her husband never discovers. She's pregnant with his children. Sebastian King is the handsome, and well-known Alpha with a multi-millionaire empire, whose name is well known, not only in the werewolf world but in the business world.

He has it all, wealth, power, a huge pack and above all the perfect wife. A Luna who his entire pack and family have come to love. The return of his ex destroys their marriage, causing Sebastian to blindly cast his wife and mate from his life. What will happen when he learns about the secret she hides from him, will he regret the decision he made by casting her aside? Will she forgive him and will she ever take him back?

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