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I Am The Luna Chapter 66 By Moonlight Muse

66. A Belief

ZAIA. It’s noon the following day and I haven’t seen Sebastian since last night. Every time I think of him, I end up all jittery again and I need to focus, not be lost on cloud nine!

I don’t know where we stand or what exactly we are right now, but one thing I will admit is that last night… I submitted and was ready to give him everything.

I don’t want to fight him anymore… it wasn’t about him winning points with me last night… Last night he took care of me; he spoiled me and then tucked me in to sleep before leaving. Sure, I know he enjoyed it too, but he didn’t get the release that I did.

Last night was all about me and although I know he didn’t do it so I owe him, I would happily return the favour. I mean, I want to.

I flip through the papers on the desk in front of me before I look across at Gaspard. “Everyone, and I mean from every single guard, I want the statements on video. Here.” I hold out a small box that contains a camera that will be discreet once hooked up.

“Alpha… are you concerned about the Luna’s integrity?” he asks, taking it from me. “Forgive me if I’m overstepping.”

I shake my head. I’m not about to share my thoughts, but I also need him to feel like I can trust him. I want to trust him, but I also need to be careful.

“After what we learned from the guards, I’m just concerned if this is how she treats our people, because then it’s a problem. No one should feel threatened by their leaders. That is not what a pack is about,” I reply, brushing my fingers through my hair. I’ve left it open but I’m regretting it now. I have run my hands through it countless times today.

He nods slowly. “I understand. Don’t worry, I will begin on my rounds, starting immediately. I will get you the answers, Alpha.” He lowers his head to me, and I smile slightly.

“Thank you,” I reply, scanning the list of guards who have already supplied a written statement-the ones from yesterday. There’s nothing that jumps off of the page. It just seems she demanded absolute obedience. “I have a suggestion, Alpha… if you wish to hear it,” Gaspard says hesitantly.

I look up, raising an eyebrow. “What is it?” “I think… I think you need to educate the people on the Blood Born, to let them know of your importance and the reminder of what you are and what you represent.” He says solemnly.

I nod slowly, and a flicker of unease rushes through me. I didn’t mention the Blood Born openly to him. I mean, aside from my get up….

So, he knows of the Blood Born….

Last night he mentioned his family was from France, and a little about respect, but he didn’t mention this. Was it a slip-up? Or does he actually know about the Blood Born and have nothing to hide?

“I think you’re right. People need to know. It’s a shame it took me many years to learn about who I am and what I am on this earth for… I wish I knew sooner… it’s nice to come across someone who knows about us.” I say, smiling smoothly, hoping that my reaction shows I am completely comfortable with it. His eyes meet mine, and he swallows.

So, he slipped up… I keep my face passive, acting completely relaxed as I continue to flip through the file. “I only have your best interest at heart, Alpha. I assure you that… I- I learned of the Blood Borns from my father.”

“I see, and is your father part of this pack?” I ask, glancing up. He looks down. “I’m afraid he passed long ago,” he answers quietly.

“Oh… I’m sorry about that.” I reply. ” What else do you know about the Blood Born? I wish I knew more. I feel like a failure.”

“I don’t know much, Alpha, but I believe you will deliver judgement to those who have lost faith in our goddess.” He says. Judgement… it sounds almost ominous

“Yes. I will… Oh, and what about the rogues? Have you looked into it?” I ask quietly. I’m unable to shake off his words, feeling extremely uneasy.

“I have already gotten the ball moving, Alpha. We will track down their locations and report back to you with our findings.”

I smile politely and nod. “Thank you, Gaspard.” He reciprocates the smile and lowers his head respectfully. “I won’t disappoint you, Alpha.”

“I know.”

He stands up, bowing his head once more before he leaves the office and I sit back. His behaviour was… strange. But perhaps by mentioning the Blood Born as he suggested would weed out those who know about it if I show them why I’m here.

If only there was something to show I believe in their cause. It’s clear they are clever… assuming that they are the ones behind these attacks.

Gaspard obviously had the same mentality as me, where he has faith in Selene and respect for those who channel their inner wolf. But is he more of a Sable or a Sublime believer? I want to know what others-

I sit forward suddenly, an idea coming to me, and my heart skips a beat. Fuck! This is it! To weed them out. What if I pretend to have the same mentality as them?

Even if that means acting a little extreme… forcing those who believe in the Sable Triquetra to think I am on their side! My heart thuds as I stand up quickly and rush to the office door.

“Gaspard!” I shout, seeing him round the corner. He stops and looks back.

“Alpha?” “There’s something else I want to ask,” I say quietly. He nods slowly and I smooth my hair back. What if he knows more. “Of course.” He walks back over to me, and I smile.

“I have to go with Alpha Sebastian to the Dark Hollow Falls Pack as we are together again… however, what you said about the Blood Born really hit something inside. I want the people to know the meaning behind us. Do you know anyone else who is as passionate about our goddess and her will as we are? Those who could back me and even teach me the right way?” I ask smoothly. I hope I don’t sound like a freak…

He smiles and seems to mull over what I said. “I can find out, but if you are to leave, then perhaps you can tell them prior to leaving?” He suggests solemnly. “Yes, I like that idea. I think I will.” I say. “I can’t wait. Thank you for listening, Alpha.”

I smile before he lowers his head and walks off and I turn back to my office, thinking of a plan. Tonight, under the moon… in the forest we will hold a gathering…

This time… I don’t plan to tell anyone my idea, because right now I can’t trust even those around me. The secrets or the lies…

Well, I guess it’s time to get the gathering put into place… a request to all werewolves who can come to the forest when the moon is shining in the Sky.

No manners and reputation will be important, save the ranks of us- as werewolves. I return early after sending out the request. Stepping inside, silence greets me, and I look around the hall. There’s not even a sound from the children…

“Hello?” I call down the hallway.”

Mom?” No one, The guards are outside. Where is everyone? “Sebastian!” I call. The sound of footsteps makes me turn and I see a nurse step out of Valerie’s room. “Ma’am, the children have gone with Alpha Sebastian and your father. No one is home.”

“Oh? Where?” “I do not know, I’m sorry.” She says politely. I nod slowly. “And Jai? And Mom?” I ask. “I’m not sure about Mr O’Dell, but Ms Walton said she had a few errands to run since you will be leaving tomorrow.”

Hmm, I did tell her that in the morning But why are Dad and Sebastian together? I head to Valerie’s room. It’s strange for Jai and Mom both not to be here. Someone is always with her.

The nurse steps back in as she continues with her checks. “Who left first, Mom or Jai?” I ask. “Mr O’Dell.” She responds as she takes Valerie’s blood pressure. I fall silent, letting her do her work.

After taking her reading down on the chart, she turns Valerie onto her side. “She’s getting better.” She tells me proudly and I smile, happy to hear that.

“Excuse me. She leaves the room, leaving me along with Valerie. I stand up, my smile fading as I circle the bed. I was so confident that the full moon would heal her, but since then there’s not been any progress or activity.

I place my hand on her head, brushing my fingers through her hair. Wake up, Valerie… Please wake up. I stare down at her, wishing she’d wake up. Come on…

Sebastian heals fast… because he’s in touch with his wolf… I wish she was too. I sit down on the edge of the bed, taking her hand in mine, my other hand still resting on her head.

“If you can hear me, Valerie, wake up.. Call upon your wolf. She is a part of you. She can and will help you heal. Come on, Valerie… fight this slumber, wake up.” I whisper urgently.

Come on! My own eyes are blazing orange, and I can feel my aura almost physically around me, my frustration growing. I want her to get better!

The beeping quickens and I glance up at the machine, seeing her brain activity pick up. My heart skips a beat as I look down at her, frowning deeply as my heart races.

She can do it! “Valerie. Wake up.” My aura surges, my voice deeper and stronger. “Wake up. Now! Fight it!” The machine begins beeping faster, as her eyes twitch and her heart pounds. ”

Wake up. Valerie, you can do it. Channel your wolf! She is within you! Ready to break free if you let her! She is the power you need to break free from this slumber! Rise!”

The door flies open.

“Ma’am please!” “Fight it, Valerie, wake up!” I shout, ignoring the commotion around me. They’re all trying to get close, but I don’t care as I hold on to Valerie, wishing I can give her my strength.

“In the name of Selene, wake up!” My own heart is raging, the machine’s beep becoming an incessant ringing in my ears. Her eyes fly open, gasping as she scans the room before her eyes find me, her heart thundering violently. “Valerie…” I whisper.

She grabs my hand weakly, yet with clear panic as she opens her mouth. Nothing comes out and a nurse instantly runs to grab water.

I take it from her, helping pour a small amount into her mouth. She clears her throat weakly. “Run. Run. He’s coming… Run.” She whispers hoarsely, her words choked and raspy as her nails dig into my hand. 2

She’s terrified, and I can see that clearly in her eyes. “Hush, you’re ok, you’re safe. It’s going to be OK,” I whisper, wrapping my arms around her, my heart hammering as I hold her close.

She’s awake. Valerie has woken up! I can’t help but smile, feeling so relieved.

Thank Selene!

“No… no. no. no.” Her breathing is becoming rapid and uneven. “She needs to rest. “She’s having a panic attack!” The nurses begin panicking, but Valerie refuses to let go of me. “Let me calm her!” I shout as I caress her back, motioning them all to move back and give us space.

“Calm down, Val… I’m here… no one can hurt you.” I promise softly. “No, listen to me, run, he’s going to kill us! He’ll kill us!”

“Who?” I whisper, cupping her face. She’s scaring me. Is that night replaying in her mind? She opens her mouth when the sound of footsteps approaching only makes her turn in fear. Mom and Jai enter the room, both of them wide-eyed as they take in the scene before them.

“Val…” Jai says as he stops at the door, his heart pounding as he stares at her as if he can’t believe his eyes. She looks back at him, almost as if she’s struggling to recognise him.

“Is she ok?” he whispers; his eyes shine with emotions but it’s obvious he’s trying to control them. I nod, as she looks between us and scans the room.

“She was just about to say something important,” I say, smiling down at her. “What is it, Valerie?” Mom asks with concern as she walks over.

“Wait, do you know who attacked you?” Jai asks as he drops to his knees beside the bed, almost reaching for her, but she moves away. A flash of hurt crosses his eyes as she looks between the three of us and, to my surprise, she forces a smile. Her eyes meet mine, her heart still racing as she speaks once again, her smile faltering.

“I don’t…I don’t remember anything.”

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I Am The Luna By Moonlight Muse

I Am The Luna By Moonlight Muse

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I Am The Luna By Moonlight Muse

Rejected for another, Zaia Toussaint's life comes shattering down around her, when her husband divorces her for none other than his ex-girlfriend. Cast from her home and position, Zaia leaves the pack, carrying with her a secret that she hopes her husband never discovers. She's pregnant with his children. Sebastian King is the handsome, and well-known Alpha with a multi-millionaire empire, whose name is well known, not only in the werewolf world but in the business world.

He has it all, wealth, power, a huge pack and above all the perfect wife. A Luna who his entire pack and family have come to love. The return of his ex destroys their marriage, causing Sebastian to blindly cast his wife and mate from his life. What will happen when he learns about the secret she hides from him, will he regret the decision he made by casting her aside? Will she forgive him and will she ever take him back?

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