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The Mans Decree Chapter 3983

Everyone was taken aback, looking outside in surprise, unsure of where this fierce wind had come from.

“Mr. Barclay, don’t agree to him. Please don’t agree to him…”

At that moment, the serene voice of Orson wafted over.

“Mr. Moreau?” Dario and the others were shocked. They had no idea when Orson had been released.

Harlan was stunned. Abruptly standing up, he declared, “Mr. Moreau, for leaving the detention area without permission, this is a grave offense punishable by death!”

“Haha, Harlan, you don’t need to exhaust all your wits in trying to get rid of me. To think you’d want to get your hands on the Divine Flame Seal, even using me as leverage against Mr. Barclay and the others. Even if it kills me, I won’t let you have your way!”

To everyone’s astonishment, as Orson spoke, he drifted into the council meeting room.

Upon witnessing this scene, Dario’s eyes widened in shock. “Orson, what’s going on? How did your divine soul leave your body?”

As it turned out, this was Orson’s divine soul, not that he had physically escaped from his place of confinement.

“Dario, I knew Harlan planned to use me as a bargaining chip against you all, so I decided to take my own life. I left this trace of my divine. soul behind just to tell you to never yield to his demands. As long as he doesn’t have the Divine Flame Seal, he can only dream of having complete control over Violet Flame Sect, and there will still be hope for the sect!”

The divine soul grew fainter and fainter as it spoke before slowly fading away.

“Orson, oh, Orson, how could you have been so foolish…”

Dario wanted to step forward to retain Orson’s divine soul, but he was utterly helpless!

In the end, the divine soul completely dissipated, signifying his true death. There was no possibility of revival anymore!

The elders from Gael’s faction were all consumed by grief and anger.

In order to protect them from being blackmailed, Orson had actually chosen to end his own life!

Harlan was also shocked as he hadn’t expected that Orson would go to such extremes.

How was he supposed to threaten Dario and the others now?

“Mr. Garrido, we will never agree to open up Divine Flame Mountain. If you’re so capable, then go ahead and kill us all.”

Dario gave Harlan a fierce glare, then turned and stormed out. The elders from Gael’s faction rose one after another, leaving without giving any respect to Harlan.

Upon seeing the situation, Rohan also rose and departed. Since not all the elders approved of opening Divine Flame Mountain, he wouldn’t do it.

Staring at the half-empty space, Harlan roared in anger, “Ah! Sooner or later, I’ll make them pay for this!”

An elder turned to Harlan and asked, “Mr. Garrido, now that we can’t access Divine Flame Mountain, what are we supposed to do?”

“How would I know what to do? If it really comes to it, just eliminate them all. Then, there won’t be anyone left to oppose us.”

A murderous intent was evident in Harlan’s gaze!

At that moment, Winston rose and spoke. “Mr. Garrido, we absolutely mustn’t. If we do that, our Violet Flame Sect will inevitably suffer a severe blow. Worse still, we might be attacked and absorbed by other sects.”

“Mr. Thibaud, do you have any solutions?” Harlan asked.

“Since Mr. Barclay and the others don’t agree to activate Divine Flame Mountain, let’s just go ahead and secretly activate it ourselves,” Winston replied.

“Within the entire Violet Flame Sect, only Mr. Cunningham has the ability to open it. There’s no way he’ll listen to us.” Harlan shook his head in dismissal.

“We don’t need Mr. Cunningham. The method to unlock Divine Flame Mountain involves an arcane array. Although Mr. Cunningham is the only one in Violet Flame Sect who understands array craft, he’s not the only one in the whole central region who does. Duad Formation Sect is renowned for its expertise in arcane arrays. We could seek their assistance. As long as we promise them a substantial amount of resources, I believe they would be willing to help,” Winston explained.

Upon hearing this, Harlan’s expression immediately lit up with joy. “Mr. Thibaud, why didn’t you mention this solution earlier?”

Winston said, “I figured if Mr. Barclay and the others agreed, we wouldn’t need to approach Duad Formation Sect anymore, saving us a considerable amount of resources.”

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The Mans Decree

The Mans Decree

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Jared Chance is furious that someone has tried to make an advance on his girlfriend. In the end, he ends up behind bars after his attempt to protect her. Three years later, he is a free man but finds out that that girlfriend of his has married the man who hit on her back then. Jared will not let things slide. Thankfully, he has learned Focus Technique during his time in prison. At that, he embarks on the journey of cultivation and is accompanied by a gorgeous Josephine. Who would have thought this would enrage his ex-girlfriend?


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