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The Mans Decree Chapter 3224

Chapter 3224 Take Action First

At Enrique’s place, Enrique wore a terribly grim expression. Initially, he had planned to wait for his father to pass away before teaming up with Behemoth Palace to seize the position of the family head.

However, with the old man seemingly not on the verge of death anytime soon, Enrique’s plans needed adjustment.

“Dad, we need to figure something out. We absolutely cannot let them revive Grandpa. If necessary, we should act preemptively,” Yorath suggested, his gleaming with determination. eyes

“If things get desperate, it seems we might have to resort to patricide. Immediately contact Behemoth Palace and have them move to Yellow Blue City. To prevent your Uncle Lawrence from making a move against us first, we need to be prepared.” Enrique acknowledged, aware that his elder brother might turn against him after today’s disgraceful incident.

Committing patricide was the most shameful act, something Lawrence would find utterly unacceptable.

Despite Lawrence not saying anything today, Enrique knew that his elder brother attacking him was just a matter of time. He had to be ready in advance.

“All right, I’ll inform Behemoth Palace and have them get ready for action.” Yorath nodded. As Yorath was about to leave, he noticed his younger sister, Genya, entering. She appeared downcast and bore injuries.

“What happened?” Yorath frowned.

“Blame it on that w*nch Miya! She beat me up. I’ll get my revenge sooner or later!” Genya gritted her teeth.

“Genya, you’re no match for Miya. Why do you keep picking fights with her?” Enrique, eyeing Genya’s injuries, voiced his concern.

“Hmph! Originally, I was on the verge of defeating Miya. Then, someone handed her an incredibly powerful whip. Even the demon spirit sword cowered in fear at the sight of that whip. If it weren’t for that, Miya would have undoubtedly lost to me,” Genya stubbornly explained.

“What? You took the demon spirit sword? Where is it now?” Enrique exclaimed in shock.

Genya lowered her head slightly and muttered, “The sword was destroyed, and the demon spirit inside it was killed by someone.”

“You’re too reckless! Who gave you the right to take the demon spirit sword? If your uncle finds out about this, we’re in big trouble!” Enrique roared, his expression tense. Genya dared not raise her head upon receiving the scolding.

“Dad, even if Uncle Lawrence finds out, so what? We can confront him directly. We’ll have to do it sooner or later anyway,” Yorath insisted, a discontented look on his face.

“We’re not ready yet. If we confront him now, we won’t stand a chance.” Enrique sighed but suddenly had a realization. He turned to Genya and continued, “So, you’re saying that after Miya pulled out a whip, the demon spirit sword and took off?” grew scared

“Yeah, and when Miya struck it with the whip, the demon spirit sword hit the ground, and the spirit bolted.” Genya nodded in agreement.

“A demon spirit sword being so afraid of a whip… Could it be that the whip is…” Enrique furrowed his brows, deep in thought. Suddenly, his eyes lit up, and he said, “Could that be the Demon Flogger?”

“Dad, what’s a Demon Flogger?” Yorath asked with curiosity.

“This Demon Flogger is quite something. Many demons fear it. However, it’s supposed to be in the possession of Archaic Body cultivators from the far north. How did it end up here all of a sudden?”

Enrique looked puzzled.

“Dad, have you forgotten how those two guys and the woman Cade brought are from the northern region? Maybe one of them is an Archaic Body cultivator,” Yorath suggested.

“Impossible. Those three don’t give off the aura of Archaic Body cultivators. Their cultivation methods are similar to those of Behemoth Palace, and a bit of investigation would reveal the difference. They couldn’t be Archaic Body cultivators.” Enrique shook his head.

“Maybe they swiped the Demon Flogger from the Archaic Body cultivators,” Yorath suggested again.

“For now, let’s not stress about that. You go and contact Behemoth Palace right away,” Enrique instructed as he waved his hand.

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The Mans Decree

The Mans Decree

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