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The Legendary Man Chapter 800

The Legendary Man Chapter 800-The shape of the bus was completely distorted from the crash. Prima’s eyes were blank as she lay still in between the squashed metal walls of the bus. Blood gushed out of her mouth continuously, draining the life in her.

Behind Jonathan, Laqar was still fighting for his life. Ignoring the two people behind him, Jonathan promptly walked up to Prima’s lifeless body.

Just as he was about to enter the bus and take the storage ring on Prima’s hand for the sake of finding the antidote, two powerful waves of spiritual energy approached him from afar at an immense speed.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…

A few shrill sounds resonated in the air. Jonathan quickly leaped backward, and not a moment too soon. Three glowing knives pierced into the ground just in front of him at the same time.

Following the sudden appearance of the knives, two figures landed next to Prima’s motionless body, one at each side. One of them was an old woman who was wearing a balaclava over her head, while the other was a bald young man around the age of seventeen or eighteen.

The young man was chewing on bubble gum as he stood up straight next to the bus. With a mere flicker of his fingers, the knives sprang from the ground and flew toward him, dancing above his fingers as though they were alive.

“Where does such a wild brute come from? How dare you lay a hand on our priestess?”

The old woman stood next to Prima. Even though the rest of her face was covered, her eyes were enough to give one the impression that she was a dangerous person.

Jonathan stared at the two people in front of him. The spiritual energy on his spear glowed brighter as he prepared himself to strike at any time.

They were not far from Bazar Temple. In total, it was only about a few dozen miles away.

Jonathan had chosen to attack Prima at that location in hopes of luring all four of the divine messengers out of Bazar Temple.

The destruction of the layer of protection on Prima’s body was surely enough to invoke a reaction from Bazar Temple.

Three out of the four divine messengers are out of the temple now. Surely Hossom can deal with the last one, right?

Sensing the aura of the two people in front of him, Jonathan subconsciously tightened his grip on his black spear.

“Jonathan, do you have the confidence if you were to go against someone who is halfway to achieving God Realm?” All of a sudden, Jonathan heard a soft chuckle in his ear. It was the elderly man from yesterday.

Jonathan did not try to locate the elderly man. Instead, he smiled slightly. “I don’t know about confidence, but what I do know is that it’ll most definitely be much easier to go against one of them instead of two.”

“Interesting response,” the elderly man replied.

With that, the elderly man appeared on the road behind Jonathan without warning.

In the next second, an iron chain appeared in Jonathan’s hand.

The nameless girl was dragged like a garbage bag across about tens of meters from behind Jonathan to his side.

“Bring her to the place I’ve instructed you to, and you shall live. Otherwise, you will die,” the elderly man told Jonathan with a chuckle.

Meanwhile, the old woman’s expression changed drastically when she saw the elderly man.

“Damoyed! Oh, no! We’ve fallen into a trap!”

With a thunderous roar, the old woman struck the staff in her hand onto the ground with a huge might. A wave of bizarre energy burst forth into the air, allowing them to spring backward at a high speed.


The elderly man gently pointed at the sky. In that instant, everything in the universe seemed to have been frozen in time.

Jonathan took a look at his surroundings. Even the flying streamers by the roadside were at a complete standstill. Even the clouds and the breeze had stopped under the elderly man’s command.

As he took in everything that was happening around him Jonathan was beyond astonished.

What was happening at the moment was nothing like being imprisoned in a force field of spiritual energy. It was something far more powerful—a power that allowed one to bend the universe to one’s will.

Even though Jonathan could not guess the cultivation level of the elderly man called Damoyed, that single display of power implied that Damoyed was at least in the advanced phase of Divine Realm.

“You can leave, Jonathan. Leave the rest to me,” Damoyed said to Jonathan with a chuckle.

At those words, Jonathan could feel that the restricting forces around him reduced slightly, just enough for him to move freely without using Pryncyp of Slaughter.

Reaching out his hand to the girl, Jonathan lifted her into his arms before walking out of Damoyed’s force field.

“Jonathan, the antidote you’re looking for is in Seboxia’s treasure trove. If you want to save him, you know what to do.”

Damoyed’s voice sounded again, halting Jonathan in his steps.

“Don’t worry, I’ll follow through with what I have promised you. I hope that you keep your promise too. Once I’ve completed the task you’ve given me, I should be allowed to leave West Region.”

Right after the words left his mouth, Jonathan sped off. His figure was blurred by the speed he was moving.

As for the three divine messengers behind him, they charged at Damoyed as though they had gone mad.

As for the three divine messengers behind him, they charged at Damoyed as though they had gone mad.

Meanwhile, in one of the plazas outside Bazar Temple, Hossom was leaning back in a chair and staring at the sky with a grim expression.

One more divine messenger left!

Once all four divine messengers had left Bazar Temple, Hossom would have the chance to sneak into the temple.

There were a few reasons that Hossom had agreed to work with Jonathan. Partly because he was forced into the collaboration, partly because he wanted to conquer his demons and paved the way for his future, but mostly because of the thrill his heart sought after.

There were a lot of forbidden places all over the world for a thief, and Bazar Temple was definitely one of the hotspots that all thieves had dreamt of conquering.

The temple was a storehouse that was protected by more than a billion citizens.

Hossom felt extremely regretful for not discovering any secrets the last time he snuck into the temple.

Bazar Temple was heavily guarded. If not for someone as fearless as Jonathan luring the divine messengers out of the temple, Hossom would never have a chance to enter the temple again.

Looking at the talisman in his hand, Hossom felt his heart rate slowing down.

Once the final divine messenger exits the temple, I can finally find out what secrets lie within Bazar Temple.

Just as Hossom was lost in thought, a wave of spiritual energy approached him at high speed.

Whipping his head in the direction of the energy, he saw a figure approaching from on top of the buildings. From tens of meters away, the figure leaped into the air and landed heavily in front of him with a thud.

“Jonathan?” Hossom widened his eyes in surprise before exclaiming at Jonathan, “What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be subduing the three divine messengers?”

“Subdue, my *ss!”

Jonathan lowered the body of the woman from his arms and glared at the gigantic statue in Bazar Temple with a dark expression.

“Hossom Hoffman, if it weren’t for the fact that I can feel your aura, I would have thought that you’re a f*cking liar! Did you know that the cultivation level of both the four divine messengers and Prima the priestess was far more advanced than what you have informed me?”

“How is that possible?” Hossom asked, dumbfounded.

“How is that not possible?” Jonathan shot daggers at Hossom. “Prima could parry my attacks with just one hand. If it weren’t for the fact that I have many tricks up my sleeves, I would have died by now.”

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The Legendary Man

The Legendary Man

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Four years ago, he left mysteriously on the night of their wedding. As a result, he was despised by his family. Now, four years has passed, and he triumphantly returns to her as the greatest warrior.


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