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Super Wife’s Three Babies chapter 1370

Jade said, “Do you still blame me? I know my words hurt you last time, and I’m not expecting you to forgive me right away. When Nathan left home, he didn’t take anything. You still need to live, and the hospital expenses are not little. I just want to help you.”

Halma firmly replied, “No, it’s not necessary. Mrs. Baker, I have savings and won’t touch a single penny of Nathan’s.”

Jade felt she could not explain herself anymore, so she helplessly tried to elaborate, “I’m not worried that you will spend Nathan’s money. I just want to compensate you. If you don’t accept it, it means you’re still angry with me.”

“No, I’m not. I like Nathan not because he’s the young master of the Baker Enterprise or because he’s related to Eugene. I like him for who he is, and money has nothing to do with it.”

For a moment, Jade found herself speechless. This is how young people should be, right? Young and passionate love can give them the courage to go forward without caring about anything else.

She could not help feeling a little envious. Unlike their generation, where everything had to be weighed and balanced, even marriages and divorces were full of schemes and calculations.

“Alright, if you ever encounter any difficulties, you must let me know.”

“Yes, sure.”

After Jade left, Olivia finally sat down and could not help but sigh. “Actually, Jade is quite tough. She just had an unfortunate marriage, becoming a pawn in a political marriage. When she came here today, perhaps she felt wary of her son. But what she said was sincere. In the afternoon, she posted a Tweet exposing Ace’s extramarital affairs with other women over the years, including the woman’s name, age, and address, with pictures attached. She spared no feelings, and in the end, she explicitly stated that the divorce was because of Ace’s infidelity, which had nothing to do with Eugene. She threatened anyone spreading rumors to meet her in court.”

Halma was surprised and blurted out, “Wow, she knows all that? So, Nathan’s dad was quite lousy, huh? Then, why didn’t she divorce him earlier?”

Olivia replied, “In high society, divorces involve interests, so it’s not easy to get divorced. Jade was pretending not to know and must’ve had a difficult life. But Nathan’s situation provided her with the courage to get a divorce. Maybe that was a relief for her.”

Halma said, “She does deserve our empathy.”

“Alright. Focus on your recovery. Look at your body, it’s not in good shape. Rest your eyes.”

Halma obediently closed her eyes and recalled something. “I suddenly remembered when you were hospitalized, and you and Eugene were not yet a couple. He was so attentive, coming to see you every day.”

Olivia’s expression softened as if she, too, recalled the past and all the ups and downs between them. Even the misunderstandings felt warm and sweet in retrospect.

She stayed with Halma until later in the evening when Nathan returned while being accompanied by Eugene. The moment Olivia saw his man, she smiled, realizing she had missed him a bit.

Interestingly, Eugene seemed to have a similar thought as he gazed into her sparkling eyes, feeling the urge to hold her in his arms and kiss her. He took a few steps forward, asking Halma, “How are you feeling?”

Instinctively, he stopped before Olivia and gently rubbed her head as if he wanted to comfort and cherish her.

Halma hurriedly said, “I’m fine now. You should take Olivia home.”

That was the difference between Nathan and Halma versus others. Had it been anyone else, Eugene would have flipped out by then, seeing how much he doted on Olivia. Fighting and standing guard? Who do they think my wife is?

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Super Wife’s Three Babies

Super Wife’s Three Babies

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A misunderstanding seven years ago resulted in Olivia Maxwell delivering a child for a man. And seven years later, she found herself being the mother to three kids instead and lost her temper as a result. She felt that Eugene Nolan was taking advantage of someone like her who bore grudges. The three angelic faces bowed in unison to beg her to forgive their father whereas he reminded her of the biological bond that they shared with the kids! The child was so happy for a brother that he wanted his parents to now give him a younger sister!


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