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Stealing Your Heart Chapter 1073

Both Zong Yanxi and Gu Xian got off the car, but Guan Jing remained in his seat. He seemed to have forgotten what Gu Xian told him, or perhaps he was too engrossed in his thoughts.

“Uncle Guan,” Zong Yanxi called out, snapping the man back to reality.

After he got off the car, Gu Xian led them to the ward.

He didn’t show any intention of entering the ward when he said, “My mom is inside.”

Guan Jing took one look at him. Despite having an inkling of what was happening, he refused to believe it.

It had been ages since they last met, but he still managed to recognize Gu Huiyuan immediately. She was no longer young, but she was still the same to him.

Right then, the woman’s eyes fluttered open on the bed. When she spotted the man standing beside her bed, her eyes widened in shock. However, she swiftly shook her head and let out a self-deprecating chuckle.

She thought she was seeing things. “I can’t believe I wanted to see you before I die.”

Exhaling sharply, she lamented, “Well, I didn’t get to see you when I was alive. What’s the point of hallucinating about you before I die?”

Clearly, she was berating herself for missing him so much to the point where she was hallucinating about him. “You’re useless, Gu Huiyuan.”

Guan Jing’s legs felt as heavy as lead.

His heart was thumping furiously, so it took him some time to find his voice. “Gu Huiyuan?”

The woman on the bed froze in bewilderment. Her eyes opened wide as she stared at Guan Jing. “You…”

Is this not a hallucination? If it is, why is he talking?

“You! You…”

In that instant, she was overwhelmed with mixed emotions—excitement and fear among them—but she had no idea what to say to him.

Guan Jing came over to her and demanded, “Where did you hide? I couldn’t find you, no matter how hard I looked. You were hiding here?”

Gu Huiyuan took a long time to digest his words as tears welled up in her eyes.

Her voice was hoarse as she stated, “So you did look for me.”

Guan Jing’s eyes reddened as well. “Of course! I’m not cruel like you. You left without leaving a message.”

Gu Huiyuan choked up as her lips trembled profusely.

Tears rolled down her cheeks before falling on the pillow she was lying on.

Outside the ward, Zong Yanxi and Gu Xian sat on the bench without a word, listening as occasional bits of the conversation and sobs rang out from the ward.

It went on until nightfall arrived.

For the young people outside, it was a long wait.

Yet, to Guan Jing and Gu Huiyuan, they only had a short reunion.

After all, they had missed the opportunity to spend a lifetime together.

They were in love with each other, but they hadn’t gotten a chance to express their feelings.

Guan Jing soon calmed down and proceeded to ask the doctor about Gu Huiyuan’s situation. Alas, the woman wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer. Even if God was indeed real, He wouldn’t be able to save her life.

Guan Jing remained by the woman’s side so they could spend her last moments together.

They didn’t stay in the hospital. Instead, the man brought her to several places, talking about what they had missed out on in each other’s lives.

When Gu Huiyuan found out Guan Jing was married with kids now, her heart squeezed with agony as though an electric drill had gone through it.

She knew he wouldn’t be single forever, but the truth still got to her, nonetheless.

Utterly shocked by the news, she had fainted on the spot.

Guan Jing brought her to the hospital hastily. From that day onward, whenever she asked about his private affairs, he’d avoid the topic deftly.

One day, Gu Huiyuan wanted to go to the sea, and Guan Jing gladly obliged her request.

Under the blue sky, the waves lapped against the shore slowly. There was a whiff of the salty smell of the seawater in the air.

“After I die, scatter my ashes into the sea.” Gu Huiyuan reached out to take Guan Jing’s hand. “I can’t believe you’ll be the one who will send me off.”

Guan Jing pursed his lips as his throat dried up.

“Gu Xian. I-Is he my son?” He had been wanting to ask that question for some time, but he hadn’t been able to muster his courage to do so.

As Gu Huiyuan’s end was near, he wanted to hear it from her own mouth.

“He’s an adult who can take care of himself now…” Tears suddenly streamed down her cheeks. She didn’t want to cry, but her emotions were out of control. “I’m guilty of not being a qualified mother…”

Until now, she didn’t tell Gu Xian who his father was.

She had deprived Gu Xian of the right to enjoy his father’s love as she was too selfish.

I’ve committed too many mistakes in life. I regret spending my life this way.

If I hadn’t left and chose to go to Guan Jing after finding out I was pregnant, we wouldn’t have ended up in this state.

It was all my fault.

Before she passed on, she gazed at the sea and told Guan Jing, “Change his name.”

Looking up, she reached out to caress Guan Jing’s face. The man had changed, and there were a few lines around his eyes due to his age.

“He’s your son…”

After saying that, her arm went limp.

Just like that, she passed in Guan Jing’s arms.

She died peacefully. It was her best ending; she got to die in his arms after missing him for her entire lifetime.

Guan Jing held her body for a long time as her body grew cold.

A single drop of tear spilled from the corner of his eye, dropping onto her face.

At the funeral, Zong Yanxi took in Guan Jing’s reaction. She understood in a flash what was going on.

Buzz! Buzz!

It was a call from Tawan.

She went to somewhere relatively quieter and answered his call.

Before the man on the line could speak, Zong Yanxi blurted out, “Tawan, let’s get married.”

Upon hearing that, Tawan thought he was hallucinating.

In shock, he asked, “What did you say?”

“I said, let’s get married.” Zong Yanxi wasn’t acting on a whim. She was attracted to him, and he loved her.


Three months later, Zong Yanxi and Tawan got married in Thailand. They had a traditional marriage.

Due to Tawan’s noble status, the wedding was a grand event.

Jiang Mohan’s surgery was successful, and he managed to regain his memories. He finally met Zong Yanxi at her wedding.

The woman was decked in a traditional dress, woven intricately with gold threads with a shawl draped diagonally over one shoulder. Her makeup was perfect – she was a gorgeous sight as she stood beside Tawan while the guests offered their blessings.

Jiang Mohan recalled how Zong Yanxi wore an ivory white wedding dress when she got married to him. He could still remember her beaming innocently during their wedding.

Alas, he had failed her.

Thus, he lost the brightest star in his life.

My life will be bleak from now on, huh?

“Do you like him?” Jiang Mohan muttered. “I think you do.”

The blissful smile on Zong Yanxi’s face right now was the same one she had offered to him back then.

If you’re happy, I shall offer you my blessings. I’ll pray for you with all my heart so you’ll lead a peaceful and smooth life.

“Ruixi, I love you.”

I didn’t get to say it to you, and it’s too late now. Still, I’ll keep my feelings in my heart forever.

The wedding ended successfully with everyone’s well wishes.

That very night, Zong Yanxi opened her eyes groggily and realized Tawan wasn’t by her side.

She got off the bed slowly. Clad in a white silk nightie, her long black tresses fell on her shoulders as she walked barefoot to the lit-up study.

The door wasn’t shut tight, so she saw Tawan writing something on his desk through the gap.

Pushing the door open, she asked, “It’s late. What are you doing here?”

The man lifted his head and saw her standing at the door. He tidied up his desk and placed the paper he was writing on into his drawer before coming to her. After picking her up, he pressed a kiss on her forehead. “Why aren’t you wearing slippers? The tiles are chilly.”

Zong Yanxi wrapped her arms around his neck and beamed. “If I wore slippers, will you pick me up?”

Tawan chuckled heartily in response. “Cheeky girl.”

They returned to their bedroom together. Tawan placed her on the bed before attempting to kiss her.

Zong Yanxi cowered back and blinked innocently. “I’m exhausted.”

He reached out to caress some stray strands by her ear before moving to her cheek, neck, and clavicle, observing her skin.

He had left his mark on every inch of her body.

Before he entered the study, they had consummated their marriage.

“What were you writing?” asked Zong Yanxi.

Tawan pulled her closer to him in bed and responded, “Guess.”

“I have no idea,” she answered truthfully.

Out of nowhere, Tawan gazed at her solemnly. “Yanxi.”

The very moment she became his woman, his heart belonged to her entirely. He loved her so much he was willing to give her everything he had, including himself.

“I’m involved in politics, so there are many uncertainties ahead of us,” he explained as he rolled over to pull her into his embrace. “One day, if something bad happens to me—”

“Stop talking nonsense!” Zong Yanxi quickly interrupted and covered his mouth to stop him from talking. “It’s our wedding today. Don’t talk about such things.”

Tawan’s gaze softened as he studied Zong Yanxi’s shy expression. She was about to retract her hand when he grabbed it and held it tightly.

Underneath the dim light, he couldn’t resist seeing how alluring she was. Leaning nearer to her ear, he whispered, “I miss the feel of you already.” The sparkle in his gaze was unmistakable.

Immediately, Zong Yanxi blushed shyly.

It was a long night filled with passion.

After Zong Yanxi’s wedding, Zhuang Jiawen planned to travel around the world with Shen Xinyao. He left the family’s affairs to Zong Yanchen.

Zong Yanchen agreed to take over, but there was something he needed to do beforehand.

A month later, he returned to the family with Mu Yuan’er, who was pregnant with twins.

“Remember our bet, Jiawen? Whoever gets a child first will get to enjoy life. I shall travel the world on your behalf while you work.”

Zong Yanchen was still on vacation, so he brought Mu Yuan’er to travel around the world while Zhuang Jiawen earned money for them to spend.

Three months later, Zong Yanxi got pregnant.

Upon receiving the news of her pregnancy, Tawan stopped working so he could accompany her.

“It’s still in the early stages, so you don’t have to get this nervous,” Zong Yanxi told her husband, who was busy reading pregnancy-related books.

Tawan put the book he was reading down and gave her a tight hug.

He could hardly contain his excitement at the thought that he was about to become a father soon.

Life was great for him. His beloved wife was about to give birth to their child. This was the family he had always dreamed about.

“I’m really blessed,” he uttered in all honesty.

Zong Yanxi was satisfied with her current life, which was simple. Tawan was a husband who was gentle and loving toward her.

With him, she finally realized how blissful it was to be loved by someone.

She wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.

“I want to have many children with you,” she announced as she flung her arms around Tawan’s waist as she listened to his steady heartbeat.

Yet, sweet moments like this were short-lived.

Zong Yanxi’s due date was near, but Tawan got assigned to another mission and had to leave.

“It’s fine. Our baby and I will be waiting for you,” she assured him.

Ten days later, there was still no sign of Tawan.

Soon, Zong Yanxi received dreadful news — something had happened to Tawan when he was on his mission.

“He didn’t manage to escape in time before the bomb exploded to save someone else…”

Before the person could finish talking, Zong Yanxi passed out.

“Lady Thitipoom!”

The unconscious woman was brought to the hospital instantly.

After six hours, she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

At the same time, she received confirmation that Tawan had passed on.

The news caused her to suffer from postpartum hemorrhage, and she nearly lost her life.

Luckily, Lin Xinyan stayed with her and took care of her lest she acted rashly out of sorrow.

At Tawan’s funeral, Zong Yanxi cried herself unconscious several times.

The short time she got to spend with Tawan was the happiest moment in her life.

After the funeral, a lawyer came to her and showed her a document from Tawan.

It was his will, stating that her husband had left his entire family fortune to Zong Yanxi.

Tears streamed down her cheeks as she stared at the sizable inheritance.

Right then, she recalled their wedding night where she had woken up at night to an empty bed.

Tawan had been writing something in his study, and the date on the will was their wedding date.

Once they got married, he had given her everything he had—the entire family fortune of the Thitipoom family’s immense wealth gathered over generations.

The man was using his own means by handing everything he owned to the woman he loved.

Slowly, Zong Yanxi pulled herself together and took great care of her son.

She still missed Tawan dearly; the mere thought of him would still make her upset.

When Jiang Mohan offered to take care of her and her child, she rejected his offer firmly.

“I won’t remarry in this lifetime,” Zong Yanxi announced. She had long decided to watch over Tawan, their son, and their family.

After that, the woman kept a distance from all men.

She remained in the Thitipoom family for all her life.

Meanwhile, Jiang Mohan never took a second wife and watched over her in his own way.

She might be watching over another man, but he didn’t feel even an ounce of jealousy.

After all, Tawan had indeed loved her deeply.

It was Tawan who had warmed Zong Yanxi’s heart up with his feelings. He had made her start believing in love again.

The rule “first come, first served” didn’t apply in love.

It was a sunny day when Zong Jinghao stood in the courtyard with his arm around Lin Xinyan as they watched the kids running around.

It was great joy in life to be surrounded by the offspring of your children.

Yet, there was a hint of sorrow in Lin Xinyan’s gaze.

Zong Jinghao knew she was concerned about Zong Yanxi.

Zong Yanxi was their only daughter, and she had always been unlucky in love.

First, she met Jiang Mohan. She lost her child and nearly lost her life, too.

After that, she met Tawan. Everyone thought they would live happily ever after, but…

Zong Jinghao patted Lin Xinyan’s shoulder gently. “True love only happens once in a lifetime. Once is enough.”

After all, it would fill one’s heart to the brim until there was no room for others to step in.

The End.

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Stealing Your Heart

Stealing Your Heart

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Because of a deal, she was pregnant with the child of a stranger. She then became the wife of a man with whom she had an arranged marriage since they were babies. At first, she thought it was just an agreement that benefitted both parties, but eventually, an unfathomable affection grew between them. While she was 10-months pregnant, he handed her the divorce papers and she finally realized her mistake. Later, he said, “My wife, please come back to me. You are the one I have always loved."


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