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I Am The Luna Chapter 93 By Moonlight Muse

15. A Meeting or I Am The Luna Chapter 93 By Moonlight Muse

ZAIA. I run the brush through my hair, staring distractedly at my reflection.

Gerard is Sebastian’s father… I would never have made the link, even with the screaming similarity that Sebastian does look like a King. How and why?

Why would they have chosen Gerard?

Is it because he’s an Alpha?

Or because he is Aran’s cousin? Or both? It’s the following day and although Sebastian said nothing more last night, I know it’s on both our minds. I do want to talk to him about it, and reassure him it means nothing.

Last night replays in my mind and his final words echo in my mind.

‘Gerard, is your father?’ I asked.

‘Let’s not discuss it. Come, you need to sleep.’

I had tried to question it but he had cut me off saying he didn’t want to discuss it, and so I had thanked him for not keeping things from me and we had fallen asleep.

I felt there had been something more he had wanted to say, but I’m not so sure. I gasp as his strong arms wrap around me tightly, his gaze dipping to my breasts.

“I like this top.” He growls huskily, kissing my neck. I smirk at him in the mirror before I stare at my reflection.

I’m wearing a chiffon top that cinches at my waist, but it’s showing off a lot of cleavage. It is slightly off my shoulders and I have paired it with ivory pants.

“Of course you do. You like boobs.” I reply amused.

He looks gorgeous himself. I will never understand how he can look so good, no matter what. Reaching up, I run my finger down his jaw, the short hair of his beard prickling my fingertips and I can feel his angular jaw.

“I do like boobs… but I don’t simply like these…” he lets go of my waist before he grabs my breasts, squeezing them. I bite back a soft moan as pleasure rushes through me. “I fucking love these.” He growls huskily.

“Bastian…” I moan as my pussy clenches.

Goddess, this man…

He sucks gently on my neck, and I can’t help but melt into his touch. I can never resist him…

“Mommy!” My eyes fly open as I hear the door handle turn and Sebastian lets go of me, pinching my nipples before he steps away as the door flies open. He is still close, but not pressed up against me.

“Mommy! Why you take so long today?” Zion frowns unhappily, frowning at Sebastian as he stands there, hands on hips. “Is Daddy wasting your time?” I chuckle as I turn away, smoothing my hair over my neck.

“Daddy isn’t,” I reassure, crouching down and pecking his cheek, although he is still observing Sebastian suspiciously. “Well, I don’t believe that. Mommy was always on time when Daddy wasn’t here.”

“Well, get used to it champ, I’m going to be around more often than not,” he says, prodding his forehead with a faint smile on his face. Zion huffs. “Well, ok, but don’t take all of Mommy’s time. Come on, Mommy!”

Sebastian raises his eyebrows sceptically, and I know an answer is on the tip of his tongue. “Will you really argue with a child?” I tease, as I follow Zion out.

Sebastian yanks me close, pecking my lips before releasing me. I have already bathed them this morning and gave Sia her medication, but it is obvious Zion wants some attention.

Well, I will spend some time with them after breakfast. Entering the kitchen, we see Jai cooking and Sia and Valerie setting the table. “Finally!” Jai says, “I mean, wasn’t last night enough?”

“What does that even mean?” I ask innocently as I cast a swift glance around to see what needs doing and, noticing there are no drinks, I walk over to the refrigerator to take some drinks out.

“The walls are not that soundproof. Man, I felt lonely.” Jai snickers, making me blush. “Work harder. You might just get someone.” Sebastian says, clearly not phased.

“Maybe I’ll get lucky one day, or maybe never.” Jai says, “Some people aren’t easy to seduce.” I don’t miss his gaze flickering to Valerie.

“What does seduce mean?” Zion asks.

“Aren’t you always a little too curious?” Sebastian says.

“I am a big boy,” Zion replies. I glance over at Valerie, who is placing napkins and cutlery down by each plate. “I’m sure you will,” I say, shutting the fridge and taking the cartons to the table.

“If anyone can tolerate him.” Valerie now adds. “You can tolerate me, so how about it?” Jai says as he places the platter of bacon, eggs and rashers on the table. To my surprise, he taps her nose and gives her a wink, making Zion and Sia giggle.

Valerie opens her mouth to say something, but Jai plucks a grape from the fruit bowl and pops it into her mouth. He walks off to get the beans, leaving a blushing Valerie behind.

Well, well, well… I think they’ll be together soon enough. I look over at Sebastian, who has already taken a seat, and Sia is drawing circles on his hand, trying to tickle him up his arm.

“Round and round the garden like a little teddy bear… one step… two steps… tickle you under there!” She giggles as he instead tickles her, making her shriek.

His eyes flick to mine and he gives me a sexy smirk before he returns to giving our daughter all his attention. He is the perfect father…

“Training regimes. We break them into groups. We are a pack, we act like it.” I say, as I look across the table, “It’s no longer an option.

Everyone is to shift and prepare to shift. We strengthen our youth from a young age. Running, sports, self- defence, we start with these, and we teach them in a way that when we come of age, we will shift.”

The meeting with the high members of the staff has commenced, and two hours have already passed. Before the meeting me, Sebastian, Jai, Justin, and Valerie had sat down and made some points, so we were all on the same page.

Sebastian sits back in his chair at times, combing his fingers through his beard, listening silently. He had been welcomed back happily and even now as he sits there, allowing me to take the helm of the discussion, he still gives input when necessary. Still backs me when I need it.

“That is extreme, isn’t it? For them to have to be burdened with that expectation?” Ashton, one of the trainers, asks seriously.

“Not if it’s something that they know and believe is part of us, just like breathing. Shifting was painful the first and second time I attempted it. To that point, I never shifted again. But now, I can shift, and it doesn’t hurt, and we heal better and faster.”

“That is true… but you are a Blood Born.” Ashton sounds uncertain as he stares down at the plan I had outlined and given to everyone.

“Alpha Sebastian is a fine example of what is possible. After all, against the beliefs of society and before we knew of the Blood Borns, he was a shifter who was perfectly in tune with his wolf.”

“She is correct, and I have been doing my own research, the Blood Born is very real and it is terrifying. We have to thank the goddess for what she has. given us,” Margaret says firmly. A murmur of agreement follows.

“I will write up a statement that is to be given to each member of this pack, and a version for the children, too. As one, we can prove that we are werewolves and that we have not forgotten that.” I say.

“I think that’s fair,” Jai says.

“And you mention bringing back the full moon runs and monthly celebrations for those who will turn eighteen… so we are turning back time in a way.” Another man mulls uncertainty clear in his voice. “Those times were dark… there were pack battles and-”

“It still exists, only now a selected team works to combat them. We are still going to protect our people. We are still going to keep ties with our allies.  But we are also going to strengthen every single one of us.” I say firmly.

“Atticus Payne and our pack are also official allies and, of course, Hugh Toussaint’s pack,” Sebastian says leaning forward. “There are enemies out there and until we know what the Sable are planning, everyone needs to be on the lookout. Trust your Alpha, she is and always will be the one to guide you to the right path… even if we are in a disagreement or have a difference of opinion. Remember that she is the one you need to follow.”

There it is again, that uneasy feeling that accompanies his words. Why does it feel like he’s saying goodbye? Or that he may not always be here or worse, have a different opinion?

“Does this mean that you, Alpha Sebastian, will not reclaim the title as Alpha?”

“I am still an Alpha, regardless of if I’m officially sworn in as the head of the pack, am I not?” Sebastian says challengingly as he looks the man dead in the eye.

“I understand, but the strength-”

“I can take all of you here aside from my woman single-handed and come out victorious, I assure you, I do not need the title.” There’s a finality in his voice as the table goes extremely quiet.

“The title is hers, and until she has to claim her father’s pack, she will hold on to this title. Regardless of who holds the official title, we are a team, and this pack is ours.” Sebastian finishes. Jai smirks before he begins clapping, breaking the tense silence.

“Well said, Alpha, well said.” I smile softly. ‘You know, this pack is yours and I do want you to reclaim your title.’

When the time is right, we will see what happens. Let’s finish this meeting, Little Fox, there is a lot pending. You have another meeting after this, do you not?’

The rogues…

I nod as I turn back to the table, and we move on to discussing the possible threats with the Sable and how we will prepare for those…

Sebastian’s hand ghosts up my legs at times and our eyes lock, the pull between us dangerously intense, and I can’t wait for his lips to be on mine…

My phone beeps, and usually I would ignore it when I realise it is from Dad. “One moment, I do apologise,” I say, picking it up and unlocking it.

My heart thumps as I read the message, a sliver of worry rushing through me. Dad: Zaia, give me a call when you can. This is urgent. Is everything ok?

“This sounds like war, Alpha.” Stephen, head of surveillance, says.

“This IS war, Stephen, and the worst part is we have no idea who exactly the enemy is, their numbers, when they will attack and how.”

My words are followed by an ominous silence, one that is weighed with the fear of the unknown…

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I Am The Luna By Moonlight Muse

I Am The Luna By Moonlight Muse

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I Am The Luna By Moonlight Muse

Rejected for another, Zaia Toussaint's life comes shattering down around her, when her husband divorces her for none other than his ex-girlfriend. Cast from her home and position, Zaia leaves the pack, carrying with her a secret that she hopes her husband never discovers. She's pregnant with his children. Sebastian King is the handsome, and well-known Alpha with a multi-millionaire empire, whose name is well known, not only in the werewolf world but in the business world.

He has it all, wealth, power, a huge pack and above all the perfect wife. A Luna who his entire pack and family have come to love. The return of his ex destroys their marriage, causing Sebastian to blindly cast his wife and mate from his life. What will happen when he learns about the secret she hides from him, will he regret the decision he made by casting her aside? Will she forgive him and will she ever take him back?

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