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I Am The Luna Chapter 71 By Moonlight Muse

71. A Taste of Desire


“I want to make a request.” “Sure, what is it, Val?” “I… I don’t want anyone to be allowed to enter my room without you. Valerie’s request replays in my mind even as I leave her room. She doesn’t even want Jai there…

What is her reason? When I asked her she said nothing, but for someone who doesn’t remember, she made it clear out there that she remembered some stuff. After all, she mentioned a ‘he’ I want to know more, but she’s not in a good frame of mind right now.

I head upstairs to the children’s room and for the first time, I feel uneasy about them being alone with Mom. It’s terrifying not being able to trust those around me. This makes me feel guilty too. She loves me, right?

I feel so… alone. With Dad having to stay behind, it will be on me to protect my children and Valerie. Jai- I can trust Jai and I think I can trust Atticus. I know I don’t agree with every decision he makes, but I don’t feel like he is the enemy.

And then, of course, I have Sebastian. The one I know I can trust no matter what. I’m grateful he will be by my side, right now I feel like he is what’s keeping me going. I need him.

But I’m still not getting anywhere. There are things that don’t make sense to me. I mean, Mom has been here for so long and always supported me… am I being paranoid?

Well, pondering over the why’s won’t help. I learned long ago, one should always trust their instincts….

I check in on the children, deciding I’ll be spending the night with them. I just want to check on Sebastian once more before I shower and head to their room.

Goddess, even in my own home, I feel uneasy. I check a few of the windows and look outside to make sure the guards are in place before I walk to Sebastian’s room.

When we returned Jai said Sebastian had awakened shortly afterwards and was restless, so had decided to go for a run. That’s something Sebastian always did and I’m glad he was ok.

I open his bedroom door after knocking lightly and look around the room. The bed is empty, but I see the slight dirt on the floor. Hearing the sound of the shower running fills me with relief, and I walk to the bathroom door. “Sebastian? Are you alright?” I ask, my heart skipping a beat, knowing he’ll be naked inside. I stay outside the door.

There’s silence for a moment before he speaks. “Of course I am. Are you worried about me?” “I was, and then you left for a run. Were you ok shifting with those injuries?” I answer.

“Why don’t you step inside and take a look for yourself?” he replies huskily. My stomach does a flip, but I don’t hesitate, slowly stepping inside. I see Sebastian in the shower.

My throat goes dry as I watch the water run down his godly body. Oh fuck…

His muscles flex as he brushes his hair off his face, and I swallow as I admire his body and then I realise his body is bruise and injury free. Not one wound…

I look up, shocked, his vibrant blue eyes meet mine and he smiles slightly. “I guess shifting helps,” he says, rubbing the soap between his hands before he runs his hands over the planes of his abs.

“I’m glad…” I say, feeling relieved. “I was worried…”

“Oh yeah? Well, if you’re still worried, why not come a little closer, so you can be reassured I really am perfectly fine?” He smirks dangerously, and my heart thumps in response. The way he makes me react is intense…

“I’m not sure that’s a good idea…” I say, running my fingers through my hair. “Your body says otherwise,” He replies, his gaze on my breasts as he leans back against the shower wall. He runs his soapy hand over his cock, stroking it slowly for a moment, his eyes on me.

I want to fuck him. He looks so damn sexy right now. Oh, Goddess…

“How can you be so certain, from all the way over there?” I ask. “Then how about you come over here so I can be certain?” he counters. “You really are smooth,” I say as I make my way closer to him.

He smirks as I walk into the wide shower, the water drenching me, and he leans forward, pulling me closer. I gasp as I’m hit with the full downpour of water and he tilts his head, smirking as he looks down at me.

“It’s cold!” He always did prefer the cold showers.”I’ll heat you up…” He replies, brushing his thumb over my lips.

I can feel his body against me through the thin fabric of my dress. He raises his hand, slowly brushing my hair back from my face. “You’re an incredible woman, Zaia… always remember that,” he says.

I frown slightly, “Why do I need to remember that? You are here to remind me and since I’m going to have to put up with you at the Dark Hollow Falls Pack, it’s only fair, you boost my ego too.” I say, resting my hand on his chest, caressing the peppering of hair on it. It should be illegal to be so handsome….

I can feel him hardening against my stomach, and he tilts his head. “There’s far more I can do than boost your ego, Little Fox… if you allow me…” he says quietly.

Our eyes meet and I know there’s something slightly different in him. Is it because of what happened with the Triquetra forming and that it included Atticus? I’m not sure… but as I gaze into his too… eyes, I realise that he needs me.

“This doesn’t change anything.” I say as I cup his face. He frowns slightly. “Are we talking about this… or earlier?” he murmurs as he grips my waist, pressing me against himself.

I raise an eyebrow. “I meant the entire thing with the Triquetra… besides, who said we’re about to do anything right now?” I tease seductively.

“I did.” He responds arrogantly, as he swiftly hoists me up and, turning, presses me up against the wall making me gasp.

But I can’t help but smile, excitement washing through me as I lock my legs around his waist and bite my lip. “You really are the sexiest man in this world,” I whisper before we both lean in, and our lips meet in a passionate kiss.

“Fuck,” he groans against my lip the moment I grind my core against his stomach. He grabs my breast, squeezing it and I sigh against his lips, our hands grope the other’s body, trying to feel and touch every part we can reach as our lips move in perfect sync.

He knows how to kiss… Fuck, he’s excellent at it. A little rough, pretty dominant, and very passionate and when he kisses me; it’s like he wants to devour me completely. Making me feel like I’m the only woman he wants…

“You ARE the only woman I want…” he whispers, his deep voice a low rumble through his chest. I frown slightly. Did I say that out loud? I’m about to speak when he bites down on my neck, sending sizzling pleasure through me.

The urge to have him mark me fills my mind, my core clenching in need. I can feel his dick against my ass, and I want him inside of me. I gasp when he squeezes my breast again.

“Fuck me.” I breathe, making him groan as he nibbles on my earlobe. Simultaneously, he reaches down and pushes aside my underwear.

“Are you ready for me?” he purrs huskily as he squeezes his fingers inside of me and I moan loudly. “Oh, you are so fucking ready…” he growls.

I open my eyes just as his lips claim mine once more and he slams into me. I gasp as pleasure rushes through me, accompanied by a sting of pain.

My nails dig into his skin as I try to take a moment to adapt but he has other plans as he pulls out and drives back in with one slow yet relentless hard thrust, making me whimper. He hits the spot oh so perfectly and I feel lightheaded.

A devilish smirk crosses his lips as his hand grabs my neck, squeezing hard. “Show me that tongue.” He growls huskily and I obey, gasping for air. My heart thumps as he tilts his head, stroking my tongue erotically with his own. Oh fuck…

I caress his with my own before he takes my tongue into his mouth, kissing me so sensually I feel my pussy throb. He continues to drive into me torturously slow, yet hard. Each time hitting the spot and making me moan in pleasure and satisfaction.

“There’s my good girl… I want to hear you scream… let me hear how good I’m making you feel…” He says quietly, his voice holding a powerful command at the same time.

I moan in response as he speeds up a little and slams into me harder. The mix of pain and pleasure as he drives deep into me makes me lock my arr arms around his neck, burying my head into my shoulder to stop myself from screaming out.

I can barely breathe as he pounds into me, and soon I am unable to hold back my moans and screams.

“You are so fucking tight, but I’ll help stretch you out.” He murmurs as he lets go of my ass and instead hooks his arms under my thighs as he drives into me again.

“Ouch, fuck! That’s it!” I whimper hornily as he keeps pounding me harder and faster. “That’s it. Fuck my pussy… Fuck Bastian!”

The water above soaks us both. I’m extra aware of the heat of our bodies as they rub against one another as he fucks me.

“That’s it, take me all in,” he groans, and I whimper. I feel overly full. He moves back slightly, I lean my back against the wall as he looks down at where our bodies connect as he rams into me roughly..

I can’t help but scream out his name as his speed becomes intense and I feel myself nearing. My back rubs against the hard tiled wall behind me, my breasts bounce, and my eyes are half closed as I drown in the pleasure.

Through my hooded eyes, I see his eyes glowing steely silver, his canines elongated, and I don’t know why… but it just makes him look even hotter…

“You’re….” I trail off, but he knows what I mean because he leans in kissing me roughly. “We’re fucking born to be animals, Foxie… so why hold back?” he growls. He’s right…

I yank him closer, kissing him back with equal passion and lust. I’m so close, so fucking close. Why do I get this man so much? Because we’re soulmates… destined for each other…

I’ve never heard of what happens if a rejected couple re-marks on one another, but I’m ready to find out. “Mark me,” I whisper through my haze of pleasure.

Clawing my hand down his chest, cutting into his smooth skin, I allow his blood to wash away with the water. His eyes flash as he leans in, brushing his nose possessively against my neck. “Oh, yeah…”

“I’m coming.” I breathe. “Then come for me, princess.” He growls huskily, sinking his teeth into my neck, sending me off the edge, as an intense orgasm explodes through me…

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I Am The Luna By Moonlight Muse

I Am The Luna By Moonlight Muse

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I Am The Luna By Moonlight Muse

Rejected for another, Zaia Toussaint's life comes shattering down around her, when her husband divorces her for none other than his ex-girlfriend. Cast from her home and position, Zaia leaves the pack, carrying with her a secret that she hopes her husband never discovers. She's pregnant with his children. Sebastian King is the handsome, and well-known Alpha with a multi-millionaire empire, whose name is well known, not only in the werewolf world but in the business world.

He has it all, wealth, power, a huge pack and above all the perfect wife. A Luna who his entire pack and family have come to love. The return of his ex destroys their marriage, causing Sebastian to blindly cast his wife and mate from his life. What will happen when he learns about the secret she hides from him, will he regret the decision he made by casting her aside? Will she forgive him and will she ever take him back?

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