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I Am The Luna Chapter 54 By Moonlight Muse

I Am The Luna by Moonlight Muse Chapter 54

A Light at the End

ZAIA. My heart skips a beat as I stare at Jai, my legs refusing to move when he rushes over to me and quickly puts his arm around me to help me up faster, not wanting to hurt my arm.

“Quick!” Panic fills me as I rush from the room, stumbling as the floor seems to move and bend and I close my eyes, following him blindly.

Calm down Zaia….

“Look!” he says with uncontained excitement. I open my eyes, my vision blurring as I stare at the bed, it takes me a moment to realise what he’s showing me and my heart thumps as I gasp.

The steady beeping of the machine fills the room, and I stare at the EEG machine screen. There’s brain activity!

Not just a faint spurt, but a steady rhythm of increased activity. Hope fills my scrambled mind and my heart leaps in excitement. Valerie… It’s working!

I look at the moon, hope filling me. Thank you, Goddess…

My breath hitches as her lips move ever so slightly, as she lifts two fingers a little before she relaxes into her pillows and the machine calms down.

But neither of us is devastated, because one thing is clear, it’s working. It’s working! Meaning my Val is coming back to me – to us!

Jai looks at me and I’ve never seen him happier. “She’s going to make it. Everything be damned if she’s going to come back.” He says, giving me a smile that I have not seen on his face in a while. 1

“She is,” I say softly as I walk over to the bed and Jai goes around the other side, caressing her hair and her cheek. His heart is racing and my own fills with warmth. He really needs this. “Valerie…” Jai says, lifting her hand and kissing it tenderly. “You got this…”

I take her other hand, praying for her to wake up quickly, but I remain silent as I stand there, smiling softly watching Jai whisper encouragement to her.

“She will wake up,” I say after he falls silent, gazing down at her and I believe it. He’s remained strong, not given up hope, but seeing him like this meant deep down he did fear losing her…

I look at the moon before I kiss her forehead gently. I’m happy yet exhausted. The events of the day have been too much.

“Thanks, Zaia,” Jai says quietly. “You didn’t give up hope, and she’s getting better. Thank you for not allowing her family to pull the plug. I look across at him and shake my head.

“There is nothing to thank me for. She is as important to me as she is to you.” I say softly. He nods before he seems to observe me. “Are you alright? You look… pale…”

I shake my head, masking my emotions. Tonight is a good night for him. I don’t need to ruin that. We’ll talk when my own mind is clear too…

“Yes, just tired. Good night, Jai, I’ll talk to you in the morning.” I say. “She is going to wake up.” He nods, giving me a small smile.

“Goodnight Zaia.” He responds with a small smile. I leave the room, closing the door silently behind me, and head upstairs. I tread carefully to the twin’s room. They’re fast asleep cuddled against mom who is asleep as well. A storybook lies open on her stomach.

She looks tired, and it’s obvious she cried. herself to sleep. My heart squeezes as I gently pick up the book, not wanting to disturb her and place it down on the bedside table.

I can’t help but smile at all three squeezed into Sia’s bed, but they look content, so I don’t disturb them. Switching off the lamp, I fix the duvet, pulling it up and making sure all three are covered.

I place a soft kiss on each of their foreheads, Mom frowns slightly and I quietly move back before I turn and tiptoe to the door. I pause, my hand on the door frame as I cast another glance back at them and smile softly.

All I want is for everything to be alright so my children can have the life they deserve. One free from risks and danger. I leave the room, silently closing the door behind me.

I am about to make my way to my own bedroom when I pause and glance down the hall at the room Sebastian is in before I make my way there. Opening the door quietly, I slip inside. He’s still unconscious, but I can tell he’s getting better…

I’m sorry…

I lock the door before I take off my heels and necklace, dropping the jewellery onto the bedside table. I unpin my hair, letting it down.

before I walk over to the bed and slowly slip in beside him. His scent and his warmth welcome me and right now I need it. I rest my head on the edge of the pillow, not wanting to hurt him.

“Wake up Sebastian, there’s just so much going on… and I… I miss you.” I whisper, staring at the side of his face. So much has happened… and who did this to him? We still don’t know.

I lift my head, cupping his handsome face as I slowly lean over him and press my lips against his. Tingles of pleasure rush through me, my heart pounding, and a single tear falls from my eye. I need you…

With all the secrets and lies around me, he is the one I feel I can truly trust. Please wake up. I brush my finger along his short beard as I gaze into his face.


His chest rises and falls steadily, and I close my eyes. I sigh, as I lean up, planting a soft kiss on his forehead and I’m about to move back when his eyes open and I find myself staring into those brilliant sharp blues. My heart thuds as I stare down at him, it takes me a moment to comprehend that he’s actually woken up.

“Zai…” He croaks and I let out a shaky breath. “Bastien!” I say, flinging my arms around his neck. He grunts and I gasp, “Shit! Sorry!”

I jerk back, hoping I haven’t hurt him as I sit back on my knees, placing my hand on his chest as I look him over.

“I’m sorry!” “It’s totally fine. You can jump me anytime.” He says, his voice thick and hoarse. I can’t help but smile, ever the cocky one!

But he’s awake! Goddess! He’s awake!

I quickly get off the bed, rushing to get him. some water from the decanter that sits on the dresser.

He struggles to sit up, and although I know it’s taking a lot out of him, he pushes through, his pride not letting him give up, and he manages to do so before I even get back to the bed.

He groans as he adjusts his position and looks. at me, gripping his left flank. “Here,” I say, my heart thundering, and I raise the glass to his lips. He reaches up but grits his teeth as he slumps.

back against the cushions, and I lean over, helping him drink. He takes a few big gulps before he moves his head back and I place the glass down.

“I’m impressed I’m alive.” He mutters, staring at the ceiling before looking at me. I sit down beside him, and he lets go of his flank and places his hand on my thigh. He’s breathing hard.

I bite my lip as his eyes meet mine, not missing the hunger in them, and I’m very aware of the way his thumb is caressing my bare thigh. “What happened?” I ask as his gaze skims over my breasts, and I feel very aware of how revealing my dress is.

Only Sebastian can ignite this désire inside of me. The way he’s looking at me is drowning me. Please say something before I submit…

He frowns, staring at my thigh, removing his hand and looking at the symbol there. “What is going on and how long was I out for?”

He asks, his voice sharper now. “Not long, just a couple of days… but a lot has happened,” I say as he struggles to sit up again.

I place my hands on his shoulder and gently force him back. Right now, I’m stronger than him, and he groans before he gives in.

“I still feel like hell.”

“I never knew you know how hell feels.” I tease, running my fingers through his hair that falls. over his forehead, making him look much younger.

“I do…when you left…”

I glance at him, about to say something, only to see his gaze on my breasts. I cock a brow. “Eyes up here, Mr.” I scold lightly His gaze flicks up, and he tilts his head.

“It’s hard not to stare when you look so fine, besides I may have hit my head hard, but I swear I felt your lips on mine… care to explain?” he whispers huskily, making my core clench.

“I…” I begin as his hand finds my leg again.

This time he slides his hand right up the side of my thigh, grazing the side of my ass. “Care to explain?” He murmurs, squeezing ever so tantalisingly.

Is it evil of me that I am relieved that he can’t pull me close right now? Because if he could, I wouldn’t be able to resist…

Do I even want to?

“I was just wondering since you’re such a perve, if maybe kissing you might make you stand to attention,” I reply with a smirk as I glance towards his midsection. Thoroughly happy with my comeback.

He raises an eyebrow. “How long did that one take you to come up with?” He says mockingly. I roll my eyes. “Hey, not long. It was a good one. Besides, I was only stating facts. You are a perve.”

“Whatever you want to call it, Little Fox. I don’t mind…” he remarks, his eyes on my breasts again. He isn’t telling me what happened, and I need to know.

“Tell me… what happened?” I urge. He frowns, “Then after I do, I want to know why 11/12 you have the Blood Born symbol on you.”

“Deal.” I reply.

He stares up at the ceiling; the mood darkening.

“After I left the hospital, I didn’t feel comfortable enough to leave, so I stayed outside the hospital. When I realised you left, I shifted to wolf form, yeah I know, how improper right?” he frowns and shakes his head. “Not at all.” I reply with a smile.

“I went for a run to clear my head and that’s when out of nowhere I was attacked. There were two of them. I wasn’t expecting it, it’s pretty much a blur… but their aim was clear, they were there to kill.”

“Did you see them? Anything?”

He’s silent for a moment before he looks down. “Just their eyes…. A pair of grey eyes and a pair of bright blue…” 5

“The biker,” I say, my stomach twisting as dread and fear fills me.

“Possibly, they were similar enough to mine…

but I don’t think I’ve seen them…”

“And the grey?” I ask, trying to think who has grey eyes and why, why do they want to hurt him?”

He shakes his head. “I have no idea… but they worked well together.” He says quietly, but it is his next words that send a chill down my spine. “One thing is clear: they won’t stop, not until they succeed.”

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I Am The Luna By Moonlight Muse

I Am The Luna By Moonlight Muse

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I Am The Luna By Moonlight Muse

Rejected for another, Zaia Toussaint's life comes shattering down around her, when her husband divorces her for none other than his ex-girlfriend. Cast from her home and position, Zaia leaves the pack, carrying with her a secret that she hopes her husband never discovers. She's pregnant with his children. Sebastian King is the handsome, and well-known Alpha with a multi-millionaire empire, whose name is well known, not only in the werewolf world but in the business world.

He has it all, wealth, power, a huge pack and above all the perfect wife. A Luna who his entire pack and family have come to love. The return of his ex destroys their marriage, causing Sebastian to blindly cast his wife and mate from his life. What will happen when he learns about the secret she hides from him, will he regret the decision he made by casting her aside? Will she forgive him and will she ever take him back?

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