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I Am The Luna Chapter 41 By Moonlight Muse

I Am The Luna by Moonlight Muse Chapter 41

An Intruder 

ZAIA. “Lu- Ms Zaia…” I look up to see Daniel, one of Sebastian’s assistants, standing there. He lowers his head politely to me.

“It’s good to see you, Daniel,” I say quietly. No matter how devastated and upset I feel right now, I can’t let that affèct anything else. I smile as warmly as possible at him, and he smiles. back brightly.

“It’s lovely to see you again, ma’am.” “It is,” I say, touching his arm for a second before I excuse myself. There are cops everywhere, I wonder what happened…

I walk down the hall, my two guards flanking me as I enter the main lobby heading for the food court. “Ma’am. There’s been a situation and the food department has been suspended.

I sigh. “Understood. Are we free to leave?”

The officer looks me over before he nods. “Yes, come. I’ll make sure they let you out.” “Thank you,” I reply, glad to get out of there, but I don’t know how I would face Mom or Dad.

Tell them that I failed. The car is brought, and I get in, slipping my shades on.

Maybe I should have fought harder… but he had thrown me off. The drive back to the villa we are residing at passes by faster than I would have liked.

I check up on Jai and Valerie via text, trying not to think about what has just gone down. There’s no change yet, but the full moon will be at its peak in to days from now. I have hope…

I step out of the car, forlorn and tired. I know things like this happen often, but when you spent so long on something… it was almost in my grasp.


The door opens before I even reach it. “Surprise!” Zion and Sia say, making me jump. I stare around the hall, and the congratulations. sign that is plastered across the wall opposite.

Oh, no….

They had such high expectations…

I look down at my precious jewels and crouching down, pull them both into my arms, kissing the top of their heads. They make me happy. “Congratulations, Zaia,” Father says, making me look up. How do I tell them I didn’t get it?

“Shouldn’t we… be celebrating once the paperwork is sealed? Things haven’t been finalised yet…” I say, feeling awful for lying.

But the excitement on the children’s faces and the pride on Dad’s is too much for me to break their hearts right now. The children don’t need to know, but I will tell Dad later.

“Well, don’t keep her. Come Zaia, dinner is ready. I made your favourite.” Mom says with at smile. “I ordered your favourite,” Dad adds, giving Mom a pointed look.

Mom scoffs, rolling her eyes before she walks off. One week under the same roof must be hard… 1

I have no idea what Annette would think of that, knowing her husband is under the same roof as his ex-wife. Dinner passes in a blur as I keep smiling, pretending I’m happy as I eat and drink away, trying to drown my worries.

“Are you alright Zaia, you don’t usually drink much?” Mom asks, concerned. “Of course she doesn’t, if the wine is the cheap stuff you keep,” Dad says arrogantly.

I giggle. “You two are like an angry married couple, who don’t know how to feel….” I say, suddenly feeling upset. “I was celebrating how my day went. Can I not have a drink or two?” I add, staring at my wine.

“Are you sure everything is alright, Zaia?” Dad asks me sharply. I glance over at the kids, who are eating their pudding, giggling, and whispering about us adults.

“Everything is perfect,” I say. I don’t want to answer anything today… but tomorrow… tomorrow I’ll face it all, “Alright! Let’s get you guys to bed!” I say, jumping up from my seat. I grab my glass and the bottle when Mom stands up.

“Go get some rest, you deserve it, for giving your best… I’ll get the children to bed.” She says. I look at her sharply, my heart thudding. Does she know?

“Yes! Grandma can get us to bed, Mommy, are you tired?” Zion asks. I shake my head. “No, I’ll get you two into bed. I want to. Come on.” I take Sia’s hand and lead the way upstairs, dropping the bottle and glass off at my room before we then make our way to the children’s room, ready to get them settled into bed.

Mom pops her head in when I’m showering them, and I know she’s just concerned because I had drunk a little more than normal. I’m fine, maybe a little more emotional.

Being a werewolf, our tolerance to alcohol is rather high. We can get drunk though, and that is exactly what I plan to do once my children are asleep. Lock my door, get drunk, and wallow in my loss.

“…and then, they lived happily ever after…” I whisper, closing the book as I look at Sia and  ion, both fast asleep on either side of me.

Sia is on my arm, whilst Zion has his arms. wrapped around the other one, allowing me to use my hand to hold the book.

I kiss them both softly before I close the book and slowly ease out of bed. Tucking them in, I dim the lights and check Sia’s pulse and her medication chart. Me and mom have been keeping on top of it perfectly…

But they aren’t helping…

I return to my room, close the door behind me, and lock it. I massage my neck, rolling the kinks out of it, falling on my glass of wine and the bottle.

I’m sure it wasn’t empty when I left it there. The glass standse ss of Mm, maybe I have drunk too much. Groaning, I pull open the buttons of my blouse, put some music on from my phone and toss it onto the bed. I grab the bottle, pouring myself a glass when my heart skips a beat.

A shadow falls over me and I spin around, ready to smash whoever it is over the head with the bottle, when a hand clamps over my mouth, the other snatching the bottle from me and placing it down.

It takes me a moment to realise who it is, my heart thudding. What is he doing here?

Anger flares inside of me and I try to yank his hand free, but he’s far stronger. My eyes flash as I struggle even more, only for him to push me up against the wall.

His body presses against mine, sending pleasure that I should not be feeling through me. I hate how my body reacts to him when I don’t want him. “Hush, Little Fox, I need you to hear me out.” His voice is low and husky and I’m not sure it’s the alcohol or the fact that I can smell him.

That smell that I love… his breath is minty with hints of my favourite wine… that explains the empty glass. He slowly removes his hand from my mouth, and I glare into his eyes.

“I hate you,” I whisper defiantly. He rests his arm on the wall above my head and shakes his head.

“You don’t… I need you to hear me out. The only reason I tried to take that deal is because I don’t trust his son. I heard what that bastard was saying about you-”

“You…” I try to push him back, but he refuses to budge. My heart is thumping as everything clicks. “You were the one who attacked him!” I hiss, trying to shove him, only for him to grab my other hand and pin it against the wall.

His eyes dip to my breasts and I realise my shirt is hanging open, revealing my lace bra. His eyes. flash silver and I can see that hunger in them as he exhales slowly. “Listen to me Princess, I was only trying to protect you…”

“I don’t need protection.” I snarl, forced to keep my voice down. Even if the walls were thick, I couldn’t risk it. “You think that…”

“I know that. Unhand me.” I demand. I can’t deal with this closeness… I can feel the heat radiating off his body. Knowing under that fitted shirt is his chiselled abs, and- Stop it Zaia…

My pussy clenches and I bite my lip, trying to clear my mind, but I can’t, not when his intoxicating scent is dizzying me. I’m angry at him, right?

No… I’m just… defeated. “The things he said were way out of line. I just don’t want you alone with him. I told Harrison to give you the deal, and he wants me to work alongside you. It would give us more time together and I will only be a backer. You will be handling the project and at least I’ll know you

will be safe.” He whispers, his face inches from mine. “Try to understand, Zaia.”

“I worked hard for that project. I don’t need you to give me anything. You made a mockery of me! As for that-” I clench my jaws, trying not to shout as I glance at the door. “I could have handled him!” I hiss in a much lower tone.

He frowns. “Oh yeah, when he has millions of pounds to his name? Men like him get away with everything. I’m not going to risk it.”

“I am nothing to you. You don’t need to take responsibility for me.” I snap. How did he even get in here?

“Stop it, Zaia. I don’t want anyone to know I’m here.” He mutters. I jerk my head up, ready to say something when my nose brushes against him and my breath hitches.

Too close…

His heart is thudding too… his hands drop, letting go of my wrist, they ghost along my waist making my heart pound louder.

“Then you shouldn’t have come,” I whisper. “You were angry, and hurt and I didn’t want. you to continue to have that misconception-”

“I’m not hurt, just pissed off!” I hiss, glaring at him. “Good to know, then you won’t be upset when you learn that Harrison has already emailed the Toussaint business email, at you have been given the job?”

“Oh, like you did me a favour, you knew my weakness, and you exploited that to him. Pointing it out! So, what has he offered the eighty percent of He cocks a brow, his again.

“No. the job I say sarcastically. vaze dipping to my breasts negotiable its entirely… but it’s allow me to be there for you…

even if it’s… just work-related.” He isn’t even looking me in the eye, anyway, shamelessly looking me over. I try to push him back again only for him to pin my wrists against the wall in a flash again.


There’s something about being overpowered by him which is turning me on…

Unable to stop myself, I press my thighs together, praying he can’t smell my arousal. I need him to leave. “You need to go.” I manage to say I can feel his hard shaft pressed against Sebastian… go.”

I bite my lip, trying not to on my wrists stomach. ”

Oan when his grip “How do you expect me to go when I know how wet you are for me?” He growls in my ear, sounding more animal than human.

“I-I’m not.” I lie. He scoffs, shifting his position and pinning both my wrists above my head with one hand whilst his other hand brushes down between my breasts and stomach, leaving a trail of pleasure in his wake.

I suck my stomach in, trying not to moan. I’ve been deprived for too long drunk, but this feels… so good…

I know I’m “Stop.” I moan, gasping when his hand pulls. my skirt up, bearing my entire ass. The cool wind against my molten pussy only makes me whimper, feeling the need for him growing.


“If you want me to stop… say it like you mean it.” He whispers and against my own mind. I find myself parting my legs, allowing him to cup my soaking pussy.

I gasp as explosive pleasure rushes through me, and I want so much more. “Sebastian… I…” I look at him, still angry, still confused, but above all, so fucking turned on.

I don’t want him, yet at the same time I do… and when he parts my pussy, finding my clit, I’m gone. A victorious smirk crosses his lips before they crash against mine. Claiming them in a sizzling kiss as he muffles my erotic moan of pure pleasure.

A moan fuelled by my frustration, lust, anger, hunger and desire. I want to unleash my anger on him, at the same time I want him to fuck me hard…

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I Am The Luna By Moonlight Muse

I Am The Luna By Moonlight Muse

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: English

I Am The Luna By Moonlight Muse

Rejected for another, Zaia Toussaint's life comes shattering down around her, when her husband divorces her for none other than his ex-girlfriend. Cast from her home and position, Zaia leaves the pack, carrying with her a secret that she hopes her husband never discovers. She's pregnant with his children. Sebastian King is the handsome, and well-known Alpha with a multi-millionaire empire, whose name is well known, not only in the werewolf world but in the business world.

He has it all, wealth, power, a huge pack and above all the perfect wife. A Luna who his entire pack and family have come to love. The return of his ex destroys their marriage, causing Sebastian to blindly cast his wife and mate from his life. What will happen when he learns about the secret she hides from him, will he regret the decision he made by casting her aside? Will she forgive him and will she ever take him back?

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