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I Am The Luna Chapter 141 By Moonlight Muse

63. A Culprit or I Am The Luna Chapter 141 By Moonlight Muse


My heart is pounding as his gaze flickers to my lips, and he runs his tongue along his own plush ones. I swallow hard as a dangerously sexy smirk crosses his lips.

“Relax, I’m only teasing,” he whispers, letting go of my neck. My breath hitches and he gives me a wink, stepping back before he takes off his snow-covered coat.

“Give me that. I’ll go put it to dry.” I say, trying to focus on reality and not this giddy moment that had thrown me off entirely.

He smirks at me as he passes me the coat.

“I’ll place these in the kitchen. Where do you want the gifts?”

“You did get a lot…” I say, feeling bad as he had gone on foot, even his boots and trousers are covered with snow. ” Groceries in the kitchen, gifts in the closet over there. Did you get yourself any clothes?”

“I did.”

“Great. Umm… Get changed and then join us for dinner.” I turn, my heart still racing as I walk away, feeling his eyes upon me.

What was that?

His words keep replaying in my mind, and the moment I’m around the corner, I place a hand on my pounding heart, holding his coat close to my chest. His scent fills my nose, inhale deeply. and I

It’s intoxicating and so addictive…

Focus, Zaia!

I quickly shake it off, put it on the rack to dry and return to the kitchen where Sebastian has placed the grocery bags on the counter and is ruffling Xander’s hair.

“Mommy made chips. Do you want some?” Xander asks him.

“Of course I do. I’ll just go change first,” he says, giving them a small smirk before his gaze flicks to me.

Shame he won’t be in a towel.1

My cheeks burn at my thought, and his smirk grows. For a moment, it makes me doubt if my walls were up, but they are. He says nothing as he saunters out of the kitchen.

“Daddy is very handsome, isn’t he?” Sia remarks, and I quickly look at her, hoping she didn’t catch me staring.

“Of course he is. That’s why you children are so beautiful.” I declare.

Zion smiles as Xander tilts his head. “I am the most handsome.” He states, taking a forkful of food. I laugh, taking the seat next to him as I begin putting some more food on his plate.

“Yes, you are. Now let’s wait for Daddy to come so we can eat together.” I say and Xander nods, quickly putting his fork down.

“Oops. Sorry, Mommy.”

“It’s quite alright,” I reply, kissing his forehead.

We’ve finished eating and I’m clearing up the table, after telling the rest to go spend time with their dad, but the sink isn’t draining…

I sigh, standing there with my hands on my hips, staring at the pile of dishes. I had put something down the drain hoping it helped, but now running the tap, that clearly didn’t work.


I look up as Sebastian walks back in. He looks good in a white fitted T-shirt that strains against his muscles, showing off the new tattoo sleeve I saw earlier over dinner.

“Yes, please,” I say. He nods as he switches the machine on.

“So, when did you get that tattoo?” I ask, my gaze going to his arm again. There’s a forest, a moon and I can see there are wolves on it.

“A year or so back.” He responds as he comes over. “Are you alright over here?”

“The sink. I think it’s blocked, but I don’t think the de-clogging liquid worked.” I say picking up the Drain Unblocker and shaking the empty bottle.

“Maybe something is blocking it further down.” He muses, crouching down as he opens the cabinet.

“Do you know how to check?” I ask, bending to look under the sink again.

He looks up, our eyes meeting and I realise we’re too close…

“It can’t be that hard,”

“Which means no.” I counter lightly tucking my hair behind my ear, only for it to fall forward once more.

“Do you think I can’t?” he asks challengingly.

“Of course, with your stubbornness, you will try to succeed.” I stand up, crossing my arms.

“And if I do, then what will I get in return?”

I cock a brow. “Clean dishes,” I whisper cheekily.

He chuckles, “Hmm, give me something more.” He counters.

“Ok fine, fix the sink and I’ll give you one wish since it’s Christmas time.”

“Then you have yourself a deal, Ms Toussaint.” He replies as he grabs a pot and gets to work.

Ever the businessman.

Well, if he can fix it, I’ll be happy, and I don’t think I’ll mind whatever he asks.

I finish making the coffee, adding some whipped cream as Sebastian tinkers away and I have to admit he looks good as he does that. I wouldn’t mind him checking my-focus!

I clear my throat, what is the matter with me today?

I busy myself cleaning up the counters, only stopping when Sebastian swears.

“So, seems like someone’s been busy.” He remarks, as I hear something pouring out of the pipe and it’s definitely not water.

I walk over and stare down at what looks like “Water beads…” I almost growl. I frown, looking at the little beads that expand when they make contact with water, and I know exactly who did this.


I sigh heavily as Sebastian checks if any are left before he screws the pipe back in place.

Standing up he washes his hands and I pass him a dish towel staring at the large bowl of beads. He must have squeezed them all in and they must have expanded in the bend.

Goddess, this child!

“So, looks like you owe me one wish.” He remarks cockily, tossing the dishcloth down and crossing his arms.

“Although it was your son who was the cause of this,” I say,

“Are you trying to get out of it?”

“Not at all!” I deny it with a pout.

He smirks, not believing me. “Mhmm, good. So, what I want is…”

I look up at him, a thousand thoughts of what he might ask from me going through my head, but not one comes close to what he asks for.

“A smile.”

“What?” I ask, confusion flitting through me.

“A smile. Give me a smile that’s just for me,” he says quietly.

My stomach somersaults as I stare into those piercing blue eyes.

That’s all? A smile?

A warmth washes over me, and a soft smile naturally crosses my face as I look into his eyes.

I’ve forgotten how he makes me feel… I’m not sure if he’s changed, or was he always so charming? Either way, he’s making me weak…

“Beautiful,” he whispers huskily, and for a second, he touches my chin, sending sparks through me.

Before I can respond to him, the sound of small running feet approaching reaches me and then Xander enters the kitchen.

“Daddy! Mommy, come play a game with us!” he says.

I step back smoothly and cock a brow. ”

Of course, but first, would you like to explain this?” I ask, pointing at the bowl on the floor.

He comes over curiously but freezes when he sees that the bowl is full of beads, paling visibly. 1

“Uh oh… Holy Guacamole!” he says, clapping a hand over his mouth before he turns and runs out of the kitchen as fast as his little legs can possibly carry him.

“Xander!” I shout, hurrying after him. This boy!

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I Am The Luna By Moonlight Muse

I Am The Luna By Moonlight Muse

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I Am The Luna By Moonlight Muse

Rejected for another, Zaia Toussaint's life comes shattering down around her, when her husband divorces her for none other than his ex-girlfriend. Cast from her home and position, Zaia leaves the pack, carrying with her a secret that she hopes her husband never discovers. She's pregnant with his children. Sebastian King is the handsome, and well-known Alpha with a multi-millionaire empire, whose name is well known, not only in the werewolf world but in the business world.

He has it all, wealth, power, a huge pack and above all the perfect wife. A Luna who his entire pack and family have come to love. The return of his ex destroys their marriage, causing Sebastian to blindly cast his wife and mate from his life. What will happen when he learns about the secret she hides from him, will he regret the decision he made by casting her aside? Will she forgive him and will she ever take him back?

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