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I Am The Luna Chapter 123 By Moonlight Muse

A Third

The animalistic look in his eyes as his eyes rake over me, the hunger and passion that he’s unable to hide, makes me giddy and I hate it. Why does he have such an effect on me? It hurts and I just wish it didn’t…

It’s almost as if he’s about to grab me and I turn away quickly.

“Then get it tested, Valerie. Can you do this, please?” I ask. She’s smiling, clearly happy as she looks at Sebastian.

She has given it her all to find a cure for Sia and she had exhausted all avenues and had failed.  No one blamed her, we were all stuck without a solution but she had been hard on herself.

She glances at me and nods vigorously. “Of course! It won’t take long,” she reassures me. His eyes are burning into me, and I look at the pouch in his hand.

“How sure are you that it’s the right thing?” I ask not bothering to look up at him.

“Pretty sure, but I also don’t want to risk it,” he says quietly.

“You risked everything for it. I really hope for our Sia that it is the antidote.” I say quietly.

My angel has been through far too much…

“If it isn’t…” Sebastian trails off, his threat hanging in the air, waves of rage rolling off him.

Not responding, I turn to Atticus. “Let’s go, we should meet the enemy on the front line… Mr King, please stay with them,” I say, looking at Aran, who has just reached us.

He nods slowly, “Take care of yourself Zaia, you’re injured.”

“Injured?” Sebastian asks sharply.

I smirk humourlessly as I turn my gaze on him. Those piercing blue eyes burn into mine, with concern I don’t need.

“It’s no big deal. I’m fine.” I reply, turning away from him.

“Be careful, they plan to overpower the big players and take over… They will target you both.” His deep, rugged voice comes.

“As they have been from the start. Let them come. My plan is exactly the same.” I counter quietly.

It takes my all to walk away without faltering. I want to be beside Sia. I wanted to be there holding my child, but the attacks are already coming with a vengeance and I need to protect.

my people…

Sia has Dad, Val, and Sebastian… I’m not able to help her anyway…

For a moment, I feel like a failure again, but I push it aside. Now is not the time for self-pity.

“We should wait for Valerie before we move to the front lines,” Atticus suggests. “The three of us together are stronger.”

“There’s no time. She’ll join us when she’s done. We need to take down those we can and try to find the other two Sable members.” I place a hand on my waist as we move closer to the conflict at the edge of the pack. I press a button on my earpiece. “If anyone sees the Sable members, you know what to do.”

With that said, I take a deep breath as I step forward looking at the commotion ahead. I touch my back pocket where the Moon Dust is safely tucked away.

When the time is right, I will pinpoint the leaders of the opposition and once I have taken care of them… the rest will all fall into place ever so nicely.

“Are you ready, Red?” Atticus asks with a small smirk.

“Always.” I raise my hands, palms upwards. My orange aura glows around me and my eyes burn orange as I hone in on the approaching hoard of the enemy’s men, ready to end this once and for all…


I watch her walk away, like always. She looks fucking sexy. Despite how serious the situation is, she still captures my attention. I force myself to turn to Valerie, who motions me to follow.

She breaks into a jog, and Dad and I follow.

There’s a deafening silence around us as we reach the safe house.

“He isn’t going in,” Dad says firmly as he looks at Valerie, who glances at me.

I raise my hands in surrender, before passing her the antidote. “That’s fine. Just… I need to know if it’ll work.”

It has to. Fuck at this moment a part of me is terrified that if this fails… everything I did was in vain…

“I’ll let you know as soon as I’ve checked it,”

Valerie says as she lets herself inside the safehouse leaving me alone with Dad.

“How did Zaia get hurt?” I ask the burning question that has been on my mind since I found out.

“In her confrontation with your mother, she was shot in the waist.”

I look up sharply, guilt and worry rushing through me. “She’s shot? But that was recent, and she’s out there fighting?” I ask, my heart thundering.

“Well, she is the Alpha. What did you expect her to do?” he replies coldly. “Even if it isn’t the best option, it is what she must do.”

I exhale in irritation, letting his words sink in. and the unspoken message in them loud and clear.

If I was here, as Alpha, she wouldn’t have to be the one leading this fight… I’ll join her the moment that Sia has that antidote…

“I was angry and upset when she left this pack, feeling as if she was the one who could fix you, but I can’t blame her after everything you keep doing. When will enough be enough?”

I let his remark about fixing me slide.

“What are you trying to say?” I ask, glaring ahead into the night as the sounds of the clash from all around surround us.

All I can think of is that she’s injured, fuck I need to go to her.

They want to get in, take over… overpower the Sublime, and kill them… Zade and Gaultier were raised as killing machines, and I don’t want Zaia facing them.

“That she was never in the wrong… I see that now… when will you fix things, Sebastian?

When will you stop her suffering?” His voice is quiet, and I mask my surprise at his concern for


Long ago, she was his and mom’s favourite, but after a while, he started turning against her…

I tilt my head, frowning as I observe him. “Tell me, Dad, was Mom the one instigating matters. regarding Zaia? Your words now and the hatred I remember after she left, don’t exactly go hand in hand.”

He’s silent for a moment before he looks away.

I was a fool. Looking back, I realise I was just too blinded… the way she worked… I fell for it, but it’s no excuse. I made mistakes, they are on

Blaming another doesn’t make the fact I listened any less.”


We fall silent and after a while; I glance at the door behind me, feeling impatient. “She’s taking too long. Call her.” I say to Dad. He frowns and pauses. By now Gerard might know that something isn’t right.

“She wants us to come inside,” he says just as the door unlocks and is pulled open. I find myself staring at Hugh Toussaint. His eyes flash when he sees me before he steps.

aside, allowing us in.

“How is it?” I ask as he leads the way down the hall to the panic room, the safe place I had created in case the safe house was infiltrated.

place that can withstand a lot more.

Where is Valerie?

“There’s some bad news, I’m afraid…” Hugh begins as we step through the safe house door.

“What is it?” Aran asks coldly.

But my stomach is already sinking when I see Valerie standing at the small door that leads to the panic room. Tears in her eyes as she holds the vial in her hand.

“What is it?” I ask quietly, dreading the answer.

“It’s not an antidote… you were tricked, Sebastian…” she whispers, looking away in frustration as she struggles to control her anger.

My eyes blaze as her words ring in my mind, my head suddenly begins thumping and the sudden ringing in my ears intensifies.

He deceived me… 3

Everything I did… was for fucking nothing…

I clench my fists, trying to control myself from shifting, turning and ripping the enemy to shreds. I’m about to turn away when I hear the light footsteps of two small pairs of feet that make me pause.

Looking over my shoulder, I see Zion and Sia standing there, hand in hand, as they look at me wide-eyed.

“I knew you would come back for us, Daddy,”

Zion says with confidence, a small smile crossing his lips. He’s alert and fresh despite the time but Sia looks… sick…

Extremely sick, her face has lost all colour, her hair is limp and there are small bags under her eyes.


I push past Hugh and Valerie, crouching down before my kids and pull them into my arms. Instantly I can hear her unsteady heart rate and my heart clenches.

I failed her.

I fucking failed her…

“Where have you been, Daddy? We missed you?” Her little voice asks, crushing me even more.

“I’m sorry, I never should have left,” I whisper, fighting back the emotions that are crippling How do I save her? She looks worse than before. She’s fucking dying, and no matter what I do, I can’t fix this!

“No Daddy, you shouldn’t have left. But it’s ok, you are here now. Now Sia will be alright,” Zion says confidently and I wish he was right… but what can I do when everything I thought I was doing for her was in vain?

“I’m sure she will be,” I respond quietly as my heart crumbles a little more. I failed them all.

“We need to go to Mommy,” Zion says.

“Yes, I will go now. Take care of your sister.” I say to him as I kiss their foreheads, hugging my princess closer. I would give my heart to her if it will help her, I would do anything for her to live.

“No Daddy, we must all go.” Zion persists, as I let go of Sia and stand up.

Ready to kill them all, starting with Gerard.

“No, son, you need to stay here. I’m heading out. I’m going to find them and end them.” I growl.

“Wait!” Valerie says as she kneels before Zion. ” Let Zion speak… What do you mean by that Zion?”

I frown as I turn back to them.

“Zion was the one who alerted Zaia that the Sable are on the way, and he was right,” Hugh explains, making Dad look at Zion in surprise and curiosity.

“We need to go to Mommy! Sia and me, and Daddy and Aunty Velly. We need to complete the third tiqetra and then create the ultimate tiqetra,” he says, spreading his arms. “And then, that’s how we heal Sia!”

“The third Triquetra?” I ask, my brows furrowing. What the fuck is going on and how the hell does this boy know all this?

“Yes, the moon goddess said she had to make a third tiqetra to fix the things she created when she was mad. All this fighting. We have to stop it.”

“This is freaky,” I mutter as Valerie cups his face.

“And how will the third Triquetra be completed?” she asks him, ignoring me.

He shrugs. “Easy. The Moon Goddess said me, that Sia and our baby brother in mommy’s tummy will complete it. We are the third tiqetra!” s My heart is racing, and it’s not only because of his crazy revelation but what he had just said…

Zaia’s… pregnant.

Zaia’s fucking pregnant, she’s injured, and she’s out there. Fighting.

Turning, I break into a run, unable to stop myself from shifting, my heart thundering in my ears. The only thing I can think of is getting to Zaia.


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I Am The Luna By Moonlight Muse

I Am The Luna By Moonlight Muse

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I Am The Luna By Moonlight Muse

Rejected for another, Zaia Toussaint's life comes shattering down around her, when her husband divorces her for none other than his ex-girlfriend. Cast from her home and position, Zaia leaves the pack, carrying with her a secret that she hopes her husband never discovers. She's pregnant with his children. Sebastian King is the handsome, and well-known Alpha with a multi-millionaire empire, whose name is well known, not only in the werewolf world but in the business world.

He has it all, wealth, power, a huge pack and above all the perfect wife. A Luna who his entire pack and family have come to love. The return of his ex destroys their marriage, causing Sebastian to blindly cast his wife and mate from his life. What will happen when he learns about the secret she hides from him, will he regret the decision he made by casting her aside? Will she forgive him and will she ever take him back?

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