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I Am The Luna Chapter 110 By Moonlight Muse

32 A Damning Revelation or Two    or     I Am The Luna Chapter 110 By Moonlight Muse


I shot him.

Fear is consuming me from the inside as we rush out. We have Dad now, and I can see Atticus running over to him. He’s covered in blood, but he’s fine. I jerk my head and he nods, knowing what I mean.

Get Dad out.

I glance around the tunnel before I run ahead, ready to lead the way out, when the sound of gunshots up ahead makes me back up.

“This way!” Atticus hisses as he runs down the other dark, long hall of this place.

Dad hurries after him, staggering. He isn’t in the best of shape, and I can tell he’s in pain.

I bring up the rear when suddenly we come to a stop seeing several men ahead. I find myself

staring at a man who looks extremely similar to Sebastian. Only his jaw and eyes are sharper.


He’s a mix of Gerard too and I wonder if he

could possibly be his son… but I also feel like I’ve seen him before…

I notice the tattoos on his hand, instantly remembering the man back at the cabin when we attacked Olivan. His aura – it was him!

“You really have nowhere else to go,” he says, glaring at Atticus and the hatred in this man’s eyes is chilling.

“Says who? You ain’t fucking in charge.” Atticus snarls.

“But I am.” A voice that sounds somewhat familiar says, ringing off the walls.

We all turn and stare at the man who now steps

forward. His aura is reined in, but it’s powerful.

He’s dressed in a casual black suit, his pure

white moustache is trimmed, and his white hair is brushed back.

Four large men flank him and each one is

holding a gun as they surround the elder man in the middle.

“Father,” Gaultier says, his voice cold as he


lowers his head ever so slightly.

My heart thunders as I watch every man here lower his head to him. So, this is their leader… but the shocking thing is, I know who he is.

My mind is a mess as I stare at the man I have not seen in years, someone who I thought was living in a rural area enjoying life with his animals.

“Zaia, it’s been a while. Now, how about we talk like civilised beings? We are family, after all.”

Grandfather? 2

Confusion flits through me as I look at the men surrounding him. What is Mom’s father doing here?

“Lawrence,” Dad says, sounding uneasy. He’s clearly as confused as I am right now.

He stands there, hands in his pockets, ignoring Dad.

I hear the sound of several people running

towards us from behind.

We’re circled…


“Shift and give her something to wear,”

Lawrence commands, but even his command is unnervingly relaxed. Almost as if he fears nothing.

I shift into human form, pulling forward my aura as a shield as someone tosses a top at me, I pull it on extremely fast, staring at the man I have not seen since I was a child. Why is he even here?

Wait. Mom said this! Right before she died, she said ‘My father took him’. With everything going on, I was more stuck on the names I didn’t get from her rather than focusing on the information that she had told me.

I was so caught up with who she was trying to name, and the boy in the woods. 3

Goddess, how did I miss such an important factor…

Don’t be hard on yourself, Zaia… you’ve had a

lot going on. I tell myself.

“What is the meaning of this?” Dad asks



“None of your concern, Hugh. None of your goddamn concern.” He says in his strong southern accent, his silvery eyes piercing into mine. “This is between my granddaughter and myself.”

“Do you know that Mom’s dead?” I ask coldly. ” Not that you care, right? You left Grandmother and Mom without looking back.”

“She dug her own grave. She knew what she had to do… but she failed. Right up until the very end she failed me and has taken the location of one of my treasures with her to the grave. Something I gave her to safe keep. You wouldn’t know anything about it now, would you?” His eyes darken, but I remain impassive, unmoving as I hold his gaze, my aura surging around us.

Does he mean the Moon Dust? Is that how Mom knew about the triquetra… because of Grandfather?

Back up is almost here and with the three points of the triquetra being here. I don’t want to let this chance slip.

Focus, Zaía.


“No, but if I did, I wouldn’t tell you,” I reply, hoping I sounded believable.

He chuckles lightly. “Hmm… yet you found us here… coincidence, I guess.” He smiles chillingly before he glances down the hallway.

“Sebastian is about to die, thanks to you. I knew you had the rage and fight in you, if only you chose this side and I didn’t have to settle for

two Kings,” Lawrence says.

Sebastian’s lookalike looks down, his eyes flashing. Grandad’s words didn’t seem to settle well with him, but he doesn’t seem to want to defy him either.

Sebastian… My heart squeezes and deep down I feel guilt clawing at me, but at the same time, I feel numb and empty.

He made his bed, and now he must lie in it.

“Go to your brother, Gaultier. He cannot die.” Lawrence says, his eyes darkening with rage. Despite how he’s talking, he’s angry.

Gaultier nods, lowering his head before he

walks off, and I look at Grandad.


“So, you’re the one behind it all. The one pulling the strings?” Atticus asks.

Lawrence smiles, but it does not reach his eyes. “Well, I can’t say I did it all alone… but of course, I have been preparing for the Blood Born just as my family before me has, for years. And finally, the time has come and right in front of me, I have two of the Sublime at my mercy… Victory is ours.” His voice is calm, yet it holds effortless power.

No, you won’t.

“Why? Do you really think by eliminating the werewolf race that you are doing the right thing?” I ask.

“Zaia…” Dad says as he steps closer to me. He isn’t in a good state but he’s still trying to protect me.

“I don’t think, I know. Once all those who don’t deserve to be called werewolves are dead, those who cannot shift, those who cannot call on their aura, their healing! Those who can’t mind link,

they all deserve to die. And then those who

believe in the goddess will be the ones to


procreate and birth warriors and Alphas. Those who will be strong like Zade and Gaultier, not losers like you and your sister.” He sneers, staring at Atticus.

frown, sister? Why did he even mention

Atticus’s sister?

“If you’ve done something to my family, I will

kill you!” Atticus snarls, his heart racing.

My own heart sinks, fearing for them. Atticus has been helping me. What if in his absence something happened?

“Don’t drag the innocent into this. If you’ve

touched Linette-”

“Fools… such fools…” He throws his head back,

roaring into laughter. “You are parading around like you know everything, That you deserve to win, that you are correct, yet you know nothing about the truth behind your own life! You don’t even know how the Blood Born work!”

“What do you mean?” I ask sharply.

“I mean what I said, the Blood Born are three, the Sublime and Sable are born from three bloodlines… Meaning that two by two of the

Blood Born are siblings.”

Linette was part of the Blood Born? How?

“That doesn’t make sense. What are you trying to say?” I ask sharply as Atticus looks up.

“No it doesn’t, Linette is not a Blood Born. That would only apply to the Toussaint twins and the King brothers…” Atticus trails off clearly confused.

“Valerie. Valerie was adopted by the Scott’s.” Dad says suddenly. “Do you mean she’s related to Atticus?”

Atticus and I both look at him, stunned.

Atticus and Valerie?

The smile on Grandad’s face makes it clear that

Dad is somehow correct.

“What?” Atticus asks sharply.

My mind is spinning as I try to keep my focus


How is it possible?

I look across at Atticus, who is staring between

Dad and Grandad.

Their long faces, their long lashes, their youthful features…

“But I never had another sister,” Atticus says.


“No, you did not. I managed to kill your

parents, but it seemed they handed you both over to their trusted friends. Splitting you and your younger sister up to protect you, thwarting me back then. They were smart, I’ll give them that, and it makes sense that both their children are smart, too. But they made the mistake of giving you to an Alpha and thus plunging you into the limelight. I figured out who you were the first time I saw you as a boy.”

Atticus is pale as he stands there listening to


“Did they not think you’d grow up and not resemble them?” Lawrence chuckles sadistically. “They didn’t think that far ahead, but surprisingly you both joined the Sublime. Well lucky me, you two are the weakest of the bunch.”

“We are not.” Atticus snarls. “Don’t try me!”

The revelation has shaken him, and he is no longer in his right mind as Lawrence continues to laugh. Antagonizing him.

‘Leave. If your ego isn’t letting you… then do it for our children, before they lose both their parents.’ Sebastian’s voice cuts into my mind, making my head skip a beat. He’s struggling to speak, and I can feel the pain he seems to be in.

Before I can reply, Atticus shifts, launching himself at Lawrence just as a large explosion

shakes the walls around us.

A cold awakening I need, snapping me from my thoughts and just then they open fire as all hell

breaks loose.

I scream as Dad pulls me down, but I raise my arms, spreading my hands and sending a blast of power both ways, slamming both sets of men


They’ll be up again soon enough.

“Atticus, let’s go!” I shout. “We’ll be back, and


the next time we meet, the Sable will collapse!”

“We will be the winners, Zaia! Wake up and realise that those who do not believe in what we are do not deserve a second chance! They deserve to be killed!”

“You are not a god to decide that!” I shout as get to my feet.

‘Am I not? I am untouchable, and powerful, and even the Sable is under my control. When our new world and way of life begins, I will be the Alpha God. The one supreme ruler of all werewolf kind!’ His words ring in my head, the confidence in them making my blood boil.

“I will never allow that. I will stop you. I swear

on Selene!”

Those are my final words as I pull Dad to his feet, dragging him down the hall. Atticus is tearing into the men, fuelled by his rage, but Grandad has disappeared somewhere.

A sudden explosion ahead tells me our backup.

has succeeded.

I grab a discarded gun and open fire on the wolf

running at us.

I wish it didn’t come to this…

The death toll is rising, and I wonder how many more will die in this battle between two teams created by the goddess herself.


“Atticus! Come on! Please!” I shout, hoping I can get through to him.

I know it came as a shock, but we need to get out of here immediately.

He turns his head before tearing into another wolf just as I kill another.

He leaps past me, grabbing Dad and flinging him onto his back, rushing down the hall and through the opening. I shift, my aura surging around me, blasting everyone back once again, the bullets ricocheting off the walls.

I’m about to leap through the opening created by our people outside when I pause, looking down the hallway.


Why warn me if you joined them? 2

You will always be a puzzle, and I just wish you were honest…

I feel my heart crack a little more, but I turn and leap out of the hole and into the night…

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I Am The Luna By Moonlight Muse

I Am The Luna By Moonlight Muse

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I Am The Luna By Moonlight Muse

Rejected for another, Zaia Toussaint's life comes shattering down around her, when her husband divorces her for none other than his ex-girlfriend. Cast from her home and position, Zaia leaves the pack, carrying with her a secret that she hopes her husband never discovers. She's pregnant with his children. Sebastian King is the handsome, and well-known Alpha with a multi-millionaire empire, whose name is well known, not only in the werewolf world but in the business world.

He has it all, wealth, power, a huge pack and above all the perfect wife. A Luna who his entire pack and family have come to love. The return of his ex destroys their marriage, causing Sebastian to blindly cast his wife and mate from his life. What will happen when he learns about the secret she hides from him, will he regret the decision he made by casting her aside? Will she forgive him and will she ever take him back?

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