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Being Pursued By Ex-husband Chapter 355

The last time Sophia had met Kristen was that fated night. After bumping into them today, she glanced at Alexander instinctively. “I think Mdm. Lambe wants to talk to you.”

Kristen gave Sophia a grateful look, one that was rare for her, then said to Thalia, “Tally, wait for me downstairs.”

Thalia shot Alexander and Sophia a conflicted look. Her usual arrogant self would’ve never said no, but this time, she said nothing and turned to walk down the stairs. Sophia flashed a smile. “I’ll wait for you downstairs, then.”

With that, she went after Thalia unhurriedly. Sophia had just arrived at the lobby when Thalia suddenly halted in her tracks and turned to look at her. “We have solid evidence to prove that Alexander isn’t my biological brother, Sophia.” Sophia’s lips curled. “So what?”

“You won’t have a future if you insist on being with him.” It had been a while since they had last met, so Sophia thought Thalia had grown up since then. Alas, she had overestimated Thalia’s intelligence. Sophia arched a brow. “I have money and a bright future. How will that affect me?”

Thalia stiffened. “I just thought you should know. Alexander will soon be kicked out of Odyssey. I’m giving you a friendly reminder because I know how hard you’re trying to fit into the upper-class society.”

Sophia burst out laughing at her words. “Should I thank you, Ms. Xenos?” She then gestured toward Kristen, who was standing nearby with a grim expression. “Mdm. Lambe is here, and she doesn’t look too happy. You should probably go and offer her some comfort.”

Thalia turned over her shoulder to see Kristen descending the stairs. From afar, she noticed Kristen seemed upset and was walking quickly. Biting her lip, Thalia went over to join Kristen. “Mom, what did he say?”

Kristen cast a quick glance at Sophia, who was looking back at her with a calm expression. As Kristen set eyes on Sophia, she couldn’t help but recall Alexander’s words from a while ago. A wave of fury crashed through her.

We could’ve defeated Alexander easily, but Sophia kept clinging to him. Her companies aren’t as capable as Odyssey, but Alexander has her support.

A while ago, Alexander had told her calmly that he didn’t mind being a kept man. That was why Kristen was breathless with anger when she saw Sophia. Looking away, she harrumphed angrily and stormed out of the restaurant in her heels.

Sophia couldn’t help but lift her brow at the sight of Kristen’s and Thalia’s backs. I wonder what Alexander told Kristen. Why does she look furious?

Sophia chuckled aloud. She looked away to see Alexander coming to her. “What are you laughing at?” Sophia gazed at him as her eyes crinkled up. “What did you guys talk about? Mdm. Lambe seemed really upset.”

“She said I can never be Dillon’s match and told me to give up as soon as possible,” Alexander replied after giving her question some thought. “Was that all?” Sophia asked dubiously. “She also said you wouldn’t want me to be a kept man.”

Sophia stared at him. “And how did you reply to her?”

“I told her you’d gladly provide for me.”

Sophia let out a chuckle. “No wonder she seemed upset.” Kristen must be furious. She thought Alexander would be alone and helpless, but little did she know I’m rich enough to provide for him. A snort escaped her lips. “What a coincidence to bump into them today.”

“Dillon made the arrangements,” Alexander said as he took her hand and led her out. “When we were talking, I spotted someone observing us secretly.”

Alexander wanted to see what Dillon was capable of.

Sophia was surprised to hear that. “What is Dillon up to?” It didn’t seem that Dillon would benefit from this meeting. She couldn’t help but wonder if he merely wanted Kristen to disgust Alexander.

“I don’t know.”

Alexander wasn’t bothered by what tricks Dillon would be playing as he knew Dillon would end up losing to him. The following morning, Sophia got to know what Dillon’s trick was.

Yesterday afternoon, he had spread the recording within their circle, and that morning, he had released photos of Kristen and Alexander arguing. In fact, Kristen was most probably doing the quarreling as Alexander couldn’t be bothered to talk to her.

At the same time, the recording of Kristen claiming Alexander wasn’t her biological son was also leaked online. In just a week, the rumor that Alexander wasn’t Zachary’s biological son seemed to be affirmed.

Naturally, Odyssey’s share prices dropped drastically. Even Asher and Simeon took the initiative to contact Yvonne to rediscuss the possibility of selling their shares. It was clear that the intriguing drama that unfolded signified that Odyssey was headed for turbulent times ahead.

When big shots fight, small fries will suffer. Asher and Simeon initially wanted to see how things would go, but if the share prices continued to drop, they would suffer a great loss.

Sophia received Yvonne’s call when she was on the way to the hospital to pick Tanya up. “Asher and Simeon contacted you?” Sophia asked as she glanced at the traffic light. There were still forty-nine seconds till the light turned green.

“Yes, Ms. Yarrow.” Sophia arched a brow and chuckled. “Oh. Remember how they replied to me? Return that to them.” She was skilled in communication in the corporate world.

At first, they had taken the initiative to contact Asher and Simeon, so they were in a disadvantageous position. Now, it was the opposite. Sophia needed not to worry at all.

Besides, Yvonne had bought a few ten of million shares from the shareholders, which amounted to five percent.Dillon didn’t have that much money, so she wasn’t worried that Asher and Simeon would go to him.

After the call ended, the light turned green. Sophia removed her Bluetooth earphone and hit the pedal.

At the hospital, she stepped out of the elevator and bumped into Tanya’s attending doctor, Kirk Fallon.

Kirk recognized her immediately. “Ms. Yarrow,” he greeted her with a nod.

Sophia gave him a smile. “Dr. Fallon.”

Kirk glanced at Tanya’s ward and informed her, “Tanya has packed up.”

“Thank you for treating her, Dr. Fallon.”

“It’s my job.”

After chatting with the doctor briefly, Sophia went to Tanya’s ward. She had just arrived at the door when Tanya ran out to welcome her. “Sophia!”


She spread her arms wide to give Tanya a gentle hug. “Thank you, Sophia,” Tanya said gratefully. If it wasn’t for Sophia, she most probably would have still been drowning in the past.

Laura was elated to see Sophia when she returned. Sophia chuckled. “All right, that’s enough. Today is the day Tanya gets discharged from the hospital. Let’s go eat something delicious.” She paused and added, “By the way, tell your dad to join us, too.”

Delighted, Laura nodded happily. “Sure, no problem! Our family owes you one, Ms. Yarrow.” She wanted to thank Sophia. Despite their strapped finances, Laura chose to eat at an expensive restaurant. During the meal, Sophia slipped out when they weren’t noticing and paid for their meal.

When Laura learned that the meal had been paid for, she felt guilty. “Ms. Yarrow, why did you waste your money?”

Sophia glanced at Tanya. “I’m not wasting my money. I’m treating Tanya to a meal to celebrate her discharge from the hospital.”

Laura wiped the corner of her eyes discreetly. Afraid Tanya would see her tears, she didn’t say anything else. Sophia drove them back to Moonlight Bay. When Laura headed to the kitchen to get them some coffee, she asked, “Tanya, do you want to get a divorce now?”

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