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A Touch of Sweetness chapter 450

After a moment of thought, Finnick looked at Vivian, who was having her breakfast with her head lowered, and spoke, “Vivian, regarding what we were discussing last night…”

Vivian tightened her hold on the fork in her hands in reaction to Finnick’s persistence on that issue. Did he really want me to abort the child so badly?

After a few moments of hesitation, Finnick continued, “Vivian, please stop being stubborn and listen to me. We really cannot have this child.”

“Me being stubborn?” Vivian could no longer hold in her anger. “Finnick, this is our child. Even if you disagree, it’s still a precious life. How could you be so heartless and ask me to abort it?” Vivian exploded in anger.

Upon hearing Vivian’s words, Finnick’s face darkened. “Do you mean to say that you’d still want the child even if the child is not mine?”

“What do you mean by that?” Vivian was confused at what Finnick said. “Why wouldn’t it be? What are you trying to say?”

Finnick went silent with his lips tightly pressed shut.

Vivian shrugged that thought off and assumed that Finnick had only said that out of anger. “Finnick, this is my child, and I would never let anyone harm it.”

The dining room turned silent as Finnick did not respond. There was so much tension between them as neither were willing to budge.

“You have to abort the child.” Finnick declared a few moments later, got up, and left the house.

There was no point in insisting further as Vivian showed no signs of willingness to budge. Hence, it was best for them to both cool down while he came up with other solutions.


Vivian slammed a plate on the floor while tears rolled down her face.

Thinking back on what Finnick said, Vivian’s heart turned cold. She could not believe that Finnick chose to resort to such a cruel method to reconcile with Evelyn.

After venting out her frustration, Vivian slowly sat back down and calmed herself.

Will I be able to give birth to the child smoothly if Finnick insists on the abortion?

Vivan recalled the method Finnick used to punish Ashley and felt chills down her spine – it felt impossible for her to stop him. Hence, she needed to come up with an idea to stop Finnick from wanting her to abort the child.

Vivian racked her brains to think of people who could help her, and Mr. Norton came to her mind instantly.

Mr. Norton wanted a grandchild for the longest time, so he would definitely help stop Finnick from insisting on the abortion.

Vivian finally saw a glimpse of hope. Not bothering about the mess on the floor, she grabbed her bag and immediately left the house.

At the Norton Residence, Mr. Norton was taking a walk in the garden after breakfast.

“Vivian, it’s been a long time since you’ve visited!” Mr. Norton teased as he spotted Vivian.

Mr. Norton looked at her with concern in his eyes as he was reminded of the many unfortunate events that had happened to Vivian. After all, the Norton family was at fault.

“Grandpa.” Vivian rushed forward and tugged on Mr. Norton’s sleeve. “I have something to talk to you about,” Vivian said shakily.

Judging by how anxious Vivian looked, Mr. Norton’s face turned serious. “Alright, let’s talk inside.”

“Okay.” Vivian followed Mr. Norton to his study.

“Alright, tell me, Vivian. What’s wrong?” Mr. Norton asked after the door was closed.

“Grandpa, I’m pregnant, b-but…” Tears rolled down Vivian’s face while she continued, “But Finnick doesn’t want to keep the child.”

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A Touch of Sweetness Novel

A Touch of Sweetness Novel

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He promised her that he would love her and treasure her like no one else, so she thought she had found bliss. One day, she fell from the pedestal and shattered into pieces, marking the end of the relationship. When the two met again after five years, the man requested, "Sophia, let's get back together." Sophia scoffed, "You're five years too late!" However, he responded, "It's never too late when it comes to you."


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