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A Man Like None Other Chapter 3603

The red figure looked up at the Dragon Bell, wanting to move his body, but found that he was completely immobilized.

The Dragon Bell seemed to possess a tremendous suction force, which held the red figure captive.

The Dragon Bell heavily crashed onto the ground, enveloping the bizarre, red figure within.

At the same time, the patterns on the Dragon Bell began to shimmer with light.

Despite the relentless attacks from the red figure, the Dragon Bell remained utterly unmoved.

Upon seeing this, Jared and the others let out a sigh of relief.

At that time, the red figure was bound by the Dragon Bell. All Jared needed to do was to locate the core of the formation, and then he could break the Sacrificial Blood Array.

Jared carefully observed the array runes on the ground, within which blood was continuously flowing.

It was a vast and complex formation. If Jared wanted to locate the core, it certainly wouldn’t be an overnight task.

Outside the formation, Tyler said to Jared loudly, “Mr. Chance, this Sacrificial Blood Array is activated using the blood of those Demonic Cultivators. You can trace the scent of their blood to locate the core. Only when the core is activated can the formation be opened…”

Understanding dawned on Jared, and a thread of spiritual sense slowly attached itself to the blood flowing through the formation.

By following the trail of this flowing blood, he could find the location of the core. After all, the energy required for this formation came from the blood of the Demonic Cultivators.  Quickly, Jared managed to locate the core of the formation using this method.

Once the core was found, everything else became much simpler. All that was needed was to destroy the core, and the formation would naturally be broken.

However, after the core was destroyed, the formation plate of the Sacrificial Blood Array could no longer be used.

Upon finding the core, Jared surprisingly found himself hesitating.

This Sacrificial Blood Array was indeed a decent formation.

It was practically considered a divine weapon for the blood demons.

By now, the Blood Spirit Valley had been nearly annihilated. If Igor, along with Rosetta and Dalton, wanted to survive on Demonia Mountain, they would likely face a lot of resistance.

After all, who could possibly hold a sect that was now reduced to just three people in high regard?

But if Igor had this formation plate, things would be different. He could use this formation plate to gradually build up his own power.

Seeing Jared’s indecision, Montane Daemon called out in utter bewilderment, “Mr. Chance, break the formation and get out of there!”

“Master, hurry up and break the formation!” Feenix anxiously cried out.

Behind Jared, the Dragon Bell was continuously emitting a series of hums, while the red figure was frantically attacking the Dragon Bell.

“Mr. Chance, what are you still waiting for?”

Faiyar couldn’t understand why Jared was still hesitating when he had already found the location of the core.

“I don’t want to break this formation. If it were to break, the formation plate would be completely ruined,” Jared exclaimed.

“Mr. Chance, without breaking the formation, there’s simply no way to deal with the Hoover brothers. They could live forever within this formation!” Faiyar persuaded.

“There’s no such thing as eternal life in this world. Perhaps there’s another way that can allow them to withdraw the formation themselves.”

Jared’s mind was racing, and subsequently, his gaze landed on the bodies of Maverick and Broden.

“Mr. Chance, even if you destroy their physical bodies, it’s futile. They can fully harness the power within this formation to restore their bodies. Since they dared to have their souls come out of their bodies, they’re not afraid of their physical forms being destroyed,” Faiyar said.

“I’ll just give it a try…”

After Jared finished speaking, the illusion nascence star within his nascence space twinkled rapidly.

Following that, the scenery around Jared began to change continuously, until finally, the Sacrificial Blood Array astonishingly vanished into thin air.

Outside the formation, Tyler and the others watched with their own eyes as Jared gradually disappeared within the formation.

At this moment, within the entire formation, not a single person could be seen.

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A Man Like None Other Novel

A Man Like None Other Novel

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