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A Man Like None Other Chapter 3553

Oscar and Jared were waiting in the living room for Illias.

“When you meet Ilias later, make sure to stay calm and not act recklessly. He is a Ninth Level Tribulator cultivator, someone you cannot handle,” Oscar advised Jared.

At that time, Jared was only a First Level Tribulator. Dealing with a cultivator at the ninth level of the same realm was simply impossible.

“Don’t worry, I know my limits!” Jared nodded.

Soon, Ilias arrived.

“Mr. Oscar, it is an honor to have you here. Please forgive my lack of courtesy.”

Ilias laughed heartily, entering the living room and patting Oscar’s shoulder.

Just by this gesture, it was clear that Ilias was being polite and didn’t hold Oscar in high regard.

Upon seeing Illias, Oscar felt a bit nervous. He bowed and said, “Mr. Henningsen, I apologize for the intrusion. In the future, when our family joins the Demon Seal Alliance, we will need your guidance and care.”

The Summers family had joined the Demon Seal Alliance early on, becoming a branch with considerable seniority.

‘Mr. Oscar, you’re too polite. Now that your family has joined the Demon Seal Alliance, we are essentially one family. Together, we will stand unchallenged in the region of Demonia Mountain, Illias said with a smile,

“You’re right. As long as we unite and work together, even the entire Southern Region poses no threat to us, let alone within Demonia Mountain,” Oscar agreed.

“Joining the Demon Seal Alliance brings countless benefits and no harm to your family. Currently, although the Summers family’s charms are formidable, your overall strength is not strong. If someone were to covet the Summers family’s techniques, you wouldn’t be able to stop them. However, by joining the Demon Seal Alliance, it’s different. If anyone dares to target the Summers family, it’s equivalent to targeting the entire Demon Seal Alliance. With branches spanning the Southern Domain and even the entire Ethereal Realm, you will be safe wherever you go,” Ilias praised the Demon Seal Alliance.

Although he was exaggerating, what he said was true to some extent. With the Demon Seal Alliance’s influence growing in the Ethereal Realm, more families and sects wanted to join.

In this way, a positive cycle was established, causing the power of the Demon Seal Alliance in the Ethereal Realm to grow increasingly stronger!

“You’re right!” Oscar nodded in agreement.

“Mr. Oscar, by joining the Demon Seal Alliance, you can enjoy its protection. However, you must understand the rules of the alliance,” Ilias said.

“Of course, I understand. We have already provided you with various secret scrolls on magecraft. I have also provided the location of our family’s sanctuary, showing my determination, right?” Oscar quickly responded.

“Indeed, it demonstrates the determination of the Summers family. However, there is one more thing I need to emphasize. I need to specially remind you,” Ilias said with a slightly cold expression. “Upon joining the Demon Seal Alliance, while you can enjoy its protection, you must also obey its commands. Disobeying orders is not allowed. As for the consequences of betraying the Demon Seal Alliance, I won’t say. I believe you can guess.”

“Understood, understood. I will definitely be loyal to the Demon Seal Alliance.” Sensing the chilling aura of Illias, Oscar hurriedly nodded in agreement.

“Hahaha, that’s good. From now on, we are one family.”

Illias seemed satisfied with Oscar’s response, and a smile spread across his face. Once again, he patted Oscar on the shoulder.

“Mr. Henningsen, since we are now family, there is something I would like to ask of you,” Oscar said softly.

“Whatever it is, feel free to speak!” Illias said with a laugh.

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A Man Like None Other Novel

A Man Like None Other Novel

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