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A Man Like None Other Chapter 3453

“Who are you?”

Upon witnessing the sudden appearance of a stranger, the members of Nethersky Sect were immediately taken aback.

“Pablo…” The newcomer began to speak slowly.

“Pablo?” The middle-aged man furrowed his eyebrows slightly, then glanced at Pablo and said, “I’ve never heard of you. Since you’re also a Demonic Cultivator, leave immediately. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude.”

“Do you think you’re capable?”

Pablo smirked as the aura of his Eighth Level Tribulator cultivation level burst forth from his body in an instant.

The members of Nethersky Sect were instantly overwhelmed by the oppressive aura, struggling to catch their breath. Some even collapsed onto the ground.

Feeling Pablo’s aura, the middle-aged man widened his eyes in sheer terror.

“I apologize, I apologize, I failed to recognize your greatness…” The middle-aged man hurriedly apologized to Pablo.

Pablo reined in his aura. It seemed that he didn’t intend to take their lives after all.

“Who are you?” Pablo asked.

“We are from Nethersky Sect. I am the sect leader, Magnus Orozco,” Magnus responded cautiously.

Pablo looked at Magnus, scoffed coldly, and said, “Nethersky Sect? Can you also use the Nethersky Eye?”

Magnus’ face revealed his embarrassment, then he shook his head. “I can’t. I’ve only heard of the Nethersky Eye and admired it. That’s why I tattooed an eye on my forehead.”

Upon hearing Magnus’ words, the other members of Nethersky Sect were taken aback.

It seemed that they had all been deceived by Magnus, which led them to join Nethersky Sect.

Seeing Magnus’ demeanor, Pablo couldn’t help but let out a cold chuckle. Then, with a gentle sweep of his hand across his forehead, an eye appeared in an instant.

As his third eye blinked, the surroundings instantly turned dark red. A chilling scent of blood began to pervade the air.

Observing Pablo’s demeanor, Magnus suddenly fell to his knees.

Members of Nethersky Sect also began to kneel down one after another.

Those people had always held the Nethersky Eye in high reverence. Seeing that Pablo indeed possessed the Nethersky Eye, they were all utterly astounded.

“Demon Lord, it is an immense honor for us to witness the true Nethersky Eye. We are willing to follow you, Demon Lord,” said Magnus.

“We are willing to follow the Demon Lord…” The members of Nethersky Sect all shouted in unison. Pablo put away his Nethersky Eye. Looking at the crowd kneeling before him, he gave a faint smile.

“Rise, all of you. As long as you sincerely follow me, I will ensure that each of you attains the Nethersky Eye.” Pablo began to deceive those people.

Pablo knew that despite his formidable strength, he was, after all, a wandering cultivator and had no faction of his own.

Since he had encountered Nethersky Sect, they could be considered the first group of subordinates he had recruited.

Upon hearing the grand plans outlined by Pablo, Magnus trembled with excitement. “Master, from now on, you are the leader of our Nethersky Sect. We will certainly follow your commands…”

Without the slightest hesitation, Magnus handed over his position as the sect leader to Pablo.

Rather than coveting the position of a sect leader, Magnus was more inclined to master the Nethersky Eye.

“Everyone, rise…” With a wave of his hand, Pablo signaled, and Magnus and the others all stood up.

“What were you all doing here?” Pablo asked.

“Master, there is definitely a treasure hidden within the mountain range ahead,” said Magnus.

“Oh, how did you know?” Pablo asked curiously, wondering how Magnus knew there would be a treasure there.

“Master, please observe. This continuous mountain range is an arcane array. Right before our eyes lies an incredibly vast array, protecting the central peak. Surely, something protected by such an immense arcane array must be a treasure…” Magnus followed up with an introduction to Pablo.

“You understand arcane arrays?” Pablo looked at Magnus with surprise.

Seeing Magnus draw an eye on his forehead and claim that he possessed the Nethersky Eye technique, one would think he was a fraud. Surprisingly, he understood arcane arrays.

“I have a fair understanding,” Magnus admitted. “Not only am I knowledgeable about arcane arrays, but I also understand charm spells. Otherwise, my fake Nethersky Eye wouldn’t have fooled anyone.”

Magnus said with considerable embarrassment.

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