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A Man Like None Other Chapter 3351

Jared turned to Igor. If Creston Sect did deliberately leak the news, then there might be something going on.

Igor was aware of the crowd’s distrust toward the Demonic Cultivators, so he explained, “The Celestial Battlefield is filled with dangers we cannot anticipate. It’s not as simple as waltzing in and grabbing whatever you see. This matter depends heavily on luck. It’s not guaranteed you’ll be fortunate enough to stumble across a magical item merely because you entered the Celestial Battlefield. Nothing is certain. This is basically a gamble, so Creston Sect shared the news and cooperated with other Demonic Cultivators as well as human sects to manage the entrance to the Celestial Battlefield.

If someone wants to pass through, they’ll have to pay up. Won’t you agree that collecting resources is a much safer bet than entering the Celestial Battlefield itself? It’s a foolproof plan. They will obtain resources no matter what, and outsiders won’t have to risk their lives further just to sneak into the Celestial Battlefield. Besides, it doesn’t matter to them whether the news is leaked. They can still enter the Celestial Battlefield regardless, and it’s all up to luck whether one can find magical items inside.”

His explanation enlightened the crowd.

The Celestial Battlefield was akin to a goldmine. Indeed, the people who discovered it could mine the place themselves, but there was no guarantee it would be a fruitful endeavor. Additionally, they might face the risk of it collapsing.

However, if they spread the news about the goldmine and cooperated with others to facilitate the mining, they could collect entry fees while still having access to the place. In other words, even if they failed to extract any gold, they’d still have generated a profit.

“The leader of Creston Sect has such good business sense.” Jared smiled.

“I heard the head of Creston Sect used to be a businessman conducting sales of various resources. It’s because of this he successfully kept Creston Sect in good shape,” Igor said.

While other cultivators had a prejudice against the Demonic Cultivators, they weren’t that opposed to conducting business with them. After all, not much danger was involved. Also, human cultivators needed many things that the demons possessed.

Jared’s group walked into Creston Sect, which was built with different types of wood and stone. Despite its rather remote location, the buildings were pretty grand.

Creston Sect was humongous, about the size of a small town. The place was surrounded by arcane arrays to deter demon beasts from approaching.

Upon entering Creston Sect, Jared noticed plenty of human cultivators and Demonic Cultivators strolling down the street.

There were a number of members from the beast race there, too. Though three different races were mingling with each other, everything appeared to be harmonious. There were no signs of conflict anywhere. A sight like that couldn’t have existed elsewhere.

The Demonic Cultivators there needn’t hide their aura and could live openly. Some even peddled stuff by the street, selling items that human cultivators and members of the beast race needed. Of course, the Demonic Cultivators were obviously ranked higher there because it was their territory.

Many strutted around with their heads held high. Once the group was inside, Igor turned to Hamish, Misho, and the others. “You guys find a place to rest first. It’ll be days before the Celestial Battlefield opens. I’ll be taking Jared to meet with the leader of Creston Sect.”

When they heard that, they appeared to be somewhat hesitant. They turned to Jared. They were afraid Igor would ditch them in the end and only bring Jared into the Celestial Battlefield.

“Worry not, Mr. Chevalier, Old Mr. Giuvali. Find a place to settle down first. Once things are ready, I’ll contact you two again. We’re a team. I won’t abandon you all,” reassured Jared sincerely.

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A Man Like None Other Novel

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