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A Man Like None Other Chapter 3291

Chapter 3291 Bothered

Misho was not yet unconscious when Jared saved him, so he knew that Jared was his savior.

“No need to be so polite, Old Mr. Giuvali. I just did what I could.” Jared smiled faintly and then asked, “Old Mr. Giuvali, how is your body feeling now?”

“I feel pretty good…” Misho didn’t understand what Jared meant.

“Old Mr. Giuvali, did you happen to fight with someone and get injured recently?” Jared asked. Misho was taken aback, but he merely gazed at Jared in confusion.

On the contrary, Izolda was displeased. “What are you saying? How could someone injure my grandpa? Besides, he didn’t fight with anyone recently. Don’t speak nonsense.”

Jared ignored Izolda and kept staring at Misho, seemingly waiting for Misho’s answer. After a moment, Misho spoke. “How do you know?”

Jared revealed calmly, “There’s a lethal intent in your body. It’s obvious that the demons injured you when you fought with them. You’ve been suppressing this lethal intent with your own aura. That’s why no one noticed it, and I didn’t perceive it either. But when you were struck by those quinticolor birds, this lethal intent couldn’t be suppressed and burst out, causing you to faint. If it were just a simple injury, it wouldn’t be so severe. Now that you’ve taken the pills, although you feel fine, the lethal intent inside hasn’t been eliminated. Within an hour, your meridians will shatter, and even immortals won’t be able to save you.”

Everyone present was dumbfounded to hear that. None of them had heard that Misho had fought with the demons, let alone been injured by them.

Misho had always kept a low profile, but everyone knew about his strength, and no one dared to question it. Now, Jared openly claimed that Misho couldn’t defeat the demons and had been injured by them. This was a blow to Misho’s dignity.

Furious, Izolda screamed, “Your words are nonsense. How could my grandpa’s meridians shatter? He’s perfectly fine.”

Hamish also looked displeased. “Jared, what are you saying? Are you cursing Old Mr. Giuvali? This is too much…”

Within the team, Misho held the greatest strength, acting as their backbone. In times of peril, the team leaned on Misho to navigate and resolve challenges.

By challenging Misho’s capability, Jared seemed to undermine the very foundation of the team.

“Young man, I admit you have some skills. Otherwise, you wouldn’t dare to step out of the airship and face those birds. But don’t be overly confident. I have no injuries, and I haven’t fought against the demons. It’s impossible for the demons to injure me,” Misho said with a disgruntled expression.

Jared’s public exposure had made him look bad, diminishing his authority in the eyes of others.

“Old Mr. Giuvali, I…” Jared wanted to provide more advice, but Misho turned and walked away. Holding a black dagger, Izolda pointed it directly at Jared. “Brat, shut your mouth. If you dare to curse my grandpa, I’ll take your life!”

Jared sighed and didn’t say anything more. If Misho hadn’t shown a relatively amiable side, Jared wouldn’t have bothered.

As Misho clearly didn’t want to reveal his injury, Jared let the matter drop.

However, the airship was surrounded by quinticolor birds, making it impossible for them to move forward. If they couldn’t eliminate or divert these birds, they would be trapped here.

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A Man Like None Other Novel

A Man Like None Other Novel

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