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A Man Like None Other Chapter 3252

Chapter 3252 Bargaining


“I already said that once Mr. Chance returns, I’ll personally bring him before the members of Behemoth Palace. If you’re still dissatisfied with that, what more can I do? Now that he’s not here, can I conjure him out of thin air?” Lawrence snapped, fuming with anger.

“Even if Jared isn’t here, it doesn’t mean we can’t negotiate with Mr. Gideon and make up for it in other ways. Why must we resort to violence?” Enrique remarked.

“Fine. I’ll give them whatever they want. Do they want money or mystical herbs?”

Lawrence finally relented. Let’s send these people from Behemoth Palace away first. Once the ancestral land closed, Lawrence would take action against Enrique without hesitation. He had initially held back due to their brotherhood, but now it seemed he was overthinking it.

“What compensation do you need for this, Mr. Gideon?” Enrique turned to Gideon and asked.

“We members of Behemoth Palace aren’t beggars and don’t lack money or resources. I don’t need all that. However, I heard that the Seizon family’s ancestral land is now open, with many independent nascences inside. I seek only to let my son enter your ancestral land and experience it,” Gideon replied.

Enrique glanced at Jonah and said, “Mr. Gideon, your son appears to have not yet comprehended nascence. Even if he enters our ancestral land, he won’t gain much, so why bother?”

Despite being a Third Level Tribulator cultivator, Jonah hasn’t yet comprehended nascence. Even with the many independent nascences, they are all useless to him.

“You’re probably unaware of this, Mr. Enrique, but I have more than one son.”

After Gideon finished speaking, another tall, well-built young man entered from outside. There was a certain resemblance between the young man and Jonah, but the aura he exuded was visibly greater than the latter’s.

“This is also my son, Jadiel Quattlebaum. He just activated his nascence space not long ago. I heard that there are many nascence beasts in the Seizon family’s ancestral land, and killing them provides the opportunity to comprehend nascence. So, I want my son to give it a shot,” Gideon explained.

“Who would’ve thought you had another son who has activated his nascence space? Such a promising young man!” Enrique exclaimed, staring at Jadiel in surprise.

Cade seethed with anger upon seeing Enrique’s reaction. It’s blatantly obvious that Enrique and Gideon are putting on an act! Enrique just went to Behemoth Palace some time ago. How could he be unaware that Gideon has two sons? Also, Gideon’s condition today was most likely presented by Enrique. After all, considering that Behemoth Palace is located in the northern region, how could they be so well informed about the situation in the Seizon family’s ancestral land?

The fact that Enrique was still putting on an act in front of everyone ignited Cade’s rage. Lawrence regarded his younger brother with a cold expression, and murderous intent sparked in his eyes.

He never imagined Enrique would dare to compromise the Seizon family’s ancestral land. Gideon’s condition must be Enrique’s idea. Enrique used this as a bargaining chip to get Behemoth Palace to collaborate with him!

“Lawrence, do you think the condition proposed by Mr. Gideon is acceptable?” Enrique asked his brother. “What do you think?” Lawrence retorted, his expression frigid. “Don’t you know the rules of the Seizon family’s ancestral land? Outsiders are prohibited from entering the ancestral land. The members of Behemoth Palace have no connections with our family, so how can they enter the family’s ancestral land…”

“I’m aware of this rule, Lawrence, but I also know that as long as the head of the household takes out the family head token, outsiders can enter the ancestral land. When our ancestors made the rules, they specified that as long as the person was of great help to our family, they could enter even if they were outsiders!” said Enrique.

Upon hearing that, Lawrence slammed his hand on the table in fury. “What kind of help has Behemoth Palace given to us? Can my family head token be given to anyone at will?”

“Isn’t this a unique situation, Lawrence? You ought to be more broad-minded. Otherwise, none of us will be able to enter the ancestral land,” Enrique hurriedly said.

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