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A Man Like None Other Chapter 3223

Chapter 3223 There Are Thieves

Miya had never encountered such a situation before and was momentarily stunned. Meanwhile, the sword spirit automatically wielded the sword, slashing toward Miya.

“What… What is this?”

Miya’s eyes widened in terror as she watched the sword shrouded in black mist coming toward her, her face turning pale.

“Miya!” Livya shouted in alarm, witnessing the unexpected turn of events. Jared, in response, swiftly summoned the Demon Flogger and handed it to Cloud, signaling him with a glance.

Cloud immediately understood and shouted, “Miya, use this whip to attack!”

Cloud tossed the Demon Flogger to Miya. Miya, caught off guard, instinctively grabbed the Demon Flogger.

The whip started to vibrate in her hand, and the sword enveloped in black mist halted its attack as it froze in place. Even true demons would fear the Demon Flogger, let alone a demon spirit sword.

Witnessing her sword suddenly halt and refusing to attack, Genya was stunned, She desperately tried to activate her spiritual sense, attempting to make the demon spirit within the sword strike.

Unfortunately, instead of attacking, the demon spirit turned around and bolted. Genya grabbed her sword, attempting to regain control, but it proved futile. The sword seemed to have gone crazy and started to escape on its own.

Observing this bizarre turn of events, Miya was also bewildered, unable to grasp how the sword had autonomously turned and fled.

Nevertheless, Miya had no intention of letting Genya off the hook. She leaped toward her, wielding the Demon Flogger. and delivered a powerful lash.


A crisp sound echoed as the sword fell, and the demon spirit within it soared into the air, trying to escape. Jared, quick on his feet, chased after it. The Dragonslayer Sword in his hand emitted a radiant glow and a potent suction force, drawing the demon spirit into it.

The demon spirit, being a kind of sword spirit, could help the Dragonslayer Sword’s spirit, Zelda, recover faster when absorbed.

Without the sword, Genya became even less of a match for Miya. Miya ruthlessly lashed her twice with the Demon Flogger, leaving deep imprints on her snow-white skin.

“You wicked woman, just you wait!”

After uttering these words, Genya swiftly fled the scene.

Miya chose not to pursue further; after all, Genya was her cousin. She could not bring herself to actually harm her. A couple of lashes with the Demon Flogger served as sufficient discipline. Descending from mid-air, Miya handed the Demon Flogger to Cloud.

“Cloud, what kind of whip is this? It’s surprisingly effective,” Miya asked as she cast a grateful look at Cloud.

Cloud took the Demon Flogger and passed it to Jared, explaining, “This is Mr. Chance’s Demon Flogger. Genya used a demon spirit sword, so this Demon Flogger is the most effective against it.”

“A demon spirit sword?” Miya exclaimed, her anger evident. “That devious woman dared to use a demon spirit sword? I almost fell for her trick.”

Miya looked at Jared and expressed her gratitude, “Thank you. I didn’t expect you to have such a treasure. But you better hide it well; otherwise, it’s sure to be stolen.”

Jared smiled faintly. “No one can steal my things.”

“Don’t be too sure. Even the Seizon family has thieves,” Miya said.

“Miya, does the Seizon family really have thieves?” Cloud was surprised. With such a grand family, who would dare to steal from them?

“Cloud, don’t listen to Miya’s nonsense. She’s talking about Yorath Seizon. He’s the one who indulges in vices, steals things from the family, and sells them. That’s why Miya said that,” Livya explained with a laugh.

Cloud laughed upon understanding the context. After settling Cloud and the others in their resting place, Miya and Livya left.

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