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A Man Like None Other Chapter 2876

Chapter 2876 The Authenticity Of The Map

Meanwhile, Jared and the others had taken three whole days to reach the Archaic Body cultivators’ settlement. It was located in the coldest and poorest part of the far north. That was the reason why the Tall family tolerated the Archaic Body cultivators’ existence instead of annihilating them.

Inside a tent made of bear skin, Jared met the leader of the Archaic Body cultivators, Roman Ryder. Roman had a dark complexion and appeared thin and sickly.

Nonetheless, from the aura he exuded, one could tell that Roman was extremely powerful, the opposite of how he looked. “Mr. Ryder, I have brought my criminal brother back. Please punish him accordingly.”

Vasily tied Vasker up before kneeling down in front of Roman. Unexpectedly, Roman broke into a faint smile and came forward to undo the ropes on Vasker. The sight stunned Vasily. Jared, too, was equally confused.

Vasker had stolen the treasure map and sold it everywhere, spreading news of the Archaic Body cultivators’ treasure. He deserved to be severely punished even if he wasn’t sentenced to death. Yet Roman had actually let him go.

“Mr. Ryder, Vasker has stolen the treasure map and brazenly sold it. Based on the rules, he should be punished. Even though he is my brother, I won’t let my personal feelings get in the way,” Vasily said to Roman with a serious expression.

“Get back on your feet. Vasker sold the map under my instruction,” Roman said with a smile.

The revelation blew Vasily’s mind. He couldn’t understand why Roman had ordered him to capture Vasker when it was Roman himself who wanted the map sold. Jared, on the other hand, was struck by an epiphany after giving Roman a look.

“Vasily, Mr. Ryder ordered me to do it. Otherwise, there’s no way I could have stolen the map. Now, its sale has brought swarms of men to the far north, and we have made a fortune at the same time!” Vasker smiled at Vasily.

“Mr. Ryder, what in the world is going on?” Vasily asked quizzically.

“Vasily, I’m sure you’re aware that the resources of our people are decreasing by the day and our strength is stagnant. At the rate this is going, we will be wiped out and incapable of protecting the treasure. The only way we can continue to survive is to disrupt the balance of power in the far north and draw out the powers that are residing in the shadows.

That way, we can seize upon the chaos to survive. To trigger that chaos, we have to put out something valuable as bait. Otherwise, no one in their right mind would come to a freezing and desolate place like this! This so-called bait is the treasure that belongs to the Archaic Body cultivators. That’s the reason I ordered Vasker to sell the tattered treasure map in Jipsdale. By doing so, many would come to the far north in search of it, and conflict would naturally ensue. When that happens, the Archaic Body cultivators would be given an opportunity…” Roman explained.

“Since this was your intention, Mr. Ryder, why did you get me to capture my brother?” Vasily asked.

“When everyone sees you capturing your own brother, they will believe in the authenticity of the map. The reason I hid the truth from you is so that you can play your role convincingly and avoid them casting suspicion on the plan,” Roman elaborated with a smile.

Right then, Vasily finally understood Roman’s intention. The unexpected shrewdness displayed by Roman sent a chill even down Jared’s spine, for he had also fallen for it. Not only did he spend a lot of money buying the treasure map, but he also helped Vasily capture Vasker.

“Mr. Ryder, with so many people looking for the treasure, what will we do if they really get their hands on it?” Vasily asked.

“Compared to the treasure, I’m more concerned about the future of our people. The treasure is buried underground. Even if no one manages to dig it up, we don’t have the capability to do the same. Instead, by letting someone more capable retrieve it, it would help spread the techniques of Archaic Body Cultivation,” Roman said.

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