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A Man Like None Other Chapter 2795

Jared immediately figured out that the Archaic Body Cultivation that Yuven was talking about had to be martial arts of the mundane world.

After reaching a certain cultivation level in the mundane world, if a person were to tear space and time to come to Ethereal Realm and continue cultivating in Body Cultivation, they would become an Archaic Body cultivator.

However, cultivating in this was an extremely slow process, and it was immensely challenging to become an immortal in this way, so many would choose to cultivate spiritual energy instead.

Nevertheless, these people had the blood of the beast race flowing in their veins, so they were not too suitable to cultivate spiritual energy and thus had to choose Body Cultivation instead.

“Will anyone come up and fight me today?” the man bellowed, his voice so loud the audience’s eardrums nearly burst. The crowd was silent as they looked at him. Despite the tempting stakes, no one had the courage to enter the arena.

After all, death was nothing peculiar in the arena. If one were much weaker than one’s opponent, the grim reaper would come for one almost instantaneously. Therefore, despite the greed in these people’s hearts, they knew that material possessions were useless if they ended up losing their lives.

When the muscular man saw no one entering the arena, he guffawed. “Cowards, all of you! Does no one dare to compete against me anymore? I’ve come from a land far from here, and I won’t be bringing so little things back!”

Even though the man was insulting the audience, no one dared to rise to the challenge. Jared realized it was time for him to make an appearance. Yet, just before he could step into the arena, a voice rang out near him.

“Vasily, I’ve been following you for days, and I knew you’d come here to fight. Can barbarians like you no longer survive in your homeland? Is that why you’ve come all the way here to get resources?”

A man holding a hand fan leaped into the arena. The man was a cultivator at Third Level Body Fusion Realm, and it seemed that he knew the Archaic Body cultivator.

When Vasily saw the man, he frowned and questioned, “Jerison Tall, why must your family always go against us? The Tall family has already staked claims on the resources of the northernmost land, and we have decided not to fight with you for it. Yet, you seem to intend to kill us all!”

Vasily was evidently livid as he glared at Jerison. “A member of the Tall family from the northernmost land has come too?” Ghaylen sounded surprised.

“Mr. Samoll, you know about the Tall family?” Jared asked, hoping to learn more about said family from Ghaylen.

“I’ve only heard about them, how they’re powerful in the northernmost land, but otherwise, I know little about them. It looks like the Tall family has some unsettled grudges with the Archaic Body cultivators,” Ghaylen said. Jared nodded. “I think so too. Let’s wait and see what happens.”

Meanwhile, Jerison seemed unbothered by Vasily’s fury. He smirked and said, “As long as you join the Tall family, you can use our resources freely. You wouldn’t need to come all the way here to get more resources. You should know that everything in the northernmost land belongs to the Tall family. Nothing that isn’t the Tall family’s properties should exist there. Furthermore, anything that our family is interested in will eventually be ours.”

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Jerison was arrogant. The crowd began chattering about Jerison’s words, but none would actually want to go all the way to the northernmost land-a land so far from Jipsdale and had perilous environments- to fight for the Tall family’s resources.

Jared felt disgusted by Jerison’s words. Jerison was merely a cultivator at Third Level Body Fusion Realm, and yet, he was bold enough to utter such conceited declamations. It was obvious how prideful the Tall family was in the northernmost land.

“Your family is a tyrant! How can I possibly ever join your family? Even if we all die, we’ll never relent!” Vasily spat on the ground.

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A Man Like None Other Novel

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