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A Man Like None Other Chapter 2697

Chapter 2697 Fooled

“How did this happen? Impossible, absolutely impossible. How could you possibly have the Flame of Sanctitude?” Faiyar stared at the rising demonic fire and was dumbfounded.

His whole face was filled with bewilderment. He had never expected Jared to possess the Flame of Sanctitude, the demonic fire that belonged to their lineage.

The Flame of Sanctitude was a hundred times stronger than the demonic fire he possessed. “There are many impossible things in this world, and now, I will show you even more astonishing things.”

As Jared spoke, his eyes flickered with a cold light, and flames began to circulate around him. The flames on Jared’s body were much fiercer than those on Faiyar. Even the scorching heat emitted by the flames was on a different level.

Jared, at that moment, was like the sun, making the area around him scorching hot. Many people could not bear it and hurriedly fled to a distance. The flames on Faiyar paled in comparison to Jared’s demonic fire.

“This is the Inferno Devil’s elder’s demonic fire. Why do you have it? Who are you? What is your relationship with the Inferno Devil’s elder? Tell me!”

Faiyar trembled. The Inferno Devils were all disciples of the Inferno Devil’s elder. Yet, Jared unexpectedly possessed the Inferno Devil’s elder’s demonic fire. If Jared had any connection with the Inferno Devil’s elder, then what Faiyar did was disrespectful to his elder.

No Inferno Devils dared to offend the Inferno Devil’s elder, and the demonic fire they possessed was all passed down by the Inferno Devil’s elder.

If they didn’t have the demonic fire, perhaps their Inferno Devil lineage would have been exterminated and vanished without a trace just like the other demons. Their survival in the Ethereal Realm was all thanks to the demonic fire they possessed.

“Do you want to know?” Jared sneered, engulfed in flames. “I am friends with the Inferno Devil’s elder, and I once saved his life. The Inferno Devil’s elder isn’t the only one. I’m familiar with Whalreth, Baal, and Hadad too. Without me, they would still be nobodies. I also possess Hadad’s Ultimate Force, which you already know.”

Jared’s words left Faiyar deep in thought. He remembered that during their previous fight with Jared, he had sensed the presence of Ultimate Force within him. Now, with Jared possessing the Inferno Devil’s elder’s demonic fire as well, Faiyar was unsure if he should believe Jared’s words.

“Faiyar, don’t listen to him. How can someone so young and with such limited strength possibly know all those prominent demonic figures he mentioned? Moreover, those demons he spoke of were trapped within arrays many years ago. How could you be fooled by him?” Ebenez shouted from afar.

Faiyar was momentarily stunned, but he quickly regained his senses. He glared at Jared and said, “You almost fooled me. I don’t know where you learned all this, but claiming to be friends with the demons is shameless!”

“Am I? Since you don’t believe me, let me show you the skills of other demons!” Jared retorted. The flames around him gradually extinguished, and he was enveloped in a radiant golden light. “Sacred Light Fist!” Jared shouted, and a golden light constantly flickered above his fist.

With a punch, the brilliant golden light turned into a ball of light and shot straight toward Faiyar. The ball carried an overwhelming aura as it pierced through the void.

Faiyar widened his eyes when he saw that, and he quickly moved backward. He knew he couldn’t directly confront Jared’s attack.

Although he had never seen the Sacred Light Fist before, he could feel the terrifying power emanating from this punch.

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