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The Legacy of the Alpha King: Hiding his Secret Twins Chapter 82 by Ebony Woods

Reuben POV

I was preparing for war.

I wouldn’t take any chances, not when it came to the safety of Evelyn and the children. My warriors took no time at all to dress in their armour and gather the kingdom weaponry. This is what they were trained for.

I requested for Nate to remain behind, he was the beta and would be in charge during my absence. But he refused, he had grown fond of the Silver Moon pack and wanted to protect them in anyway that he can. Protect the future alpha of the Red Stone pack.

The drive to meet up with the trackers was tense and silent. The only noise was the low hum of the car and the insistent heavy rain crashing against the windows. I kept my foot on the accelerator the entire time, I didn’t stop, not even for red lights. Time was of the essence.

I had kept warriors back at the Red Stone pack in case we also had a rogue ambush, but the majority were now following my car as a convoy. The plan was for the trackers to keep an eye on the group of rogues and to update me regularly with changes in their pattern of movements.

I could feel the pack link reform between myself and my trackers as we arrived close to the Silver Moon pack. The rogues were forming by some woodlands which provided them with cover, but it did the same for us. Provided us with the perfect camouflage to hide behind.

We had exited and hidden the cars, and now had eyes on as the rogues started to move again.

“They’ve moved?” I mind-linked one of my trackers, their location was completely different to when we left. the pack.

In fact miles away. I’ve asked him a question through the link but he looks at me before responding…looking at his comrades for some sort of support.

“What is it?” I growl through the link.

“Alpha, this is another group of rogues

“What?” Things we’re far worse than I had thought. “They congregated only an hour ago, the first group has remained in the same position.”

Another rogue group? One would hit from one direction gaining the full attention of the Silver Moon warriors, the second group would descend in the other direction…fuck! A complete nightmare.

“Fuck!” I let my emotions get the better of me as I curse through the pack link.

“Two groups…” I start but my tracker cuts me off.

“Three…three groups.”

“Three groups of rogues?” My aura was heavy, the thickness blanketing the trees and bushes around us. Our easy mission was spiralling by the second.

“Yes Alpha, this is the third group. The first and second are stationed in opposite directions, the third group here seems to be the final attack.”

“What do you want to do?” Nate pushes on the link, as I now open it to every warrior and tracker here.

Things had quickly changed, I didn’t expect for three groups. My men were now too far away to attack the second group without being detected by the third group in front of us. I didn’t like it, but we’d have to attack each group at a time. To prevent any possible

chance of them communicating with the other groups. I just had to hope that Evelyn and Noah could hold off the first attack until we got to them.

“We need to destroy the third group, they can’t make it to the pack borders. We will then attack the south side group. They will be acting as the second wave to cause most of the damage. We need to hope that the Silver Moon pack can hold their first line of defence and that their warriors are well trained. We will have to counter act the second wave attack.’

Everything was set, I had made my plan and my orders were clear. We were to destroy the third group and try to prevent the second from reaching the grounds. Our silver armour and swords would cause damage to them that they wouldn’t expect. If we can reduce the rogue sizes enough on the outskirts of the Silver Moon pack, hopefully Evelyn’s warriors could take care of the first attack.

I felt sick. I felt sick knowing Evelyn would be fighting and I wasn’t there to help her. But if this second and third group went unchallenged, it had the potential to be a blood bath.

“Alpha, the second group is on the move. If we are going to do this, we need to do it now.” Nate’s voice enters my head.

“Keep it quiet, skin only using swords.” My orders were clear, our attack had to be in stealth mode. We had now moved on to the second group of rogues. They were stationed on the south side of the pack grounds. The third group had been taken care of, we left none alive.

We were going to do another stealth attack, take the second group out before they had a chance to enter the Silver Moon grounds.

Just before I made the order to move in, an explosion in the distance caused complete fear to grip at my chest. It came from the Silver Moon pack.

It seemed to act as a signal for the second group of rogues. A signal they expected as they all started to run towards the Silver Moon grounds.

The flames that burned ahead of me sent panic into my system that I had never felt before. I couldn’t describe it, but it also felt as if it wasn’t my own emotion. I didn’t have time to react to it, we needed to stop those rogues from getting near Evelyn and her warriors.

“Now!” I order through the mind link as we give chase to the rogues that had already started to descend on the Silver Moon borders.

With all eyes on the north side, their invasion would only be noticed by Evelyn as she felt their trespassing as the alpha. That’s if she was still conscious…yes..yes she had to be.

We’d wasted time. The second wave of rogues was targeted to cause mass destruction. I needed to get to her. They started breaking into homes, trying to attack the innocent.

My men were quick. I ordered for the invader’s swift execution before we moved on to the main battle. I was desperate to get to her, but she’d feel each of her pack member’s death as the alpha and I needed to protect her from any form of pain that I could.

Nate and I followed the rogues ahead as they started to collide with the main fight. I could see her in the distance, my wolf pushing for me to get to her, for me to shift.

She was moving backwards on the ground before a fucking beast grabbed her by the throat, with brute force, and picked her up into the air. I push through the bodies to get to her. I could hear Noah desperately yelling for her, trying to get to her but he was stuck fighting off two rogues.

“His throat Evelyn, his throat…” I scream in my mind to her. It was the only area she would have a chance to do any damage. She won’t hear me but my plea was necessary for my own sanity at that moment. She punches him in the throat, the unexpected pain forcing him to clutch at his neck. Hold on Evelyn, I’m almost there.

I’ve never pushed my body like this before. I just knew no harm could come to her, that I needed to get to her. That my body would just have to obey my need to protect her.

I hadn’t even noticed she was naked until I was closer. From a distance it looked like she was wearing a red fighting outfit. She was covered from head to toe in blood.

The, already dead rogue because that is what he was…already dead for touching her, lunges at her in an act of angry retaliation. I make it just in time, covering her body with mine… completely blocking her.

I take the brunt of his strong attack, he would have fucking broken all her ribs. I managed to block his attack as I push him off me and shout at her to go.

“Go!” I yell as she doesn’t waste a second. She runs off in the direction of the alpha house. Her need to get to the children fuelling her injured body. I could smell her own blood on her, a smell I never wished to recognise again. It even covered her salty cherry blossom scent.

“Trust you to act as the last minute hero!” I hear Pierce shout at me from a few metres away.

“Not now!” I growl at him, he might be finishing his fight but I was only just starting.

“You won’t stop me. As soon as I’ve snapped your neck I’ll kill your little bitch too.” The rogue that had attacked Evelyn stands at full height, trying to appear intimidating. His teeth were black, his hair greasy and more noticeable were the scars that covered his body, his face in particular…half of his upper lip was missing. The wolf side always leaving a scar on the skin side.

“You won’t survive past the next ten seconds. Prepare your excuses because I’m sending you straight to the pits of hell.” I growl at him as we lunge at each other.

He certainly was a beast and had been well trained. He must have been a seasoned warrior exiled for crimes against his pack. He was relentless but he wasn’t an Alpha King.

Frustratingly he lasted longer than the ten seconds I had predicted but he made the mistake of losing concentration. As his eyes broke away to someone in the crowd of fighters and dead bodies. A mistake that would cost him his life.

“Sword!” I command through the link for one of my warriors to throw me a sword. Eager for this battle to end, I slice through his chest with the silver sword… As his body collapses before me I whip my head to the scene that captured his attention.

Evelyn was chasing after the rogue from the barn. She was gathering pace until he shifted mid air and turns his wolf’s teeth on her.

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An Understated Dominance Chapter 41 by Marina Vittori

An Understated Dominance Chapter 41 by Marina Vittori

As time passedmore guests arrived to give their congratulations. The entire venue was filled with people. A famous entertainer was also putting on a performance on the main stage. Below, the guests were talking and laughing over some wine. “Dahlia, this is a nice place. You would be the owner in the future, right?” Florence glanced around, thrilled. “Mom, I’m just partners with the Harmon family. I’m merely a secondary stakeholder even if we established a company together,” Dahlia explained. “That’s good enough. Once we get on the same boat with the Harmon family, we won’t have to worry in the future!” Florence was delighted. “Sis! Your career is booming right now. You must have made a lot of money, right? When are you getting me a nice car?” James smiled flatteringly beside her. “I give you quite a lot of pocket money every month. Is it not enough?” Dahlia asked unhappily. She did not like giving handouts, even to her own brother. “It used to be enough. But I’ve invested all my savings into Nolan Pharmaceuticals, so now I’m broke,” James said exasperatedly. “Then you just sit and wait for the dividends,” Dahlia said dismissively. As she turned around, she caught sight of Dustin and Natasha out of the corner of her eye. “You invited Dustin here? What a downer!” James followed her line of view and frowned. “I didn’t,” Dahlia denied flatly. “He came without any invitationThat’s so shameless!” James grimaced. Then hist gaze landed on Natasha, and he immediately perked up. “Hey, who’s that beauty next to him? She’s stunning!” “What beauty? She’s vixen!” Florence continued rather calmly, “She was the one causing trouble at the Jackson Groupand I nearly slapped her!” “It was her?” James‘ tone turned cold, and he spat, “Shit! Dustin is so heartless. How dare he bring this bitch to such an important occasion today? He’s such an eyesore!” “LookDahlia, he’s finally revealed his true colors. It’s a shame. You were so nice to him, yet he’s so ungrateful, and even tried to ruin this occasion. I have to teach him a lesson today!” As she spoke, Florence got ready to confront him “Mom! Today is the opening ceremony, don’t cause any trouble!” Dahlia quickly grabbed her mother. She knew once her mother started making a scene, it would not end well. “Hmph! I’ll let him get away with it this time!” Although Florence was very upset, she tried to calm herself down. No matter what, she couldn’t embarrass her own daughter. “Dahlia, you’re here?” Chris brought Jeff and walked over with a smile. “Here, I want to introduce you to someone.” “This is Mr. Anderson’s son, Jeff!” Chris stretched out his hand as if he was presenting something valuable. “So, you’re Jeff Anderson? It’s a great pleasure to meet you!” James immediately tried. to curry favor with him. This was Swinton’s most distinguished elite, and he had at much more respected status than him. “I didn’t expect you to come, Mr. Anderson! The Nicholson family is honored!” Florence was smiling broadly. Needless to say, Mr. Anderson’s son had to be some big shot. “Nice to meet you, Jeff.” Dahlia smiled and greeted him warmly. “You must be Ms. Nicholson. It seems the rumors are true, you’re really stunning!” Although he had never met Dahlia, he had heard of her. She was one of the Four Beauties in Swinton and a rising star.


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