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The Legacy of the Alpha King: Hiding his Secret Twins Chapter 58 by Ebony Woods

Evelyn POV

“Evelyn?” I hear Noah’s voice downstairs.

“Daddy, there was a big spider. Mummy couldn’t get it…but Reuben did.” Elspeth runs out of the room and down the stairs, innocently informing Noah on the spider drama. Of what big brave Reuben rescues us from.

I can hear her, but her voice seems far away. The thudding of my own heart is loud in my ears, time seems to slow down as he stands before me. “I think he knows.” His low sexy voice has a hint of teasing to it.

“Knows?” I swallow, but my throat was dry causing my eyes to water. My eyes dip to his lips as he licks them to keep them moist. Breathe in, breathe out.

I shouldn’t be here, this close to him. I take a step away only for him to touch my elbow and prevent me from going any further.

“You’re avoiding me?”

“Yes.” I gasp from his touch, closing my wet eyes which causes two tears to run down my face. He catches them both with his thumb and places the salty wetness on his own lips.

“You need to know Evelyn, that I’m not going anywhere. You can’t push me away.” His eyes flash to that of his wolf’s, as he takes on a predatory look. Like he wants to gobble me up, every inch of me.

“Evelyn?” Noah’s voice rings from the bottom of the stairs. Again, I want to go to him but I am rooted to the floor. My elbow alive with sparks from Reuben’s touch.

“Why are you here?” I whisper under my breath. He could see I was safe, he has told me Vicky was responsible…so why is he still here?

He doesn’t answer me, he leans in and places a kiss on my cheek. I’ve forgotten to breath and my legs start to feel wobbly again. As if knowing the affect he has on me, his hand snakes. around my lower back, preparing to hold me in place.

“Breathe Evelyn.” He commands and I take a big intake of air, filling my lungs with the much needed oxygen I hadn’t realised I was depriving myself of. “I need to go…” I breathe out.

“Then go.” He releases my elbow and his hand unwraps itself from around my body. He follows me down the stairs, where I find Noah in the office with an envelope in his hand..

“Ah, there you are.” He smiles at me as I stop at the office door.

“Excuse me.” Reuben brushes past me as he heads towards the kitchen. There was plenty of space in the hallway, he didn’t need to be that close to me. He was enjoying the affect he was having on me.

“Everything okay?” I croak out to Noah but my eyes are following Reuben as he walks into the kitchen. He gives me a last backward look, our eyes meeting, both wolves channeling forward at the same time.

“Alpha Ivo has sent an invitation to visit the Blue Moon pack.” Noah says, placing an invitation into my hand. “What for?”

He passes the invitation to me which has a number of names on it. Mine, Noah’s, Reuben’s and Nate’s, Pierce’s and of course Cassandra’s,.

The invitation is also extended to Rex and Elspeth. Yet it still doesn’t explain the reason for the invitation, only that they are having a celebration.

“We can’t leave, not right now.” I look to Noah who pushes his glasses back up his nose. He was wearing them again. “Noah, you need to rest…”

“Evelyn, I’m fine. Besides maybe having three lots of warriors on you and the children isn’t a bad thing?”

“Why don’t you want to go?” Reuben asks me as he sat around the round table in my office along with Noah, Nate and Pierce.

“It’s not safe.”

“You can’t stay here all the time Evelyn, You need to show Vicky you aren’t afraid, you need to show the other packs how strong you are.”

Pierce adds, as he opens up a message on his mobile phone. He had been away from his pack for some time now and yet he didn’t show any sign of returning. Not that I wanted him to, but still, who was running it in his absence.

“Go to Blue Moon pack, take the kids. Myself, Pierce, Nate, Noah and Cassandra are also invited. We will all attend with extra security detail, plus what Alpha Ivo can spare. Pierce is right, you can’t live in the shadows just waiting.” Reuben advises and I could feel my wolf agreeing with him.

“I can’t protect them there.” I mutter.

“You won’t need to. You aren’t alone Evelyn. I will command for some of my men to meet us there. Between the four packs, we will put a security plan in place to always keep the children safe.” Pierce offers which does start to put my mind slightly at ease.

“What about the mothers?” I mind- link Noah, he was always torn between his duties as doctor and beta.

“I have a window before the next expectant mothers arrive. We can make it work.” He places his hand on mine, on top of the table. The low grumble growl from Reuben snaps me out of the mind-link.

“Only if Rex is feeling up to it. He’s been through a lot, I don’t want to upheave him again.”

“REX?” Pierce yells out and I shake my head in disbelief.

“Alpha?” He runs into the room, closely followed by Elspeth and Harry.

“Your mother has been invited to another alpha’s pack. Would you like to go? It wouldn’t be too much too soon?” Pierce certainly had a way around things.

“I’d like to go.” His eyes flicker between Noah, Reuben and myself.

“I don’t want to go, can I stay here at Harry’s. He’s my boyfriend, he’ll look after me?” Elspeth tries her sweetest, most cutest of tones. It has clearly already worked on Harry, but I doubt it will on Noah.

“NO!” Both Noah and Reuben answer at the same time.

“Why?” She starts to sulk.

“Because you are far too young to have a boyfriend.” Reuben states crossing his arms. “Alpha Reuben is right Elspeth, you are four year’s old. You are coming…”

“But I don’t want to go…” She stamps her feet and walks out of the room.

What is going on with them at the moment. I was getting whiplash from their ever changing attitudes. Maybe it was time to give them separate bedrooms, maybe they needed some space from one another.

“Rex..” I call out to him as he heads out of the office door.

“If we go, I want the best behaviour from you. You will be meeting alphas that when you are older, you will be liaising with daily. No tantrums, no rudeness. If I or Noah say no, it’s for a reason and it will be adhered to?” I lay done the rules.

“Yes Mum.” He looks at me with a fire in his eyes that was starting to concern me. Was he experiencing from delayed post traumatic stress disorder?

“Then we can think about you having your own room.” “Yes!” He punches the air before running out of the office, running after Elspeth to tell her they are going.

Was this wise, taking them from a secure pack? Maybe the break is what they needed. Something positive.

Their last stay at Reuben’s was rather eventful and I also wondered if Rex was picking up on the odd relationship between Reuben and I. Reuben had suggested earlier that he thinks Rex’s knows…

Knows what that we were married. That he is their father? I did wonder if there was some kind of bond at play, was Rex feeling a pull to Reuben? I needed to have a private word with him, to find out what he knows and maybe correct him.

“Evelyn, did you want me to call Alpha Ivo?” Noah snaps me out of my thought process.

“No, I’ll do it. I’ll give him a call now.”

Everyone was starting to leave the office as I stood up and walked over to my desk. I turn it back on to check on my emails and find Alpha Ivo’s number..


“Hmm?” I look up to see I am alone in my w office with only Reuben. He stands up and walks over to my desk, placing the palm of his hands on it and leaning forward, into me.

“Where’s Donnie?”

His question actually takes me off guard and I have to work on not only my answer but also my breathing. “He’s away on some pack business.”

“Pack business?” He quirks an eyebrow at me.

“Yes, I have shares and interests in a number of companies. He is looking into some things for me.” I wasn’t very good at lying, it didn’t come naturally to me.

“So you haven’t sent him away on a wild goose chase?” He smirks knowingly at me. “I told you I had it handled, that I would find her.’

“I don’t know what you mean…”

“Don’t play games Evelyn…” He slams his hands down on my desk. Me play games? Compared to his psychotic ex?

He was allowing his frustration to get the better of him. I don’t even flinch, I might have done in the past. But I was on par with him now. I just smile at the thought of him being frustrated over me.

“I’m not playing games Reuben. My pack’s safety is of the paramount. I don’t need permission to ensure that at all costs.”

“At all costs? So you are up to something…just remember I won’t hesitate in protecting you and the children at all costs. That is my pact to you, that is what I will spend my life ensuring. What ever shit you secretly pull, be ready for the outcome.” He lifts a hand off my desk and places it onto my chin.

“Don’t you get it yet?” His tone changes instantly, it is now velvety.

“Get what?” I breathe out.

“The tingles….”

“The tingles?”

“Just think about it…”

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An Understated Dominance Chapter 41 by Marina Vittori

An Understated Dominance Chapter 41 by Marina Vittori

As time passedmore guests arrived to give their congratulations. The entire venue was filled with people. A famous entertainer was also putting on a performance on the main stage. Below, the guests were talking and laughing over some wine. “Dahlia, this is a nice place. You would be the owner in the future, right?” Florence glanced around, thrilled. “Mom, I’m just partners with the Harmon family. I’m merely a secondary stakeholder even if we established a company together,” Dahlia explained. “That’s good enough. Once we get on the same boat with the Harmon family, we won’t have to worry in the future!” Florence was delighted. “Sis! Your career is booming right now. You must have made a lot of money, right? When are you getting me a nice car?” James smiled flatteringly beside her. “I give you quite a lot of pocket money every month. Is it not enough?” Dahlia asked unhappily. She did not like giving handouts, even to her own brother. “It used to be enough. But I’ve invested all my savings into Nolan Pharmaceuticals, so now I’m broke,” James said exasperatedly. “Then you just sit and wait for the dividends,” Dahlia said dismissively. As she turned around, she caught sight of Dustin and Natasha out of the corner of her eye. “You invited Dustin here? What a downer!” James followed her line of view and frowned. “I didn’t,” Dahlia denied flatly. “He came without any invitationThat’s so shameless!” James grimaced. Then hist gaze landed on Natasha, and he immediately perked up. “Hey, who’s that beauty next to him? She’s stunning!” “What beauty? She’s vixen!” Florence continued rather calmly, “She was the one causing trouble at the Jackson Groupand I nearly slapped her!” “It was her?” James‘ tone turned cold, and he spat, “Shit! Dustin is so heartless. How dare he bring this bitch to such an important occasion today? He’s such an eyesore!” “LookDahlia, he’s finally revealed his true colors. It’s a shame. You were so nice to him, yet he’s so ungrateful, and even tried to ruin this occasion. I have to teach him a lesson today!” As she spoke, Florence got ready to confront him “Mom! Today is the opening ceremony, don’t cause any trouble!” Dahlia quickly grabbed her mother. She knew once her mother started making a scene, it would not end well. “Hmph! I’ll let him get away with it this time!” Although Florence was very upset, she tried to calm herself down. No matter what, she couldn’t embarrass her own daughter. “Dahlia, you’re here?” Chris brought Jeff and walked over with a smile. “Here, I want to introduce you to someone.” “This is Mr. Anderson’s son, Jeff!” Chris stretched out his hand as if he was presenting something valuable. “So, you’re Jeff Anderson? It’s a great pleasure to meet you!” James immediately tried. to curry favor with him. This was Swinton’s most distinguished elite, and he had at much more respected status than him. “I didn’t expect you to come, Mr. Anderson! The Nicholson family is honored!” Florence was smiling broadly. Needless to say, Mr. Anderson’s son had to be some big shot. “Nice to meet you, Jeff.” Dahlia smiled and greeted him warmly. “You must be Ms. Nicholson. It seems the rumors are true, you’re really stunning!” Although he had never met Dahlia, he had heard of her. She was one of the Four Beauties in Swinton and a rising star.


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