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The Legacy of the Alpha King: Hiding his Secret Twins Chapter 141 by Ebony Woods

Nate POV

“What are you doing?” Reuben walks back into the Silver Moon’s alpha house having seen Pierce off. He was going back to the Grey Howl pack today and we were to liaise regularly regarding updates. Far better for Pierce to check back in on his pack and take a break from everything. The last few weeks had been hell on him…as it had been on all of us.

“I’m covering the air vent in the wall .” I probably did look like a bit of a prick, I was crouched down on the floor in the small cloak closet by the front door.


“Because your son has been using it as a way to listen in on secret meetings. I believe long before Evelyn initially came to us to find out on Rex’s location ..” I caught him only this morning trying to listen in, cheeky little fella.

“Doės Evelyn know?”

“No, I was hoping to do it while she was asleep.”

“The little shit…” Reuben sighs, fingers pinching at the bridge of his nose. But he sounded more impressed than pissed.

Rex was a classic Reuben, a mini me as it were. The number of times Reuben got us into trouble as kids…well I stopped counting.

“He’ll only find another way, but at least it might keep details on Odin out of his ear shot for now.” He had his father’s determination or potential magnet to get into trouble.

“Did you get hold of Milo?” Reuben asks, but this time switching to the mind-link as Miss Smith walks down the stairs raising an eyebrow at my current position on the floor.

Reuben had tasked me with reaching out to Alpha Milo to see if he could do some investigating his end, he still remained on friendly terms with all packs in the Red Stone alliance and even those out of it. He was far removed enough from recent events that he could try and stir the pot to see who was giving their allegiance back to Odin for a takeover of both alliances.

“Yes, he assured me he would do what he can. But, some of the packs were holding secret meetings without us knowing.”

“Then its time we try to attend one of those meetings…” A wicked grin forms on Reuben’s face, he was determined to wipe his father out. Especially after the news that Evelyn was pregnant.

“I think your aura alone will give away your identity…”

“That’s why we are going to the cells. What kind of Alpha would I be, if I didn’t give rogues a second chance…”

The Silver Moon cells were nothing like ours. Evelyn was more of a catch, re- educate and release type of person.

Not Reuben. He knows that some people just can’t be re-educated, that they would only return to the same life …its all they knew in most scenarios. Malcolm being the prime example.

So our cells on the surface seemed fair but the cells underground were created for torture and intense reconditioning. This was his plan, reconditioning through extreme torture.

Reuben is a father, has a family of his own now. But he is still a ruthless alpha and still from the Carmore blood line.

His family has been attacked, his pregnant wife left for dead…he might be smiling but underneath he was planning his next step.

He was like a black swan. On the surface he looks calm, but underneath he is busy plotting…black being the death he was plotting. Not the white poet peaceful swan like Evelyn.

He had already culled some of the rogues, those that were clearly unable to think of a different life. Those that no matter how much we sought out peace with them, they would keep attacking, keep trying to kill us.

Rightly or wrongly, we didn’t have time for them. We were against time. The growing baby acting as a countdown for Reuben. He wanted the baby to be born with no obvious impending threat.

“How many are left?” He asks Noah who opens the cell door for him. Noah was uncomfortable with our methods, but he had sworn to Reuben to keep Evelyn and the children safe too. He was in too deep now.

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The Legacy of the Alpha King: Hiding his Secret Twins by Ebony Woods

The Legacy of the Alpha King: Hiding his Secret Twins by Ebony Woods

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Native Language: English

Evelyn had been the Luna of the Red Stone Pack for the past two years. An arranged marriage of power to protect her father’s pack, she didn’t for one moment expect to develop feelings for the cold Alpha King. But in the two years ruling by his side, she sees a warmth to Reuben that he keeps hidden. After a night of passion that Reuben makes clear to Evelyn was a mistake, she finds out she is pregnant with the longed future for the ruling pack.

However Evelyn’s happiness at the news is short lived when the love of Reuben’s life returns only just surviving the murder of her own pack. Evelyn soon realises that Vicky isn’t as innocent as she makes out and doesn’t take long for her to get her claws into Reuben. After confronting his ex, Evelyn is a victim of a deliberate attempt to harm her child. She must make a decision to protect the pack’s future from Vicky and the baby’s own father. But will the cold ruthless Alpha King refuse to let her go so easily? Will he be responsible for the brutal attack on her family pack, leaving Evelyn’s soul broken? Has Evelyn finally seen Reuben for what he is, beyond salvation…

Chapter One Evelyn POV I am married but not mated. I am the wife of the Alpha King of the Red Stone Pack. His wife, but not the pack’s Luna. But that is only a consideration in technicality. The pack members for the past two years have supported me as the Alpha’s wife and never once made me feel any less of their Luna. The Red Stone Pack is the ruling pack of many, as our warriors remain undefeated in battle. We offer a strong alliance to smaller packs that in time of crisis can call upon the Alpha King and his warriors to help protect and secure their lands. “Luna…be careful. Let me do that.” Candice, one of the alpha mansion’s staff members offers to me. As the acting Luna, I was responsible for the planning and organising of the yearly group pack Moon Conference. We had just completed this year’s event and being the morning after, I was helping with the tidying up. The staff told me not to bother, that I had done all the hard work…but I like to help where I can. Every year the pack would invite the leading families of the incorporated packs to maintain a good rapport amongst the alliance. Being early summer, I organised the gathering outside this year. The weather held and luckily the last-minute forecast of rain didn’t reach us. I was currently standing on top of a ladder pulling down some of the thousands of fairy lights and the remaining pack banners. The banners were my new project, I had newly created them for this year’s celebration. They were designed with the symbol of a crown with a wolf howling into the red blood moon, the Red Stone Pack’s symbol. “I’m fine Candice. You could help by packing some of that food up? Maybe the night watch would like some food this morning as they missed out last night?” I suggest. “Yes Luna, I’m sure they would. You are very kind to think of them.” Candice agrees before calling another pack member over. “Just part of being the Luna.” I softly smile, I wasn’t used to compliments here and still wasn’t sure how to take them. “Michelle, can you help Luna with the lights?” Candice asks Michelle as she heads off to pack up the remaining food. “Of course. Luna let me do that, before the Alpha has our heads!” Michelle quips. I want to say something witty, but it could come across as an insult to the Alpha and our marriage. I had no delusions that the Alpha felt anything romantic towards me. He didn’t even like being in my company. We may be married but we certainly didn’t share a marital bed. In fact, he never touched me, never came close enough for our wolves to bond. Yet I still longed that he would grow to love me, I think that is why I am still here. Michelle climbs another ladder and starts to help me take down the outdoor fairy lights that were wrapped around a large tree. One of many, at this rate we would be here all morning removing these lights. “It was a great gathering Luna, you did incredibly well to organise all of this. I don’t think the gatherings were anything like this before, it’s nice to finally have a Luna again!” Michelle smiles at me. I could smell his scent before he appeared into view. His rich intoxicating sweet leather scent always made my legs tremble and for the first year of our marriage I had to control my wolf every time I was in his presence. He made it very clear that it was a marriage arrangement only to strengthen the packs. He may hold no romantic emotions for me, but I found his presence intense and magnificent. Growing up I had always fancied my now husband, Reuben. Most girls had a crush on him. Even as a young male he was strong, Alpha built, and had long dark blonde hair that he kept tied back. He was gifted by the moon goddess with bright blue eyes that always reminded me of my favourite lake near my home pack. His maturing years did not disappoint and many of the pack member’s females struggled to form a sentence in his presence. Reuben had become Alpha King after our marriage with his father resigning and leaving the overall protection and running of the pack to the two of us. In fact, I hadn’t seen his father since he left, their relationship was clearly strained. Not supportive or a secure outlet of unconditional love like the relationship with my parents. With Reuben’s increasing approach the atmosphere became thick and heavy. I reached higher to unwrap a tangled fairy light to look busy, rather than watch his sexy walk with my drooling mouth. His tight light grey t-shirt could hardly contain his muscles and the fabric looked like it would split at any moment under the strain. His arms were covered in tattoos, and I had only ever once glimpsed at his ink on his back. Large angel wings spanning both shoulder blades with a small name written underneath that I couldn’t quite see at the time. He was also wearing loose black jeans, his signature look for when on pack lands to be able to shift at any moment. With my wolf whimpering in my mind at his presence and my legs feeling weak, I somehow lose my footing on the ladder and start to fall. He is there in a flash, catching me, holding me in a tight grip around my waist. Our eyes meet just for second as I feel his warm breath on my neck, where I should hold his chosen mate mark. His eyes flash from the light blue waters to a dark deep thundery sea blue, a signal that his wolf had come forward.


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