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The CEO’s Betrayal: My Ex-lover Has Triplets By Natie Chapter 96

Chapter 96- Hot like a volcano

“Tony… yes, that’s it! Right there…” Celia moaned as Tony worked his tongue on her core. She was lying flat on her back with her legs placed on either side of Tony’s shoulders. The terrain was dotted with wildflowers of every colour, their petals a vivid mosaic of purples. Filling the air with a sweet scent of perfume.

White fluffy clouds floated leisurely over the sky, creating amusing shadows on the ground below. However, the beautiful scenery was none of Celia’s concern at the moment. She was busy revelling in the feeling of Tony eating her out.

An erotic gasp left her lips when he sucked on her clit, hard. He inserted two digits into her wet, molten core as he flicked her bean with his tongue.

“Oh, Tony… you’re so good at this… I want more,” Celia cried out, biting her lower lip. She clamped her legs around his neck and trapped him between her thighs, twisting her hand in his blond hair, she tugged at it and pushed him deeper into her cavern.

Pleasurable tingles kept sizzling through her like she was being electrocuted. The sounds she was releasing were like music to Tony’s ears.

At the same time, Tony was on cloud nine as he tasted Celia for the first time. He lapped up her juices and remarked, “You taste so sweet… like honey. I can eat you all day.”

His words seemed to trigger Celia’s release. She came violently, her mouth forming an O shape as waves of pleasure ripped through her, threatening to knock her out.

When she came down from her high… Tony grabbed her pants and gave them to her, saying, “Dress up, let’s finish this indoors.”

His eyes fell on her lacy panties and he smirked. Picking them up, he claimed, ” I’ll keep these as a memento.”

Celia’s face turned red as she dressed up. Tony led her to his farmhouse which was a little different from the one she saw earlier.

This one was a two-storey building and the second-floor rooms were completely made of glass, including the roof. As they went upstairs, Tony said, ” I’m going to satisfy your public sex fantasy… we are going to make love while leaning against the glass so that you feel like we are outside.”

Excitement crept into Celia at Tony’s words. She glanced at him and uttered, “Let’s hurry… I can’t wait to do it.”

She gasped when Tony suddenly scooped her up and ran up the stairs. The moment he entered the bedroom, he placed her down and crashed his lips on hers, kissing her hungrily as if he wanted to become one with her mouth.

Electric currents coursed through them both. Their kisses become more demanding. As Tony inserted his tongue into Celia’s mouth, she could taste herself on his tongue.

While kissing like tomorrow will never come, the couple tugged at each other’s clothes desperately, their hands trying to feel as much skin as possible.

As their heads swayed from side to side, Tony led Celia backwards. As he did this, he reached for her core and rubbed his fingers on her clit in circular motions. The wet sounds coming from his actions indicated how wet and ready she was.

He groaned and felt himself getting painfully hard. He was afraid his shaft would explode from the strong erection.

“I want you so much…” He groaned as he bucked her up against the glass wall. “Oh yeah? Show me how much you want me,” Celia challenged, her eyes full of mischief.

Tony glanced at her briefly and lowered his head before kissing her neck multiple times. Celia curled her toes at his actions as tingles coursed through her.

He suddenly turned her around and pushed himself into her. She could feel his hard rod poking her lower back, making her gulp. It was so hard. Tony whispered in her ears as he dug into her back with his rock-hard cock. Can you feel that? It’s hungry for you…”

Celia felt her core clench too many times. She gasped, feeling herself getting wetter and hornier than before. “Do you want it inside you?” Tony rasped in a dangerously sexy voice.

“Oh, yes… put it in me, now!” Celia requested, raising her butt a little to align Tony’s rod with her ass. Tony palmed his shaft and rubbed it on Celia’s entrance from behind. He took his time, rubbing his rod on her wet core, coating his manhood with her slick juices.

When Celia wriggled her butt, Tony gave it a sharp tap and delighted at the red palm print that bloomed on her porcelain skin.

He reached his hand forward and grabbed her breast, kneading it roughly while his shaft began to pave the way, sinking into her core, inch by inch.

As he penetrated her, excitement rushed through his loins, making him release a low groan. Celia was the same, her eyes rolled back as the sweet sensation of Tony’s member plunging into her reached her soul.

She flew straight to heaven.

When his whole length was in, Tony grabbed the back of Celia’s neck and pressed her against the glass wall. He then began to move his hips, thrusting in and out of her while they both made erotic sounds.

As he pounded into her, they both watched the scenery outside, also looking out for prying eyes. It felt like they were doing it from outside for real. This experience made it all the more exhilarating.

“Oh, Tony! Yes! Harder! Fuck me like you own me!” Celia cried out as Tony picked up his pace. He sank his rod deeper and harder into her, following a rhythm that seemed to drive Celia crazy.

“Right there! Oh yes! Ah!” She moaned like a wanton. “Fuck, Celia… you’re so sweet!” Tony rasped as he fucked her harder and faster… rougher as if the world would end the next day.

For Celia, the fear of being seen by someone added to the thrill of the moment. Her toes curled and her moans became louder as pleasure washed over her. Knowing someone could catch them being naughty was turning her on big time.

“You like this, huh? I always knew you had a naughty side to you…” Tony said huskily as he grabbed her waist and thrust into her rapidly from behind.

“Don’t you like it?” Celia asked breathlessly, turning her head to look at him.

“I fucking love it. It’s so sexy…” Tony responded and releasing her neck, he grabbed her chin and kissed her bruisingly hard, all the while he kept rocking his hips back and forth, hitting Celia’s G-spot with every sharp thrust.

He reached his other hand in front and found her clit. Rubbing it, he said, “I want you to come for me, darling. Can you do that?”

Celia nodded as the double pleasure coming from her clit and core flared through her. “Oh, Tony! I’m coming!” She cried out.

Bracing her palms on the glass wall, she began to meet Tony’s thrusts. The slapping sounds of their flesh meeting echoed in the room, and their erotic groans and moans swirled in the air.

Celia wasn’t expecting such good sex on her first time with Tony. He totally blew her mind away… In her mind, she thought that if she had known Tony was hot like a volcano in bed, she would have given in to her feelings the first time she felt a spark when they met again during Aaron’s engagement party.

Soon, her body began to shake. Her facial expression became contorted, she couldn’t control her expressions. It looked like she was having a seizure, and yet, it was just her body responding to the intense delicious sensations searing through her body.

The intense orgasm almost made her drop to her knees and if she wasn’t being held by Tony, she would have dropped to the ground.

“Good girl… It’s my turn now,” Tony growled as his thrusts became quick and jerky, following an unrhythmic pattern. He chased his release like a strong steed… pumping faster and faster until he felt pressure building in his lower abdomen.

Soon, he grunted as he shot his load into Celia. He continued to pound into her as if he hadn’t reached his climax yet. He pulled her away from the glass wall and pulled out of her. Turning her around, he placed his hands on her waist before lifting her.

Her legs automatically wrapped around his torso and without delaying, he plunged his shaft into her and began to thrust into her while holding onto her hips.

“This is our round two and we are still counting,” Tony said huskily. As Celia bounced on him while he stood firmly on the floor, she remarked, ” Bring it on, Tony. I can go for hours.” Tony hissed and added more vigour to his movements. It was going to be a long day… and night.

Several hours later, Tony and Celia lay on a blanket on the floor. From there, they watched the moon in the night sky through the glass roof.

They both sighed, feeling satisfied after having intense wild sex all day. Tony lowered his head and kissed the top of Celia’s head. He asked, “Have you changed your mind?”

“About?” Celia inquired as she traced the contours of Tony’s six-pack with the tips of her fingers. “Keeping our relationship a secret,” Tony replied.

“We can tell them later… during our next family gathering. For now, let us enjoy ourselves privately,” Celia suggested.

Tony had no choice but to agree. He sighed and said, “Let’s do that then… I won’t pressure you about marriage. I’ll wait for you until you’re ready. I’m in a rush but I’ll slow down for you…”

A comfortable silence settled between them. Just like that, their love began to bloom. Three months passed since the birth of the triplets. During that time, Aaron had been very helpful and supportive.

He learnt quickly and was now an expert in feeding, burping and changing the triplet’s diapers, Tessa never felt overwhelmed because she had all the help she could get from her family, especially her husband.

Tessa smiled as she watched him dress the girls in their cute pink winter onesies. The weather was cold outside. The green trees were decorated with sparkling lights and ornaments. It was that time of the year again, Christmas!

It still felt surreal to think that, just last year, it was only Tessa, the kids and her mother. But now, she was married to the father of her kids and they had added three more adorable babies. Her soul was completely filled with happiness.

At the same time, Aaron couldn’t wipe off the grin on his face. This was the first Christmas they would celebrate as a family. The previous year, he spent Christmas alone because he was still chasing after Tessa and asking for her forgiveness. But the story was different now… they were one big happy family!

When he was done dressing the babies, there was a knock on the door. A smile crossed his lips, knowing it was Reagan and his siblings. He had promised to take them out before returning for the family dinner and to open the presents.

“Daddy, Mommy! It’s time!” Reagan yelled from the other side of the door. Tessa chuckled and opened the door. The kids rushed in and hugged their father’s legs. They looked up at him and said, “Merry Christmas, Daddy! We love you!”

To Aaron, those words were like music to his ears. He wound up shedding a few tears, realising how lucky he was to have gotten his family back.

He hugged the little ones, his eyes falling on his wife and said, “I love you all so much. Thank you for being in my life. You make me the happiest man on earth.”

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The CEO’s Betrayal: My Ex-lover Has Triplets By Natie

The CEO’s Betrayal: My Ex-lover Has Triplets By Natie

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Native Language: English
Title: The CEO’s Betrayal: My Ex-lover Has Triplets By Natie – A Heartfelt Story of Love, Loss, and Redemption.. “The CEO’s Betrayal: My Ex-lover Has Triplets By Natie ” is a touching and poignant novel by Elaine Carlson that explores the themes of love, loss, and healing. ”


Read The CEO’s Betrayal: My Ex-lover Has Triplets By Natie – She spent two years devoting herself to him and loving him like crazy. Suddenly, one day he gave her a cheque and told her to leave. Tessa felt a heartbreak like no other when she realised she was just a substitute for Aaron Wentworth’s crush. Once his crush returned, he didn’t hesitate to cast her aside like trash. Tessa left but returned five years later as a better version of herself. Not only that, but she had three little cuties following her around, calling her mommy. … “Tessa, you’ve changed,” Aaron said, noticing how she carried herself with an air of confidence but Tessa scoffed. “Don’t worry, Mr Wentworth. I didn’t change for you.” … Aaron Wentworth was shocked as he looked at the three adorable cute faces looking up at him. When he found out Tessa had returned to the City, he used his resources to find her. But he found her three children instead. “Little ones, where’s your daddy?” he asked, wondering if Tessa had gotten married while she was away. “We don’t have a daddy, Mr handsome. Can you be our daddy?”
  Chapter 1~ Dumped “Take this and leave the company.” Tessa Hilton stirred in her sleep and picked up the piece of paper that was unceremoniously thrown on her face. “What is this?” She mumbled as she squinted her eyes to read the content but they were yet to adjust to the light in the room. After a long night of passionate lovemaking, she felt weak and tired. She just wanted to rest and sleep in. No answer came from the man who sauntered around the room with nothing but a towel hanging low on his hips. It appeared he had just come from the bathroom as his body still had beads of water that were trickling down his well-defined chest, sliding down his Apollo’s belt and disappearing into the towel. Tessa bit her lip and felt hot again when she saw this. How could she get so lucky to have such a good-looking man as her… eh… sneaky link? The man had never really put a label on their relationship so she had no idea what to call him. He had medium dark brown hair and a neatly boxed beard that gave him that manly vibe. His hair was usually styled neatly but right now, it was wet and fell over his forehead messily, making him look more handsome. He had mesmerising cerulean blue eyes that were like whirlpools that could suck you in. They seemed magical. Whenever he looked into her eyes, it was as if he could see through her soul. The man was none other than Aaron Wentworth, the CEO of the Wentworth group. He was Tessa’s boss and she was his senior assistant but secretly, they were lovers, sneakily linking up when no one was looking. Regardless, Tessa thought they had a special connection and there was something more between them. Tessa frowned when she sensed his sudden cold demeanor so she glanced at the paper in her hand. Only for her heart to sink deeper and deeper into her stomach when she saw what it was. It was a cheque. Her eyes almost popped out of their sockets when she saw the figure. One million dollars! “What’s this for?” Tessa felt confused. Why would Aaron suddenly give her a cheque of money out of the blue? She whipped her head up sharply when she recalled he had told her to leave the company after throwing the cheque at her. “Aaron…” she called out his name, her eyebrows furrowing. The man glanced at her and the coldness in his eyes shot a pang of pain through her heart. Her stomach twisted with nerves and a bad feeling crept into her. ‘What’s going on?’ She could only ask the question in her mind since Aaron looked so terrifying at the moment. The man who made love to her the whole night like he didn’t want to let go was gone and in his place was this cold and distant man that she couldn’t recognise. “Are you deaf?! Didn’t you hear what I said? I said you should leave the company. That money should be enough to sustain you for a while,” the man responded, iciness dripping from his tone. A flash of irritation was plastered on his devilishly handsome face as he stared at Tessa as if she was a stranger. “Y-you’re firing me?” Tessa’s voice quivered and she felt her eyes sting as tears threatened to fall, her heart clenching painfully. She didn’t know why Aaron was behaving this way but it was making her feel uncomfortable, hurt even. “I’m not firing you. Your contract ended. Or did you forget you signed a contract to work for me for two years?” The coldness in his tone felt like someone was squeezing her heart. But Tessa still couldn’t understand what was going on. Since Aaron and her had been in a secret relationship for two years, she assumed her contract renewal was a done deal so she never really thought about it or sent out any applications to look for a new job. “Was it something I did?” She asked, a lump forming in her throat. Aaron glared at her, his patience running thin. “What’s wrong? Are you unwilling to leave? Is the money not enough? Fine. I’ll add more.” His words made Tessa’s heart drop to her stomach and the tears she was holding back finally rolled down her cheeks. Sitting up from the bed, she grabbed the quilt and covered herself up to her chest while she watched as Aaron wrote another cheque and threw it at her. “There. That should be enough for someone like you. Don’t be greedy.” ‘Someone like me? Greedy? What does that even mean?’ Her eyes fell on the cheque and her heart sk*pped a beat. Two million dollars! Indeed, it was too much money. Money she couldn’t dream of ever having in her life but what she couldn’t fathom was why Aaron was giving her this money. She remained quiet as he dressed up, thinking of how to ask him to let her stay at the company. After all, she had worked extra hard during the last two years and had gotten used to her role. “I don’t need the money,” she mumbled but Aaron kept quiet. If he had heard her, he was doing a good job at pretending he didn’t. He glanced at her as he buttoned up his white dress shirt. “I didn’t use protection in the last round because I ran out of condoms. Make sure you take plan B pills. I don’t want any unwanted surprises.” The words he kept uttering felt like a thousand spears were piercing her heart one at a time. Not only was he asking her to leave the company, but he also didn’t want to have children with her. Did it mean he had no future plans for her? What had they been doing for two years then? All Tessa could think about was getting married to him and having many babies. But she got a check instead. Was it only her wishful thinking? When Aaron was done, he glanced at her and said, “You can keep the apartment, I won’t be coming here anymore.” Tessa’s heart sank further to her feet. “You’re breaking up with me? What did I do?” She questioned, her voice rising. Aaron frowned at her tone but he looked unbothered by her question as he fixed his tie. “We’ve had our fun. Isn’t money what you wanted? You were too quick to open your legs so I assumed it was the money you were after.” Tessa felt like a bucket of ice-cold water was poured over her head. When she met Aaron two years ago, he was gentle and sweet. She would often find him staring at her for a long time so she thought he was interested in her. Being a young woman, straight out of college with no relationship experience, Tessa easily fell in love with Aaron. And one day, on a drunken night, they ended up getting intimate and that’s how it all started. And since he was so passionate with her in the bedroom, she assumed he loved her too. Was the two years a lie? She didn’t want to believe it. She couldn’t. After all, she had invested a lot of her time and emotions in the relationship. And although it was a secret to her colleagues at work, she believed it was because Aaron didn’t want them to gossip about her. Hot tears made her eyes glassy as she stared at Aaron. “Fun? I thought you loved me.” Hearing this, Aaron paused and scoffed coldly. “Miss Hilton, aren’t you getting ahead of yourself here? At which point did I say that I loved you?” His response made her speechless. The pain that rippled through her at his words felt like someone brutally slashed her heart with a blunt knife. The painful lump in her throat became bigger and no matter how much she swallowed, it wouldn’t go away. She glanced at Aaron with watery eyes, feeling like her world had come crashing down on her. “B-but I love you. I’ve been devoted to you for two years! I gave myself to you, doesn’t that mean anything to you?” Her lips quivered as she asked, pain gripping her heart tightly. She never knew love could hurt like this. How was she so foolish to fall for him? How couldn’t she see that he was just using her? “I’ve given you enough money for your services. Don’t let me see your face again.” Those were the last words Aaron said before he turned and walked out the door, taking Tessa’s heart with him. The last thing Tessa saw was his broad back as he left just after shattering her heart into a million pieces.  

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What Storyline Did The CEO’s Betrayal: My Ex-lover Has Triplets By Natie?

This novel is based on the dark side of marriage and divorce. It’s a romantic genre story to read with the characterization of couple Keegan Kate and Stella Jewells following up with many incidents around.

How Many Chapters Are There In The CEO’s Betrayal: My Ex-lover Has Triplets By Natie Novel Read Online?

The CEO’s Betrayal: My Ex-lover Has Triplets By Natie is ongoing novel online.


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