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Shouldn’t Mess Up with My Hidden Heiress Ex-wife Chapter 156 by HusnaS

156. Ousting The CEO

At The AG Group. Tension hung inside the general conference room, each board of directors clearly not in a pleased mood.

Across the long table, all the Shareholders and other high-ups of the Group sat on the chairs, with Heidi occupying the CEO’s seat beside Zach, the president.

No one’s expression looked good. Harold Olsen’s allies glared in Heidi’s direction while the rest simply appeared crestfallen, including Grandpa Jeffery who had to attend the emergency meeting.

“Why is everyone quiet? Are we not supposed to be discussing the issues related to the Group and the ways to solve them?” Grandpa Jeffery’s voice broke the deafening silence.

The board of directors exchanged glances.

“What are we supposed to say? It is clear that this Group has poor management.”

“Every investor has pulled out, and every ally has canceled their collaboration-”

“So it is obvious that we’re all on a sinking ship. AG Group is falling and we cannot do anything about it.”

“What does the CEO have to say?” The most angry voice boomed. “Heidi, how are you planning to stop this calamity and prevent the upcoming ones?”

Harold Olsen looked heartbroken, when in fact, he had been the one causing all the trouble.

“Harold Olsen is right. Didn’t we appoint her as the new CEO so she can revive the Group?”

Whispers spread across the room.

“However, ever since she assumed the position, we’ve not seen any significant changes yet. On the other hand, the problems keep increasing.”

“Okay, no one can save the Group. It is better we all quit as well before its bad reputation affects us.”

“Gentlemen, you’re being too pessimistic,” Heidi interrupted the murmurs. “This is a critical point for the Group and we shouldn’t lose hope.”

“What approach are you planning to use? So far, there’s no improvement.” Someone pointed out.

“At this juncture, our mission is gaining back our old allies. For the past several days, we have been reaching out to each of them.”

“And how many of them have responded so far?” Harold asked. “Do they still want to work with the Group?”

“We have gotten no response yet. Despite that, we can’t lose hope.”

Harold looked at his men, their expressions filled with mischief. Communicating silently, they nodded concurrently before someone stood up.

The man faced Grandpa Jeffery. ” Nothing is going to work. The CEO doesn’t know what she’s doing. I say we should vote her out. Who’s with me?”

A large number of men raised their hands, only a few of them found the idea of suddenly ousting the CEO ridiculous.

“Heidi, we can’t let you continue with this silliness. We are making a firm decision to shut down the Group for a while then build it again from scratch,” Harold said, his expression triumphant.

“What kind of idea is that!?” Zach exclaimed. “Dad, it doesn’t even make sense. Starting from scratch means going back to level zero.”

“What choice do we have?”

“Uncle…” Heidi had been watching Harold Olsen silently, not a bit fazed by their threats or decision. “Okay, I’ll leave the Group. But you must do something first.”

“Really?” Harold’s forehead contorted into a frown, seemingly apprehensive.

“Ms. Olsen!” Isla was standing beside Heidi and she exclaimed in a shocked whisper.

Heidi gave her a reassuring look and then turned to her uncle. “Can you list all the success this Group has achieved through you?”

“The same question goes to the board of directors, the departments’ managers, and every other major employee.”

The room was silent.

“You all pin the blame on the president for the poor management and also the CEO,” she went on. “While you’ve done nothing but sit back, await a profit of your shares at the end of the month.”

“Are we supposed to do anything, isn’t it the Group’s responsibility?”

“You all are businessmen, do I have to provide the obvious answer?”

“Grandpa.” She looked at Grandpa Jeffery. “When you built this Group, was this how its management was?”

Grandpa Jeffery shook his head. ” Harold Olsen changed everything many years ago when he became the president.”

Heidi’s lips pulled into a subtle smile. ” The infrastructure my uncle proposed many years ago was to use the company’s massive wealth to invest in many small businesses, making way for a constant inflow of profit.”

“Unfortunately, that infrastructure was what eventually led the Group to its current condition. Because, most of those small businesses ran away with the company’s money, but Harold Olsen did nothing to apprehend them. Was it because of some illegal collaboration they had in secret?”

“Most big businessmen use such small businesses as a cover when they want to sell illegal substances like drugs.”

“You!” Harold pointed at her, his eyes wide, his face pale, and his mouth parting like a fish’s.

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Shouldn’t Mess Up with My Hidden Heiress Ex-wife by HusnaS

Shouldn’t Mess Up with My Hidden Heiress Ex-wife by HusnaS

Score 9.5
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Native Language: English
Shouldn't Mess Up with My Hidden Heiress Ex-wife by HusnaS   For three years, Heidi served Lucas with all her heart, showering him with endless love and doing her best to be the perfect housewife. But on their third wedding anniversary, he slammed the divorce papers on her face. "Did you think I would never know that you married me because of money? Whatever Grandpa paid you, I will triple it. Just sign the divorce." To him, she was just a gold digger. Heidi's reality shattered, and everything made sense when she found out that his Ex had returned. For him, she endured hardships and humiliation. She not only gave him her heart, but also dropped her identity as the wealthiest heiress in Phoenix City. Realizing that all her efforts were futile… She will never be the hopelessly desperate housewife anymore. Lucas is soon to know that he "Shouldn't Mess Up with His Hidden Heiress Ex-wife." As layers upon layers of secrets get revealed, he'll be crawling on his knees, holding her leg and begging her to come back. No way! She has an empire to inherit. A Gold Digger Sitting across from the delicacies spread on the vast table, Heidi supported her cheeks with both hands. She let out a sigh, wondering why her husband was taking so long outside. Lucas appeared to have forgotten their anniversary, despite Heidi dropping hints for the past few days. He never brought up the topic and was always conveniently busy whenever she tried to discuss it. Hoping to surprise him, she eagerly awaited the sound of his footsteps from the doorway. Bang! A deafening sound startled her, and through her blurry vision, a stack of documents appeared in front of her. “Sign it, Heidi. We’re getting a divorce,” Lucas’s cold voice reached her ears. Frowning, Heidi’s eyes returned to the documents, and she read the words written boldly at the top. ‘A divorce agreement?’ She shook her head and chuckled, convinced it was a silly dream. Lucas would never divorce her.


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