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Oops, I’ve Been Exposed Chapter 45 by Lorelei Thunder

Pamela was elated. “That’s wonderful! Thank you, Mr. Donnel!”

“Come on, why are you still calling me that?” Kurt pretended to be upset.

Blushing, Pamela corrected herself. ” Kurt…”

“Now that’s more like it.” Kurt was immediately overjoyed as his scheme worked.

Meanwhile, in the banquet hall, Clement respectfully walked beside Woody and said, “Ms. Helen will be here to greet you right away!”

“It’s alright. You should get back to work too.” Woody didn’t like being followed, so he headed inside on his own.

Of course, Clement didn’t dare object to that. He hastily went to look for Helen. In the office upstairs, Helen’s secretary, Jessie Baxter, was reporting to her. “Ms. Helen, Pamela York from York Corporation is here.”

“What?” Helen whipped her head around and reprimanded, “Why didn’t you say so earlier?”

Trembling, Jessie hastily explained, “I only heard about it just now. When Mr. Cartwright was around, he always treated York Corporation well. That’s why I hurried here to inform you.”

In reality, even the higher-ups in the Cartwright family had no idea why Mason did this. York Corporation was just a minor company. It was nothing compared to an industry giant like the Cartwrights.

The only thing the York family could be proud of was their beautiful president. Other than that, they had nothing.

Many people thought that Mason had fallen for her, and that was why he treated her so well. But even after three years, there weren’t any scandals about them. In reality, Mason and Pamela had never even met.

No one else knew this, but Helen was very aware that the beautiful president was the wife of the Majestic Ruler, who was known to be a miracle doctor. However, she had no idea that had gotten divorced.

“What type of invitation does Pamela have?” Helen asked.

Jessie answered, “The normal kind. She got it through the Donnels.”

Helen was anxious. “That won’t do! Change it right now, and seat her next to Mr. Henderson.”

The Cartwrights were deeply indebted to Woody, who had saved Mason’s life twice. In fact, the charity event today was held for him.

It would be a joke to separate Woody from his wife and to sit him in the VIP area up front while she sat in the common area. People would mock the Cartwrights for mistreating their guests.

Jessie was a little troubled. “But according to the original plan, the chairman of the Chamber of Commerce should be seated next to Mr. Henderson

“Seat him somewhere else then. Would he even dare to complain about it?” Helen said decisively, making full use of her authority.

Jessie hastily nodded. “Alright, I’ll ask to have it arranged right now… Never mind, I’ll go there in person. Pamela has already arrived at the entrance.”

Meanwhile, at the entrance, Pamela and the others were lining up. Kurt’s phone suddenly rang. He said happily, ” It’s from my dad. He must have done it.

Then, he answered the call. “Hi-”

“Kurt, I’m afraid I can’t help you with that. It’s difficult either way. You know that Helen is the head now, and I don’t have much to do with her, so I can’t just talk to her. I’m busy, so I’ll hang up now.”

Before Kurt could say anything, the call ended.

“So what happened, Kurt?” Pamela had an expectant look in her eyes.

Kurt froze. Then, he tried to compose himself as he said, “N-Nothing. Anyway-”

“Ms. York, please forgive us for our oversight. You don’t have to line up here. Come in with me!” Jessie suddenly appeared, cutting Kurt off.

“Who are you?” Pamela asked.

Jessie said, “I’m the secretary of Cartwright Group’s president. Ms. Cartwright asked me to escort you personally.”

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Oops, I’ve Been Exposed by Lorelei Thunder

Oops, I’ve Been Exposed by Lorelei Thunder

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Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Native Language: English
Woody Henderson takes the fall for his brother-in-law. During the four years he spends in jail, he picks up various medical skills and becomes a doctor who makes miracles happen. Aside from his medical prowess, he also gains power. The affluent and powerful all come knocking on his door, but he gives it all up so he can return to his wife's side. Yet all he gets in return are divorce papers. His ex-wife says, "You're a former convict. You're no longer worthy of me, especially now that I'm most beautiful and successful CEO around." Chapter 1 "Doc, please reconsider. Is it really worth it to give up your supreme status for just a regular woman? With your status, you could have any supermodel, actress, or even a princess of any nation that you wish for! They would stand in line just for a chance to share your bed!" Tiusto Penitentiary Facility was where the world's super-villains and industry mavericks were housed. It was a prison unlike any other. Presently, there was a well-suited elderly man begging pitifully at a young man who was on the other side of the bars. The elderly man was Brayden Trevor, head of the Business Association of Darea. He was in control of several sectors of the country's business, and one word from him could bring the whole nation's economy crashing. He was well known for being ruthless and merciless. To get the young man to treat him for his condition, Brayden had voluntarily opted to serve time in this dangerous place. And this wasn't a rare occurrence here at Tiusto Penitentiary Facility either. Behind Brayden, all the prison officers and convicts were on one knee as they lined up in straight lines. They all wore hopeful expressions in hopes that the young man would stay. That was because the young man was Woody Henderson. Besides his identity as a convict, he was also the unchallenged ruler whom everyone revered in here. He was the Majestic Ruler! When the Majestic Ruler appeared, even death ran away in fear! Rumor had it that the Majestic Ruler wielded two blades. One was a surgical scalpel to help the ailing, while the other was a powerful sword that took lives. The kind put him on a pedestal and worshiped him as a god, whereas the evil saw him as the Grim Reaper and trembled at the mention of his name. "Oh, you still don't understand …" As Woody stood before the iron gates with a forlorn expression, he couldn't help it when a beautiful figure popped up in his mind. It was his wife, Pamela York. Four years ago, on the day of Woody and Pamela's wedding, a scion of a wealthy family barged into the bride's dressing room and attempted to defile her. Fortunately, Pamela's brother noticed it and attacked him with a glass bottle, cracking his skull.


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