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My Hockey Alpha chapter 310 by Eve Above Story

Bonus 10: Two Days Before


It was two days before my wedding. The house was quiet, a lull of calmness in the storm of preparation. I was at home that evening, half lost in the endless list of last-minute arrangements and half lost in daydreams. Enzo was out, running some errands.

I didn’t expect anything out of the ordinary. But as it turned out, I was in for a huge surprise. A knock echoed through the house, the sudden sound pulling me from my musings. I opened the door to find Jessica and Lori grinning mischievously.

“Hey, guys,” I said, opening the door a little wider. “I wasn’t expecting you- “Grab her!” Jessica shouted.

Before I could react, Lori grabbed me by both arms. A bridal sash was thrown over me, a tiara was plunked on my head, and I was unceremoniously. dragged out of my house..

I glanced over my shoulder, certain that Enzo would come home and think that I was kidnapped. And technically, I supposed that I was kidnapped. “Wait, what’s going on?” I stammered. as they pulled me into a car, laughing. at my confused state.

“You’ll see.” Jessica winked as Lori began to drive down the road. It wasn’t long before we were pulling into town. My confusion quickly dissolved into shock and then bloomed into delight as we parked alongside the local club. Lori and Jessica put their hands over my eyes and guided me inside, where they pulled their hands. away and shouted, “Surprise!”

There, amidst a sea of familiar faces, was a large sign that read, ‘Nina’s Bachelorette!’ “You guys!” I exclaimed, whirling around to face Lori and Jessica.” What’s all this?!”

“What do you think, dummy?” Lori teased, punching me in the arm. “Your wedding is in two days. Obviously you have to get piss drunk and dance the night away before Enzo steals you from us.”

Before I knew it, a strong drink was shoved in my hand and I was pushed unceremoniously into the throng of familiar faces. Alongside Lori and Jessica, I recognized several classmates who I was acquaintances with.

“Come on, Nina!” Jessica hollered over the loud music, taking my hand and twirling me around. I laughed, letting myself be swept away by the rhythm, my feet moving almost on their own. My tiara twinkled under the neon lights, a beacon of my soon-to -be-married status.

The DJ dropped a crowd favorite, and a cheer erupted around us. The atmosphere was electric, a palpable energy that coursed through everyone, uniting us in our shared revelry. We formed a circle, each of us taking turns to step into the center, showing off our most ridiculous dance moves amidst laughter and cheers.

Melania, the newest addition to our group, was there without Luke; I felt oddly transfixed by her ethereal beauty as she swayed on the dance floor, moving and gyrating in sync to the music like a flower swaying in the breeze.

The night transformed into a blur of dancing, laughter, and well-wishes, I found myself lost in the rhythm, soaking in the happiness that radiated. from everyone. But, in the midst of it all, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see Enzo, a look of surprise mirroring my own.

“Enzo?” I asked, my voice barely audible over the loud music. “What are you doing here?” “I could ask the same question,” he shouted back, grinning with a drink in his hand. “Did you get dragged here against your will, too?”

I nodded. Just then, the hockey team, including Matt and Luke, suddenly appeared out of the crowd. Our two respective parties practically froze in surprise. Jessica stomped up to Matt, jabbing her finger into his chest.

“I told you we were having the bachelorette party here!” she shouted. “You were supposed to go somewhere else!” Matt, however, shot her a confused look. “I thought you said that you weren’t having it here!”

Enzo and I watched, unable to control our laughter as Jessica and Matt bickered. It wasn’t long, however, before Melania eventually found Luke and pulled him back toward the dance floor. I watched with a grin as his head disappeared into the crowd, and I did the same with Enzo.

Before we knew it, both parties had converged on the dance floor. Our laughter melded into the thumping music. The night took an unexpected turn, our separate parties merging into. one epic celebration. Friends from both sides joined in the revelry, the club. reverberating with the amplified cheer of our combined groups..

The rest of the night was a whirlwind of music, laughter, and non-stop dancing. Our friends formed a raucous conga line, weaving through the club with Enzo and I at the helm. Drinks flowed freely, toasts were made, and stories were shared.

At one point, Enzo pulled me aside. He led me over to the bar for a refill on our drinks, the contents of which had sloshed out onto the floor more than they had actually wound up in our bellies.

Taking a breather from the dancing, Enzo leaned on the counter and held up two fingers to the bartender, who nodded. I didn’t even know which drinks the bartender would bring usi next; I just knew that he would bring two of them.

“Did you ever imagine our bachelor and bachelorette parties combining?” Enzo asked as he looked over at me, his eyes twinkling with mirth and his face red from a combination of the alcohol and the dancing.

“I didn’t even know I was having a bachelorette party until an hour ago!” I laughed, leaning against his shoulder. I tucked a stray strand of sweaty hair behind my ear and let out a peaceful sigh.

His laughter rang out, adding to the symphony of joy that filled the room. ” Well, this is definitely a night to remember.”

A few moments later, the bartender brought us our two mystery drinks. Enzo handed mine to me, then we clinked our plastic cups together and took a big gulp.

“Mmm,” I said, grimacing as I swallowed the bitter yet also somehow sickly sweet flavor of vodka and cranberry juice. “Tastes like shit.”

Enzo chuckled. “Yeah,” he said. “See why I prefer wine?” As the night wore on, the energy never waned. We danced until our feet ached, laughed until our sides hurt, and celebrated like there was no tomorrow. The surprise had turned into an unexpected delight, a night filled with memories we’d cherish forever.

Finally, as the music died down and the first light of dawn peeked through the windows, we all stumbled home. Tired, but exhilarated, we all said our goodbyes, promises to see each other at the wedding echoing in the cool morning air before Enzo and I practically fell into the back of the Uber that was waiting to take us back to our house.

And as I fell into bed just as the sun began to rise, Enzo’s arm wrapped itself snugly around me. I couldn’t help but think of how truly magical the night had been. I closed my eyes, a smile on my face, knowing that tomorrow would be another day filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable memories. And after that…

We would finally be married.

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My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2053

My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2053

Josephine thought about it and believed it had to be something Ethan had arranged. She nodded. "Sure!" Subsequently, the clerks helped her with her makeup and into a beautiful blue evening gown. Once done, she resembled a stunning mermaid, noble yet mysterious. She looked at her reflection in the mirror, satisfied with her princess-like makeup and hairstyle. "Miss Jacobson, we wish you a delightful evening. The four clerks left. Soon, Josephine received a call from Ethan. "Hey, where are you?" She had begun to miss him. "Open the door, enter the hallway, and come straight to the deck. I'll be waiting there." She replied, "Sure. I'm coming." As she was wearing an evening dress, she could not help feeling like she was a fairy tale princess. Everything that happened to her was like a dream. The deck would usually be crowded, but why is it so empty today? Just as she stepped foot into the hallway, she was flabbergasted because the deck had been decorated for a huge proposal. A live band was playing romantic songs on the side while Ethan donned a blue suit, standing there and watching her with a smile as she approached. Josephine, come here," he instructed. When she approached him, she finally understood his disappearance. He had been here, decorating this place for their proposal. While looking at the large heart made of roses, the white veil moving in the wind, and the romantic dinner table on the side, she covered her chest, feeling so touched that she was about to cry. Once she arrived beside Ethan, she was pulled into a gentle hug. After releasing her, he got on one knee before her and held her hand, asking, "Josephine Jacobson, will you marry me?" "I do!" Josephine replied with determination. Ethan held her hand while slowly rising to his feet. Then he grabbed her waist with one hand and cupped the back of her head with the other, gently kissing her before the crowd. Josephine, thank you." She did not expect he would propose to her before he regained his memory. "Why didn't you wait until you recovered all of your memories?" "I was afraid you'd feel displeased with me and escape, so I have to make you mine first," he announced. That cracked Josephine up. 'Don't worry. I'm not going anywhere. Whether it's this lifetime or the next, I'm yours. You can't escape from me." Ethan leaned his forehead against hers. "How would I bear to leave you alone if you're willing to stay beside me?" Music began to play, and he hugged her waist. "Dance with me!" Then the couple waltzed to the slow music. Rather than saying they were dancing, it would be more appropriate to say they were pacing slowly while embracing each other. Under the dazzling sunset and a gentle sea breeze, a romantic atmosphere filled the space while several cameras were placed on the side, recording everything. She raised her head and asked, 'I heard there's a masquerade ball tonight." "Would you like to join?" "Will it be fun?" "Of course!" "Sure. I'll join the ball," she said. On the other hand, another young lady was currently inside a presidential suite on board- Willow Presgrave. Her assistant ran over and told her, "Miss Presgrave, guess whom I saw on the deck!" Willow was in a daze while propping her chin on her hand. She asked, "Who?" "I saw Mr. Quarles proposing to a beautiful woman!" "You mean Ethan?" Willow exclaimed in surprise, not expecting to bump into him here. "Yes, it's him. The proposal was so romantic, but guests weren't allowed to disturb them, so we could only watch from far away. Why don't you go and congratulate them?'


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