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His Nanny Mate Chapter 289 By Eve Above Story

Chapter 289 Hot Alpha Girlfriend:


The soft rays of dawn filtered through the curtains as I stretched, pulling myself from the depths of sleep. After climbing out of bed and slipping my robe around my shoulders, I tentatively cracked open my bedroom door, expecting to see Logan there.

I glanced around, my eyes falling on the crumpled blanket on the couch. There was no sign of Logan. Instead, on my coffee table, lay a neat note, written in his sprawling handwriting. “Ella,” it began, “Thanks for a memorable evening. Apologies for overstepping. – Logan.”

I sighed, folding the note and tucking it into my pocket. Regardless of the emotions last night had brought, it was a new day, and I had a routine to stick to. Quickly, I changed into my hiking gear – a pair of durable leggings, a lightweight shirt, and sturdy boots. Pulling my hair into a ponytail, I grabbed a bottle of water and headed out, intending to lose myself in nature.

The park’s hiking trails were my favorite Saturday morning getaway, a place where I could connect with the earth and forget about the worries of the urban jungle.

It was there, amidst the symphony of chirping birds and rustling leaves, that I crossed paths with him-a gaunt, unkempt man. His eyes, wild and unfocused, darted around, finally settling on me.

The moment the unkempt man locked his gaze on mine, an instinctual shiver shot down my spine. I knew where this was going.

“Hey! Hey, miss!” His voice was rough, betraying years of exposure to the harsh outdoors. I quickened my pace, keeping my eyes trained on the path ahead. But the nagging feeling that I was being followed persisted, and sure enough, his footsteps grew louder and more persistent.

“Hey! I’m talking to you!” His voice grew more insistent. “Spare some change?”

“Sorry, I don’t have any money on me,” I replied, hoping that my firm tone would discourage him. from continuing this pursuit. But I had little such luck.

“Oh, come on,” he laughed, a raspy, almost mocking tone to it. “Look at you-dressed all nice, with that shiny hair and those expensive- looking boots. Yo’ve got to have a little something.”

I halted abruptly, rounding on him. “I said I don’t have any money. Now please, leave me alone.”

His eyes, once distant and glazed, now sharpened with a mix of desperation and malice. “You Alphas… always thinking you’re better than everyone else. But I’ve been watching. I’ve seen how you move, where you put your stuff.”

His gaze slid to my side pocket, and the realization struck me like a blow. My wallet. Before I could react, he lunged at me, fingers. reaching for my pocket. Panic surged, and my wolf responded, adrenaline coursing through my veins.

My wolf instincts took over. In one swift motion, I side-stepped and grabbed his wrist, twisting it behind his back and pushing him to the ground.

“H-Hey!” the homeless man stammered, struggling beneath my grip. “Alright, alright, I’m sorry. Please let me go.”

A low, guttural growl rumbled in my throat. For a moment, I considered tying him up and leaving him there, but I decided to release my grip. I stood, allowing the homeless man to scramble to his feet. Without a word, he took off and disappeared into the woods.

I didn’t even have time to catch my breath when I heard it-the wolf-whistles and vulgar comments. A group of men, clearly impressed by what they’d just witnessed, approached with leering smiles.

“Look at that,” one of them remarked, his voice dripping with sleaze. “Who wouldn’t want a hot Alpha girlfriend like that?”

“Great,” I murmured to myself, brushing myself off as I picked up my pace. But the men followed. The sound of their wolf whistles grated on my nerves, each one more insistent than the last.

“Hey baby, why the rush?” one jeered, a predatory smirk splitting his face. Another added, leaning in closer with every word, “Such a fierce little Alpha, aren’t you? Why don’t you come home with us?”

The once benign banter turned sour, their intentions clear. The looming bridge up ahead cast an ominous shadow, its underside masked in darkness. It was the perfect cover for them, and I felt the familiar icy tendrils of panic weave their way around my chest.

Summoning every ounce of courage I had, I squared my shoulders and raised my voice. “Back off! I’m not interested.” My claws extended menacingly, the tips glinting sharply in the sunlight.

Rather than heeding my warning, the largest of the group, a tall man with slicked-back hair, sauntered forward, chuckling, “Ooh, so scary. Think you can take us all on, sweetheart?”

Another, emboldened by his friend’s bravado, displayed his neck mockingly. “Go ahead, baby. Cut me. I like it rough.” His suggestive tone only heightened my disgust.

Internally, I berated myself. Why had I been so careless to forget my pepper spray? But self- pity wouldn’t help me now. I had to think fast. Every instinct in me told me to run, but with the looming bridge and these men trailing me, that was a dangerous choice.

Yet as my wolf grew more agitated, urging me to fight and defend, I took a deep breath, preparing to unleash whatever I could muster. I just needed a small distraction or an opening to break free.

My fangs bared instinctively, a warning growl emanating from my throat. But instead of deterring them, it seemed to pique their interest even more. They closed in, their intentions clear.

Just as I braced myself for another confrontation, a strong arm slid around my waist. I looked up to see a young man, his face a mask of irritation, standing protectively beside me.

“Back off,” he snarled, addressing the group. The authority in his voice was unmistakable – the power of an Alpha. “She’s with me.”

The men hesitated for a second, clearly weighing the risks. But seeing the unmistakable fire in the young man’s eyes, they decided it was best to leave. Muttering under their breaths, they retreated.

With the immediate threat gone, I turned to face my savior. He looked barely older than me, with tousled black hair and piercing green eyes. He had a rugged charm to him, with a faint scar tracing his cheekbone a sign of a fight survived.

“Who are you?” I asked, more out of curiosity than suspicion. His lips curled into a half-smile. “Just a friendly passerby who couldn’t stand by and see a woman in distress.” He paused, his gaze searching mine. “You handled that Rogue impressively, by the way.”

My cheeks flushed. “Thank you,” I murmured, “and thanks for the help.”

He simply nodded, glancing at the retreating figures of the men. “Be careful,” he advised. “Those trails can attract all sorts. Not all of them have good intentions.”

Before I could ask him anything more, he turned on his heel, beginning to walk away. A strange sensation fluttered in my chest, a mixture of gratitude and an inexplicable draw towards him. I watched as he melted into the woods, the morning light playing on his silhouette.

I took a deep breath, trying to center myself. Between Logan’s lingering memory and this stranger’s unexpected intervention, it seemed my Saturday hike had taken quite the unexpected turn.

With a shake of my head, I headed home, deciding that my ritual hike would have to wait until another Saturday.

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His Nanny Mate By Eve Above Story

His Nanny Mate By Eve Above Story

Score 9.8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: English

His Nanny Mate (Moana and Edrick Morgan)

I’m a new grad human in huge debt, and cheated by my Omega boyfriend. When I got wasted in a bar, I didn’t expect to have the best sex ever. And the very next morning, I also didn’t expect to wake up and find my One-Night-Stand hookup was my ex-boyfriend's Alpha billionaire BOSS…. How things are going to turn out after I accidentally became his 5-year-old daughter's live-in nanny? ____________   How did this happen? How did I wind up finally becoming employed, only for it to turn out that my new employer was the same person who I had a one night stand with just two nights ago? “I didn’t know that you would be the employer. If I had known, I wouldn’t have applied….” “It’s alright. I knew it was you when I hired you. I did it on purpose.” I scrunched my eyebrows together. “What do you mean?”      

His Nanny Mate (Moana and Edrick Morgan) Chapter 1 Betrayal

Moana It was a hot summer evening, and I had just spent the entire day job hunting. Finding work as a human in a world dominated by werewolves, especially in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city, wasn’t easy. Even though I had a degree in Early Childhood Education, no schools wanted to hire me because I was a human. Werewolf parents were outraged at the thought of a “worthless human” teaching their children, as if my skills, drive, and education meant nothing. So, I was now limited to service jobs, which were also unfortunately hard to come by because the job market was oversaturated with other humans who were also desperate to pay their bills. If I didn’t find a job soon, though, I would lose my apartment. My landlord had already given me a thirty-day notice. If I didn’t pay my rent -- and the three months of rent that I already owed -- by the end of the thirty days, he was going to evict me. At least I still had my boyfriend, Sam. He wasn’t extraordinarily well-off either despite being a werewolf, but at least he had a job and could pay his rent. We had been together for three years now and had known each other for five, so maybe it was time to talk about moving in together soon. As I was walking down the packed city street, a thin layer of sweat caked to my forehead from spending the day running from business to business as I tried to find someone who would hire me, I started to realize how hungry I was. I couldn’t afford to eat out, but the delicious smells coming from the restaurants I passed began to make my mouth water. One particular restaurant across the street caught my eye, but not because of the smell of food. I stopped in my tracks, my eyes widening. Inside the restaurant, right in the window, was Sam. He wasn’t alone; he was with another woman, and they were… Kissing. “You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me,” I said out loud, causing a few passersby to turn their heads and give me weird looks. Sam had told me that he was busy recently, that he had a lot of work… Was this what he was really doing? Cheating on me with some other woman? The fury bubbled up inside of me, and without thinking, I stormed across the street and toward the restaurant window. My stomach turned as I came closer. This woman was gorgeous -- basically a supermodel -- and that didn’t make me feel any better about the situation. Not only was Sam cheating on me, but he was cheating on me with someone who looked like that. She was thin, blonde, and tan with long legs, wearing a skimpy evening dress and high heels. I do get compliments on my face, body and long red hair, but in that moment, I felt so worthless as I stood there looking at Sam and his mistress. How could he do this to me? I stopped in front of the window. Neither of them even saw me standing there, they were so absorbed in their makeout session. So, I banged on the window. Sam and the mystery woman both jumped, their eyes widening when they saw me. I stormed over to the entrance and ran inside, ignoring the strange looks from the restaurant staff and customers, and ran up to where Sam and the woman sat. “How fucking dare you?!” I yelled, my hands curled up into fists at my sides. “We’ve been together for three years and you’re cheating on me?” The woman looked back and forth between Sam and I with an embarrassed expression on her face as the restaurant fell silent, but Sam’s face showed only anger and resentment. Without saying a word, Sam stood and grabbed me by the arm, dragging me out of the restaurant. He was too strong for me to resist, so I stumbled after him and back out into the busy street with tears streaming down my cheeks. “You’re making a fool of both of us, Moana,” he growled once we were outside. “I’m making a fool of us?” I replied, my voice still raised. “You’re making out with another woman in public!” Sam merely rolled his eyes and pulled me further away from the door. His werewolf eyes burned a bright orange color and his face was wrought with anger. “Control your temper,” he whispered, pushing me roughly up against the side of the building. “You’re just an ordinary human. You should feel lucky that I even entertained you for three years.” His words stung, and my vision became clouded with tears. “Why her?” I croaked as a sob caught in my throat. Sam, the man who had told me he loved me for three years, merely chuckled. “You’re useless to me,” he snarled. “She’s a Beta. Her family is incredibly wealthy and powerful, and thanks to her, I’ll be starting a new job at WereCorp next week.” WereCorp was the biggest corporation in the world. Not only did they control all of the banks, but they also developed the newest and most widely-used cryptocurrency of the 21st Century: WCoin. I never used it -- humans weren’t allowed to -- but it made a lot of werewolves extremely rich when it first came out. He continued, “What have you done for me aside from mooching off of me because you can’t even get a job of your own? You’re nothing compared to her. How dare you even question my decision to move on.” There was nothing else I could say; nothing else that could come to mind aside from getting the hell away from him. I shoved Sam away finally, pushing myself away from the wall. “Fuck you,” I growled, my rage taking over as I raised my hand and slapped him hard across the face. Passersby were looking at us now, but I didn’t care. Without another word, I turned on my heel and stormed away without looking back. As I walked numbly down the street and wiped the tears from my eyes, I thought about what Sam was like when we first met; he had been nothing more than a bullied Omega in high school with no confidence, no prospects, and no friends. I had helped him gain confidence with my love and support, and this was how he repaid me? By leaving me for some blonde, all for a job at WereCorp? Nothing angered me more than knowing that my boyfriend of three years, and best friend for five years, had left me so easily over money and power. I was still fuming when I stepped out into the intersection, too numb to look properly before crossing. Just then, I heard the sound of a car honking and looked up to see a luxury car driving straight for me. Cursing to myself, I stumbled backwards and fell into a puddle just before the car hit me. The car came to a screeching halt next to me, which was surprising since I assumed that they would just drive away after nearly hitting me, but what surprised me even more was the person who sat inside the car when the window rolled down. Edrick Morgan, CEO of WereCorp. Edrick was known not only for being the youngest CEO in the history of the company and the heir to the largest fortune in the world, but also for his stunning appearance -- and although I was incredibly hurt and angry about everything that had happened today, I couldn’t help but notice his strong jawline, his muscular shoulders and arms, and his incredibly handsome face. I opened my mouth to say something about how he had nearly hit me, but before I could, he looked me up and down and tossed a wad of cash out the window, driving away with a rev of his engine. Edrick Morgan, the CEO of WereCorp, had nearly hit me with his car… and tossed me money like I was some beggar. All werewolves really were arrogant assholes. I threw the cash on the ground and stood, cursing under my breath as I realized how soaked and dirty my clothes were. I’d have to go home and see if I could scrounge up some change to take them to the laundromat so I could continue job hunting tomorrow, but admittedly for now I just wanted to drown my sorrows. I walked for a few blocks, finally spotting a bar that seemed nice and quiet.Taking a deep breath and smoothing down my stained shirt, I walked through the doors and approached the bouncer. The bouncer narrowed his eyes at me and looked me up and down, taking in my dirty appearance sniffing the air in front of me. “No humans allowed without a member escort,” he growled, folding his arms. I frowned. “Member?” I asked. “I’m a paying customer. Just let me buy a drink.” The bouncer shook his head and began to usher me toward the door like I was some sort of nuisance. “Is this even legal?” I said, raising my voice. “You can’t just discriminate against humans like this! Is my money worthless here just because of--” “She’s with me,” a stern and clear voice suddenly said from behind. The bouncer and I both looked up and turned to see a man in a suit standing on the stairs. Edrick Morgan.  

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What Storyline Did His Nanny Mate By Eve Above Story?

This novel is based on the dark side of marriage and divorce. Different story involving the character Moana and her experiences in a world dominated .It’s a romantic genre story to read with the characterization of couple His Nanny Mate By Eve Above Story following up with many incidents around.

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